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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!



Sugar Daddy Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city in the US state of Nevada, surrounded by deserts. There may be a lot to be said for Vegas, but I’m not sure how much I can write. Because the city is +18 ? I will try to reflect as best I can. What makes Vegas Vegas? If you say; Casinos, I say, is because it’s a city where the rule of lawlessness.

As soon as you set foot in the airport, as natural as it is to see flowers in pots, it is so natural to see casinos, and you start to see slot machines everywhere in Vegas.

Don’t be surprised! Welcome to Las Vegas!

Just as it is a passion for those who play, you see people sitting in front of the machine and playing while leaving and coming.

After exiting the airport, you can see the ambiance of the city. Huge hotels growing on orange soils dominated by a desert climate and brightly lit signs are the norm of the city. They all look inviting to the casino and Vegas life. Everything is like a movie set, with so many models that it is indescribable! The only thing that looked natural, and made you feel like you were in the normal world, was the blue sky and accompanying clouds.

Before I describe Vegas in detail, let me say that I went to a fair. Vegas, where many fairs are held every year, is constantly on the move. Every year, thousands of companies participate in fairs in Vegas, and there is interest from all over the world. While I was gone on business, I also observed interesting Vegas. Almost all of the hotels are filled with casinos and accompanying side entertainment!

Vegas is a popular destination for bachelorette parties held before marriage, clubs with famous diamond-shaped handsome men, and beautiful women striptease! At the beginning of the article, I talked about the ruleless rule. For example, this is the place where the fastest marriage transactions are made! You can get all the transactions done in one day and let me tell you something very funny; Accompanied by the marriage witness of the celebrities, of course… When I first saw the city, I felt like the city was like fried chicken legs nuggets. Nuggets in my opinion; are neither chicken nor not! It is a transformed, extremely harmful to health, but also delicious snack, which is why the nugget is known, recognized, and loved all over the world. It may sound silly to you, but I wouldn’t compare Vegas to fried chicken nuggets. ? Then listen to this: Meanwhile, what should I see? On the street, they built the “Golden Nugget Hotel”, the golden chicken hotel, with huge golden signboards. No matter how silly or how creative; There are people in this world who think the same way. The head who built the hotel and named it a century ago and I came together with an idea. In Vegas too!

Americans have an idiom called “Sugar daddy”. That’s the name given to older men’s associations with younger women, Sugar Daddy! You can see plenty in Vegas.

Now I want to touch on its history, how was this entertainment city born?

Las Vegas was the stopping point for Spanish merchants traveling from Santa Fe to Los Angeles in the 1700s. The urbanization of Vegas began with an auction on May 15, 1905. Land belonging to the San Pedro-Los Angeles-Salt Lake Railroad was put up for sale at the auction, which was held under the auspices of Los Angeles auctioneer Ben Rhodes. With this big auction attended by two to three thousand people, the lands known as the center of Vegas today found their owners. In the early years, it was the center of gangsters. Howard Hughes and Elvis Presley broke the gangster city image. Over the years, those who flocked to the city with the promise of cheap land were followed by bikers who flocked to hotels that offer free rooms to gamblers. After the casinos were released in 1931, the city continued its development. The Flamingo, which Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel opened with money he collected from his underground business partners, watched the El Rancho hotel. Later, other casino hotels such as Thunderbird, Sahara, Sands, Riviera, Hacienda, New Frontier, and Tropicana opened. Gangster “Mo” Dalitz founded the Desert Inn in 1949. Meanwhile, Frank Sinatra, along with his friends Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr., has become one of the “recognized figures” in Vegas. The gambling industry in Vegas prominent with the establishment of the Nevada Gambling Commission; When businessmen such as Howard Hughes, who bought the Desert Inn, settled in the city, it gained prestige and became the Vegas it is today. Another famous of Vegas, the mysterious city with neon lights, is the slogan “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Thanks to this successful advertising campaign, the city was also perceived as the perfect place for pleasure-seekers who were bored with the monotony of daily life. These one-night getaways and bachelorette parties, which have even been the subject of countless movies, “have always lived there and remained there.”

The one I remember the most is the movie “One Love, Four Weddings”. It’s a great movie starring Kim Basinger and Alex Baldwin. It can be watched as a medicine for unpleasant days.

Millions of couples have been married in Las Vegas over the past 100 years! The most famous of those who got married in the city known as the “marriage capital of the world” are Bing Crosby-Kathryn Grant, Elizabeth Taylor-Eddie Fisher, Frank Sinatra-Mia Farrow, and of course, Jason Alexander, whom he immediately divorced with Britney Spears.

You may already know Vegas, which has been the subject of many movies, but I’ll say it anyway: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Because it is indescribable!”

Wedding ceremonies are common in American movies set in Las Vegas. The main reason for this is that it is the place where the marriage formalities are easiest. You can get married very quickly with a document from the municipality for 55 dollars. The same is true for divorce. But in Las Vegas, the ease of divorce is not as well-known as the ease of marriage. This gave Las Vegas its second-largest industry after casino hotels. It is full of small churches all around. Not for worship, but for marriage. It’s like a kind of business. The first industry in Las Vegas is gambling, the second is marriage.

After all these Vegas narrations, my advice is, take your popcorn, naughty food and drink to accompany it, watch the legendary movie of Kim Basinger and Alex Baldwin, and you will be gone, trust me. ?

Stay with love,

Tugba Yazici

instagram: tugbayaziciofficial

Facebook: Tugba Yazici

Source:“Sociology of Las Vegas” -Besim Dellaloglu/ Gazete Duvar
“From a train station, a huge world was born.” /Gazette Milliyet

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