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21-27 August Week And Mercury Retro



August 22, 2023 Mercury is stationary, August 24, 2023 Mercury starts retrograde. September 14, 2023 Mercury begins its forward movement on September 16, 2023, in a stationary position to return to forward motion. Retro periods are difficult periods when communication problems reach the maximum level, especially in Mercury Retrogrades. It is a process that we are ready to be misunderstood, to understand, to explain. August 23, 2023 Sun moves into Virgo, on the last day of the week August 27, 2023 Mars moves into Libra, where it is weak. From August 27 to October 12, Mars will travel through Libra. On August 22 there is a Venus-Jupiter square (challenging). There will be a time when we are open to making bad financial decisions, overspending, and overeating. August 22 Mars-Neptune opposition (challenging). We may feel that our energy is falling, and we may find it difficult to see ahead. It is useful not to insist on issues that did not exist in this period. On August 25 there is Mars-Pluto trine(positive). Our self-confidence will increase. There will be a period of time when we will act bravely in our initiatives that we do not dare and get rewarded. It will awaken the Hercules-Xena within us. On August 27 there is Sun-Saturn opposition (challenging). In this contrast, there will be situations such as conflict and confrontation, especially with authority figures. It is useful to try to solve the problem by talking sweetly with people such as the boss, father, elder brother, without being stubborn as much as possible. (Effects +/- 7 days).

Let’s see what awaits our rising signs this week,

Aries: Mercury retrograde is likely to affect your business life, daily routines, commercial ventures, and technological devices. If you have a chronic illness, it may come to the fore. Pay attention to your e-mails and messages. It is a period when your financial expenses will increase and you will have difficulties in this regard. There is a time ahead of you when you may have financial problems between you and your spouse or date. In the opposition of Mars-Neptune, it is useful to stay away from risky business in your business life. It would be beneficial for you to hold back on anything that you are not sure about, that you are in a dilemma or wonder about. In your works where you hold back with Mars-Neptune opposition, you will make the right decision with the Mars-Pluto triangle and take the steps that you are supported by the system.

Taurus: Mercury retrograde seems likely to affect your financial gains, your love life, your work on stage, your relationships with your children. You may have financial difficulties. A problem based on the past between you and your family may come up again. It is possible that you will have problems with a debt burden that you have entered for your family. During the period when Mars-Neptune opposition is active, do not make any decisions that you are not sure about regarding your love life, social life, children, hobbies, spouse and bilateral partnerships. With the Mars-Pluto triangle, it is possible that you will be supported in every way in the decisions you will take and the steps you will take, and you will receive a positive response. You are warned by your elders about your love life.

Gemini: Mercury retrograde will affect you and your family. You are in the period when you need to pay attention to your communication language, e-mails, messages, and behavior in the family. In order not to have problems with communication, speaking carefully, carefully and choosing the words with the people in front of you will save you from being in a difficult situation. Gemini zodiac signs who do business with the public, government offices or have a job on hold need to be careful against any tension that may occur between August 18-27. It will be in your best interest to take precautions against problems that may occur with your children, spouse, bilateral partnerships, siblings, and close circle. Again, between the dates of 18-27 August, it will be beneficial for you to avoid making decisions about the issues you are in dilemma about your family. Towards the end of the month, you will be supported by the system in your decisions about work, family and payments. You should be careful against tension with family elders and your superiors such as boss, chief etc.

Cancer: Mercury retrograde will affect you in communication, business, education, electrical appliances. It is useful to soften your communication language as much as possible. Let’s be careful not to be sharp-tongued. We should hear what comes out of our mouth, and we should not spend everything that comes to our mind. We will be quite prone to misunderstanding and misunderstanding. We must choose our words carefully when describing events. Again, we must be careful in electronic environments. We must be careful with our emails and messages. The probability of sending the wrong messages to the wrong person is quite high. It can be frustrating when old issues with your children come to the surface again. You are very likely to remember your past lives during Mercury retrograde. Meditate a lot, stay alone with yourself and listen to your soul’s wishes. Debt from the past that concerns your family, etc. can put you in financial trouble. Cancers who continue their education should be careful not to get into trouble with people in authority during this period.

Leo: Mercury retrograde will affect you financially and in your circle of friends. The money you expect may not come. But let me remind you that there is a possibility that the money you have crossed out in the past will come J It is useful to be careful about communication problems in your circle of friends and social environments. We are in times of misunderstanding and misunderstanding. You can reconnect with friends you haven’t seen for a long time. Be wary of work accidents in your career field. It is a period when you should not make new business decisions. New agreement, we are not in the right time for contracts. In this period, we are in the most productive time to finish the missing, unfinished projects and works. Try to keep yourself well with financial authority figures. If you are going to get a loan from the bank, be careful not to mess with the bank manager or bank employees. Or it would be beneficial for you to go to your boss’s water during this period.

Virgo: Happy birthday dear Virgos. As of August 23, your period starts J Your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde in your sign. It will affect you and your career field. It’s not the right time to start new business, but Mercury will allow you to finish any unfinished business. It will be in your best interest not to make any decisions about your spouse and bilateral partnerships during the dates of Mars-Neptune opposition. Virgo signs, who take their education to the next level, will have difficulties in abroad related education. This strain will put them in their desired position. Towards the end of the month, it is possible that you will see your unexpected and unexpected receivables come as a surprise.

Libra: Mercury retrograde will affect you in closed areas (hospitals, prisons, government institutions, etc.) Take note of your dreams, you can remember information about your past lives. You may have difficulty in making your payments or you may have difficulties in making payments due to communication problems. Beware of making decisions in your business life, you are in a period when it will be difficult for you to see ahead. Do not be in a hurry to take steps on matters that you are not sure about. Again, be careful not to mess with authority figures in your business life. You will be quite surprised to learn some secrets in your family that you did not know.

Scorpio: Mercury retrograde will affect you in your social environment, debts and payments. You can reconnect with friends you haven’t seen for a long time. Some unforeseen problems will arise between you and your friends. It is possible that you will see the harms of giving more value than it is worth. There are some disruptions in alimony, inheritance, debt, receivables. You may need to make some decisions in public places, but if you are not sure about these decisions, it will be in your best interest to delay. It would be best to hold back on matters that you cannot see ahead and are indecisive about. You will feel better with the support you will receive from your siblings.

Sagittarius: Mercury retrograde will affect you in your spouse, bilateral partnerships and career areas. Do not form new partnerships or make business deals during Mercury retrograde. Do not open up old issues with your spouse and disturb your peace. Beware of communication accidents in your career and business life. There will be disruptions in education and work related to abroad. There are some problems in your daily routine work. There will be some changes in the field of family and career. You can turn your business into a home office. Don’t make decisions about things you are not sure about, wait a bit. You will already make the decision to be supported by the system. Towards the end of the month, there is an expansion in your financial resources.

Capricorn: Mercury retrograde will affect you in matters related to academic education, work abroad, business life, daily routine, and health. You may have financial difficulties in matters concerning your love life and your child. Do not turn to areas you do not know about your career life, there is a possibility that you will be harmful. Brothers, do not make any decisions that you are not sure about in areas such as commercial issues, internet, press, social media and do not approve any decision. Towards the end of the month, the decision supported by the system that should be for you will come before you.

Aquarius: Mercury retrograde will affect you in debts, your social environment, the areas you are on stage, your love life. In order not to be caught between your spouse and your family, you have to manage both sides. The subject between you and your date will come up again, there is a situation of pressure. It will be in your best interest not to take any steps in matters that you are not sure about in the financial field and that you have difficulty seeing ahead. Whatever is hidden from you towards the end of the month, you will not have difficulty in making financial decisions. In this way, you have the chance to take forward steps in the career field. Again, be careful not to get into trouble with authority figures in the financial field.

Pisces: Mercury retrograde will affect you in matters related to your spouse, bilateral partnerships, and family. Don’t bring up the past issues about your spouse and family again. Do not get new partners, do not establish new partnerships, do not enter into new agreements or contracts. Finish your unfinished business. Be very careful when directing money traffic in your business life. Be on the lookout for posting to the wrong account. If you need to make a decision on matters that concern yourself, your spouse, your partner and you are not sure about this decision, it will be in your best interest to stand back. Towards the end of the month, you will find that you are confident about the decisions you need to make. Do not disturb yourself with authority figures, they will be useful in your business life J

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