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Breast Implants



How to choose a breast implant?

There are several parameters to be evaluated while choosing an implant. In my practice, the most important parameter is the breast width. To obtain a natural result, the diameter of the selected implant should not exceed the width of the breast. The tissue thickness on both sides of the breasts should also be taken into consideration since they occupy a certain distance within the breast width as well. Skin quality of the breast, degree of ptosis, asymmetry, and chest wall deformities should be also noted.

Nowadays, there are different tools to decide the size of an implant. Besides the measurements of certain distances on the chest wall, 3D simulation devices and try-on external implants are a great help during the decision-making process. Of course, it is not possible to imitate the final result hundred percent, yet they give the patient a good idea of how the breasts will look after the procedure.

Tear drop-shaped (anatomical) or round implants?

In patients who desire more upper pole fullness, round implants may be preferred. Teardrop-shaped implants are more beneficial in patients with irregular breast shapes to obtain more natural results. They are also useful in selected patients with mild ptosis to avoid breast lift scars.

Under the muscle or above the muscle?

The main reason for going under the muscle is to camouflage the upper edge of the implant, so we can have a smooth transition on the upper pole of the breast in thin patients. When the implant is placed on top of the muscle, to provide a better transition area fat grafting may be performed as a complementary procedure. In addition, the recovery period is less painful and easier in supramuscular applications. Animation deformity, which is defined as the displacement of the implant with muscle movements, is not seen in implants placed on top of the muscle.

Is fat grafting always needed?

In breast augmentation, fat injection is highly recommended. Improvement of minor asymmetries, and enhancement of the decollete area is possible with fat grafting. The transferred fat survival is dependent on many factors, smoking being the most important one. Once the healing is complete, the surviving fat cells remain there for the rest of your life.

Why should I choose a small implant?

The bigger the size of the implant, the more complications it causes. Big implants stretch and thus traumatize the tissues more compared to smaller ones. So, to have long-lasting and optimal outcomes the smallest possible implant should be considered. The revision rates are higher with the relatively bigger implants. It should also be noted that revisions due to big implant complications often require skin envelope modifications resulting in scars.

What is the best breast implant?

The best breast implant is the one that covers the patient’s needs in the best way. There are lots of different implants on the market with very high quality. The new generation of implants offers breast augmentation patients different advantages. To decide which implant is the best for a particular patient, the tissue quality, skin stretch capability, degree of ptosis, presence of chest wall and breast deformities, and tissue thickness should be addressed. All these parameters are valuable data for us to decide the type, shape, surface, width, height, and projection of a breast implant.

Dr. Isil Akgun Demir

instagram: dr.isilakgundemir

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