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7-13 August Week Comments



We will start the week with the Sun-Jupiter square. We are in a difficult period in finance, career and education. It is a process in which we will tend to exaggerate and exaggerate events. We should stay calm and make decisions without going through a mental filter over and over. We must not succumb to our ego. On August 9, there is a Venus-Uranus square. There may be sudden endings and separations in relationships, as well as surprise loves. It is also a critical period in financial terms, sudden fluctuations and sudden ups and downs are possible. We are in a time when we should not take big risks. It will be beneficial to stay away from unnecessary risks in situations such as games of chance etc. On August 10, the Mercury-Jupiter trine will give us a breather. It is possible that the events will progress smoothly and there will be positive developments in matters such as trade, communication, job applications. On August 12, the Sun-Chiron triangle will be a period when we will feel good spiritually. It is also a good time to start medical treatments. The Sun-Venus conjunction on August 13 will make us shine and flirtatious in our environments. (Effects +/-5 days )

Let’s come to our rising signs, let’s see what awaits us this week,

Aries: Highly educated Aries people should not act without thinking while making decisions. You have a few tough days ahead of you. Unexpected expenses may arise regarding your love life and children. Especially in your love life, there are sudden breaks that you do not expect. You are in a period when you should not take risks in games of chance. Towards the end of the week, you will be relieved financially thanks to the positive developments in your business life. There are developments related to a situation that remains in your heart.

Taurus: It is a period when the problems between you and your family will get worse, instead of acting aggressively, it is up to you to fix things without escalating things. One of the elders of the family is ill. If you are doing a joint family business, beware of sudden frictions and breakups. Don’t make snap decisions. There are surprising developments in your love life. It is a time for spiritual healing. Pay attention to your dreams, it is possible to see herald dreams. You have to make a number of decisions in your family about your business life.

Gemini: You can find out that someone from your brothers, relatives, close circles is doing secret things behind your back. Or they may try to handle some events without letting you know because they are afraid of your reaction. Married-related Gemini can be drawn into secret love situations. This is the time when you need to be careful. You will be relieved financially with the money that will come from your spouse or partnerships. Thanks to your circle of friends and social communities, you can expand your commercial relations.

Cancer: Expenditures you will make with your colleagues, social circle, entertainment, travel, etc. will put you in a difficult situation. Pay attention to your private expenses this period. You will be supported in the steps you will take in your business life. Cancers who want to start a business and start trading are very lucky this period. In your career life, you will have merits in a fateful sense. You are in a period when you will have to help your family financially. There is a repetition of the financial aid you have given on the same subject before.

Leo: You are in a period where you will have difficulties in your career life. Leo signs dealing with trade should be careful when taking a step. Making quick decisions can put you in a difficult situation. There may be sudden separations between you and your siblings and friends. It will be in your best interest to solve things without escalating them. It is possible that the money you expect will come towards the end of the week. Leo signs who do academic education will be supported in a fateful sense. Leos without a job can get a job offer or get a positive response from their job applications.

Virgo: You can learn some things that are hidden from you about academic education, foreign-related jobs and financial gains. In order not to get angry about these issues and experience sudden breaks, it will be in your best interest to keep your calm and not make sudden decisions. You have a week ahead of you where you can easily handle your real estate sales-buying transactions. You will not have to wait until the end of the year if you do your selling and buying transactions without getting caught in Mercury and Jupiter retrograde. It is possible to close your credit and credit card debts with the money you will receive. There is a period ahead of you when you will experience your karmic entitlements. You will be in a time when you will believe in the truth of your dreams, the things that come to your mind.

Libra: There is a period in front of you where you will have financial and moral difficulties. It will be in your best interest to avoid making hasty decisions in every matter. It would be better for you to stay away from lending and borrowing during this period, both in your private and family relationships. Unexpected breakups are possible in your circle of friends. Libras, who have problems in their marriage, will be healed in a karmic sense this period, and they will overcome all their problems.

Scorpio : You are in a period where you will experience disruptions in your bilateral partnerships and business agreements. This can cause you financial difficulties. Towards the end of the week, you can relax financially with the Mercury-Jupiter triangle. Scorpio sign people who do not have a job are likely to find a job. It’s a time of healing for those with chronic illnesses. You are in the period when your daily routine works will flow easily. It is in your best interest not to take risks in games of chance.

Sagittarius: You may feel helpless when you take compelling aspects in the fields of work abroad, education, business, finance. It is possible that your friends and social circle will also get their share from these aspects. Sagittarius, who are famous for their optimism, will not be too aggressive in this process, which will enable them to take an advantageous position. With the Mercury-Jupiter trine, you are in a period where you will experience positive developments in your career, bilateral partnerships and business. Since your communication with your spouse will be quite fluent, it is possible to experience a second honeymoon romance. It is also possible for you to sell-buy property.

Capricorn: Capricorns who want to take out loans will need to pay attention to their communication with banks. It is possible that there will be some setbacks in inheritance, alimony and creditors. Spiritually, you may feel restless and unhappy. There are sudden events in your career. It will be in your best interest if you fulfill your responsibilities in this regard and stay calm and do not let things escalate. You are in a period of pleasant surprises in your love life. A surprise pregnancy is also possible.

Aquarius: It is possible that there will be problems between your spouse and your family. It seems likely that there will be tensions between you and your spouse over buying and selling property. Some Aquarius signs can move abroad with a sudden decision or take steps in this regard. There may be an inheritance from your family. You can get the positive results of your bilateral partnerships or the commercial affairs you will enter with your spouse. Aquarius signs, who are open with their siblings, can resolve their problems and reach a compromise during this period. It is possible for you to take some decisions about the education of your children and take steps to implement them.

Pisces: It seems likely that you will start the week with problems in your career and business. This is the time when you need to take care of your health. In particular, it will be beneficial for you to have the necessary tests on heart and blood pressure. The increase in your daily routine can also force you. Trading Pisces will have a bit of a hard time dealing with unexpected, sudden payments. Towards the end of the week, you will take an ooh with the support of your partner or spouse. You are in a period when you will receive your financial progress in a destined sense.

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