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An Artist’s Story



Greetings to all from Munich, the capital of Bavaria and a city that is considered an art city in its entirety. My name is Amine Amelia Yildiz.
In this stunning city where I have been living for a year now, I will tell you my story today, which includes my journey of discovering art as an artist and one of its biggest enthusiasts.

My story is about a long journey that has completed its 13th year. The most beautiful part of my story began in the summer of 2014 when I was accepted to Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, which was a turning point in my life. Every moment I spent there, I was growing and getting to know myself better. Drawing and painting every day was making my soul freer. I was rediscovering myself in art. During my last years of education there, I made enough attempts to find my style. I think the most important gift that time gave me was this. I could now express what I wanted to say uniquely.

The second gift was that art had become a part of me, not just a passion. It is a strong part that I cannot think of separating myself from and cannot bear to be without.

Now, I must tell you what I am doing; I am studying Art History at Ludwig Maximilians Universität, which has been recognized as the best university in Germany and ranks 32nd in international rankings. I continue my education to become an art expert and an artist.

I cannot count what Munich has given me so far. Their importance for education, their value for art, their respect for people, and their unique discipline have deeply impressed me once again.

As a symbolist artist, the greatest factor that helped me to delve into the depths of art and my art was this dazzling city. This city, which manages to be fascinating in every way, has also been my greatest fortune. The fact that my new exhibition works will continue here and the opportunities that this unique city offers me are also exciting.

This was just a small part of my story full of art, discovery, and excitement.
If you ask me, my real story is just beginning,
with love…
Amine Amelia Yildiz
Artist, Munich
Instagram: amineameliastudio

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