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May 19 Taurus New Moon



A strong New Moon will take place on May 19, 2023 at 18.53 Ankara time and 11.53 Washington time. It will be the first New Moon I will experience after eclipses. (The eclipses are not over, there is another Solar and Lunar eclipse in October). Mercury is not Retrograde at the time of the New Moon. This means that the energies that will enable us to make more accurate and appropriate decisions are now included in our lives. Since the moon will be in the crescent phase, it is beneficial to coincide with your important affairs between May 22-25. Pluto, Neptune and Mars have positive aspects to the New Moon at the time of the New Moon, but Mars is also here at an anaretic, or crisis, degree.

Mars-Jupiter square and Mars-Pluto opposition are possible excessive ambition, anger, nervous breakdowns. Let’s be careful, let’s be calm. Also, Uranus is at 19 degrees of exaltation of the king. That is, as the sun rises. It is also important to be at this level. We’re talking about a Uranus with the power to cause shocking, sudden, surprising developments. Let’s keep our calm and calm. Let’s stay away from unnecessary arguments and exits. On May 20, Mars will enter Leo, which means entering into power struggles. Let’s stay away from ego conflicts, I know everything. We can take the initiative, we can lead, but if we act by getting rid of the higher ego, we can continue on our way successfully. With Jupiter entering the sign of Taurus, it will allow the energies to flow into our lives, which will give us a breath of fresh air, but let’s not forget that we will see the long-term effects of the destructive energies working from below, even if they are covered for now.

Let’s come to the effects of our rising signs,

Aries: This New Moon, which will take place in your second house, will bring you money, goods and property. You can start a new business, open a business, buy a house. It is a period when you will realize your own self-worth and receive compliments from people around you that will pamper you. Staying away from ego wars in your love life and not manipulating the person in front of you will be one of the main elements that will determine the course of your relationship this period. Likewise, it is important to communicate with your child without straining your relationship during this period. The stellium, or planetary gathering, in your money house warns you that the doors of financial luck are opening and you should make the most of it.

Taurus: This New Moon in your sign is a period when you are open to very strong influences on your appearance, image and health. Everything will be renewed. You can make radical decisions, leave your comfort zone and sail to different ports. You can declare your freedom. It is a period in which new doors will open in front of you financially. But watch your spending and your throat, Jupiter traveling in your sign may cause you to overspend and gain weight. Don’t let the ego wars in the family affect your business life. You are in a period where the promises and agreements about your career and abroad will come true.

Gemini: There is a period ahead of you when the events that you hide and the events that are hidden from you will come to light. New Moon ruler Venus is in your money house and Sirius is in conjunction with fixed star. This indicates a period in which you will receive financial assistance and support. Unnecessary arguments and quarrels with your siblings, cousins and close circles may cause developments that will put you in trouble. You can come to an agreement on debts and debts, and you can travel abroad. It would be better for you to leave your non-urgent business agreements until after 17 July. Since your manager is Mercury Retro from August 23 to September 15, do not make any deals this period.

Cancer: You can establish new connections that will revitalize your business life, and you can make new beginnings in this regard. There is an increase in your expectations for the future and new hopes. You are in a period where you are very lucky in making your dreams come true. You should attach importance to connecting with friends, groups, associations. Be careful not to get into ego wars that will put your career at risk. You may decide to end your problematic relationship. You can set sail for a fateful love with a foreign partner. You can decide to start a family.

Leo: You are entering a period in which your career will shine. Your reputation will increase and you will be mentioned. You can get a promotion, you can rise in business life, you can expand your existing business, if you are waiting for an assignment, the result can be positive. You can move, your desire for children may increase. Single Leos may have a marriage of convenience to someone from their business circle. Be careful about banks, credits, checks, and don’t do things that will give you a headache. Do not vouch for anyone. Try not to argue with anyone on May 20-21-22-23, not to get into conflicts.

Virgo: Even you may be shocked by the opportunities that will come your way in subjects such as learning a foreign language, higher education, graduate studies, travel abroad, foreign-related jobs, home buying and selling, expanding the family, and settling abroad. Luck will be on your side in matters such as buying real estate abroad, obtaining citizenship of another country, establishing a business abroad. It is about making beginnings in these matters, opening new roads and new doors in front of you. Again, luck is on your side in matters such as legal issues, lawsuits, courts. In short, you are in a period when you will receive your divine merits. Divorced Virgos can remarry. It will be in your best interest to stay away from fanaticism in religious matters.

Libra: There is unexpected financial support from your spouse. Your spouse can get promoted and expand their business. There is an expansion in your spouse’s material space, new beginnings. You can earn big money through alimony, sale of property, inheritance and partnerships. However, be careful not to go into debt control in financial matters. There are also positive developments in matters concerning your career. If you have a problem with sexuality, it is a period where you can find a solution. Be sure to pay attention to genital disorders and have your check-ups done. Do not get into arguments and conflicts in your social circle and among your friends.

Scorpio: You can enter into new partnerships where you will benefit financially, and you can decide to combine your life with someone who is in a very good financial situation. It can also be a marriage with a foreigner. There are positive developments in your litigation and official affairs. It is a time when misunderstandings will be resolved. You are in a period when you will enter into ego conflicts in your business and career life as Mars moves into Leo. It’s good to be calm about this. If you are a Scorpio dealing with the media, advertising, internet, e-commerce sector, act more carefully this period. Be prepared for open hostilities.

Sagittarius:  The new moon will bring new beginnings in business life, daily affairs, health, and employees. You can receive job offers, change your job. Or you could be promoted to a different position at work. It seems likely that you will take on new responsibilities. There is an expansion in your business life. An intense pace awaits you. Issues related to your health may come up. You are in a time to show yourself the importance you deserve. You need to take care of your diet and sleep patterns and put them in a certain order. Do not mix your private life with your business life and keep your colleagues away from your private life. You may have to deal with the private affairs of your siblings and relatives.

Capricorn: You are entering a period where you will show your talents and abilities and you will get rewarded. You will be noticed and appreciated by your environment. If you have a project, do not waste time to implement it. You will see that your life has changed, that you are in the process of renewal. It is possible that you will make radical decisions about your life. You will spend time having fun and acquire different hobbies. The support of the new moon will be with you in games of chance. While those in a relationship take it a step further, love will knock on the door for those with an empty heart. Those who are married may plan to have children. Those who have children can plan for their children’s future.

Aquarius: You can buy a house or sell your house. You can decorate your home and put it in order. This period is very suitable for buying a house, you can improve your family’s living conditions. Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way regarding these issues. You and your family are in the period when you will support each other and bond with each other. Jupiter’s Taurus and New Moon will offer you good opportunities in home and marriage areas. Don’t miss these opportunities. You can start a business with family members. Or you can expand an existing family business. You are in a period where you will enter into power battles in your cases regarding bilateral agreement partnership issues related to your career life.

Pisces: You are entering a period of intense communication. There are times in front of you when you will be busy with issues such as press, broadcasting, communication and internet. It is possible that commercial problems will end and your business will accelerate. It is in question that your protracted works and negotiations are concluded and accelerated. Training to improve yourself, going on short trips where you can listen to your head, intensity in relations with siblings, cousins and relatives. Or it is possible that there will be an intensity in your lifestyle with your sibling getting married. If you want to buy a vehicle, you are in the appropriate time zone. Act more cautiously on May 20-21-22-23 in your business life. With Mars entering your 6th house, power struggles and intense work tempo are possible. Take care of your health too.      

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