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Gemini New Moon



A new moon will take place in Gemini on June 18, 2023 at 00.35 in the moment chart according to Washington DC, on June 18 at 07.35 in the morning on the moment chart according to Ankara. Gemini tells about communication, information, agreements, contracts, signatures, short trainings, short trips, writers, journalists, teachers, technological tools. These are the new beginnings. This new moon, which takes place in the 12th house of the natal chart of Turkey, reveals the hidden issues to come to light, and transit Neptune’s square aspect tells the situations of being deceived and misled. The new moon, which takes place in the 7th house of the American natal chart, will be on the agenda such as open enemies, international protocols, political and commercial relations.

Let’s come to the reflection of the rising signs;

Aries : We can say that a new era is starting for those dealing with trade. It is useful to be careful when taking new steps. The issues of being deceived, deceived and defrauded by your secret enemies may come to the fore. There may be some costs related to your vehicle. You can move your home or office. Those in the real estate sector are entering a fast period. You are in a period when the issues of loss, theft and fraud may come to the fore.

Taurus: With the new moon in your money house, you have entered a period where there will be some developments in monetary matters and you will have to make new decisions in line with these developments. You should be more careful about your social circle and friends. You are in a period when you should not turn your back on people you do not know well. You are in the time period when you need to be more cautious about debts, receivables and debts related to the people around you. You may have expenses related to health issues. Or you may have to help your relatives in the family in this regard.

Gemini: With the new moon in your sign, you have entered a period where you will make new decisions regarding your appearance, health and style and you will be supported to make changes in these matters. You can lose weight for your health and have plastic surgery. You can make new agreements, contracts, extend previous agreements or put an end to events related to these issues. In the career field, situations such as a number of lies and deceptions about your job are possible. You can do business related abroad or cooperate with foreign people.

Cancer: Secret, behind-the-scenes events related to your immediate environment will be on your agenda. Confidential affairs behind your back or your secret affairs may come to light. Events can get out of your control and put you in a difficult situation. Your secret enemies may emerge, if you have a hidden illness or an undiagnosed illness. There are new developments regarding your spouse’s job. If he/ she  does not have a job, it is possible that he will find a job or expand his business. It seems likely that you will receive support from your friends in matters related to foreign affairs or academic career.

Lion:  You can meet new people, enter new circles and expand your circle even more. It would be beneficial for you to keep your distance from requests such as being a guarantor from your close circle and taking out a loan. Again, if a loan is requested, it will be in your favor to refuse it in an appropriate language. It is possible that you will spend time to find solutions to solve the problems in your brother’s business life. It is not the right time to start a business, expand or expand your business. Think twice about every attempt you make. Pay close attention to every word that comes out of your mouth. It is possible that it will be used against you.

Virgo: There are new developments, advancements and changes in your career, but beware of being deceived and deceived. Don’t let them stain your eyes. You can deal with the financial issues that you hide from your environment by taking a loan or putting a plan in your mind into action. Or it is possible that you will be supported by your spouse in those matters. There will be a period of time when your responsibilities for your children will increase. You will be very extroverted and active this period, and you will be rewarded for this in the upcoming periods. The change that starts with a career will spread to every part of your life and will take you to another stage.

Libra: You will be in a period of time when every step you take regarding academic education will result in a positive outcome. Just be careful about every application etc. related to education and job. You can make plans to move abroad. It is possible for you to communicate with distant relatives, friends, friends that you have not seen for a long time, and to make a plan. You can learn about some hidden issues about your close circle.

Scorpio: You can make new beginnings in matters concerning your common income. You can invest with your spouse’s financial support or by getting a loan. You can do a joint business with your spouse. Or you could start a business in managing other people’s money. You may receive money that should come but not come. To get rid of ego explosions that will put you in trouble, you can balance the spiritual change in your inner world by meditating.

Sagittarius: If you have a good relationship, you can take a step towards marriage by making promises and engagements. Those who are married are in a period when they are more compatible in their union. New beginnings are possible in business and partnership. It is possible to go on a vacation with your friends or to have travel plans. You may find out that one of your friends is in love with you and you may be shocked by the fact that it is someone you never expected. If you have a relationship that you hide from your family, it may come to light.

Capricorn: With this new moon that will affect your business life, business opportunities will be laid before you. You are in a period where you work hard and get rewarded. Promotion and raise will be waiting for you. If you have business trips, minor problems may arise, carefully plan and implement every issue related to your travels. You can get pregnant or be made happy by your children. Should I start a business? Should I buy a house? For Capricorns who are stuck in their dilemma, the time ahead will whisper the truth to them.

Aquarius: Love is knocking on the doorYou are in a time when your love life will be colorful and you will be happy. You can spend pleasant times with the person you love. You may receive offers from your secret admirers. Promise, you can make engagement preparations. If you are married, it is possible that you are pregnant. You have a period in front of you when you are brave in everything about yourself, you are very confident in yourself and you are at the forefront. This is the time when you will talk about your talents and yourself.

Pisces: The new moon, which takes place in your family and your own home, will support you in matters such as buying a house, selling a house, having your house decorated, getting married, having children. It will be in your favor if you do not enter into a business that will give receivables in financial matters related to your family and close circle. Otherwise, your mouth may taste bad. You can help someone from your close circle to find a job. A little increase in your communication language in your job can put you in a difficult situation. You are in the period when you need to stay away from ego in your work environment.

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