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People of Another World V by Melda Sherman



Hello everyone,

I’m Melda Sherman, welcome to the 5th edition of our “People of Another World” article series. I am writing from Boston.

In this article, I will take you to the bottom of the world. Don’t be surprised! I’m talking about the Southern Hemisphere. My interview guest living in Sydney, Australia is of particular importance to me because she is also a reader of my book Migratory Birds, and I thank her for this interview. In the interview, I asked her everything I wanted to ask her. Let’s go to Sydney.

Melda Sherman: Hello Mrs Buket Balaban, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Buket Behçet Balaban: Hello, of course… I am from Izmir; I am married and I have two sons. I love life, art, animals, and traveling.

Melda Sherman: How nice! …Where do you live?

Buket Behçet Balaban: I live in Sydney, Australia.

Melda Sherman: Great! How long have you been in Australia?

Buket Behçet Balaban: I came to Sydney in 1980. In 1994, we made a definite return to Turkey with my husband and two sons. After living in Izmir for 10 years, we came back to Sydney in 2004. We are still in Sydney.

Melda Sherman: Very brave move, congratulations to you. What job are you busy with?

Buket Behçet Balaban: I am a civil servant. I work in a federal government social welfare institution (such as retirement, unemployment, child, and parental benefit).

Melda Sherman: Oh, very nice! So, what’s Sydney like? Can you tell us a little bit? About its climate, and lifestyle?

Buket Bekçet Balaban: Sure! I liken it to Izmir in terms of climate. It has a temperate climate where cold, winter months are almost never experienced. Among the developed countries of the world, Australia is a country where democracy works very well. Modern life and natural life together. Sydney is a multicultural city where people from different cultures live in harmony with its clean beaches, wide park areas, and natural beauty. The standard of living, per capita income, health services, and high level of government support to the public raise Australia to the top of the developed country class.

Melda Sherman: How pretty! What would you suggest we can learn more about Australia? For example, we know the Australian movie Nicole Kidman’s movie. Its enchanting atmosphere sounds unbelievable. Do you have movie or book recommendations telling us about Australia?

Buket Behçet Balaban: I recommend the novel “Thorn Birds” written by Australian author Colleen McCullough and adapted for TV as a mini-series in 1983. It had a huge impact on me years ago.

Melda Sherman: Great! Who are the Australian people? Do you have many immigrants?

Buket Behçet Balaban: The indigenous people of Australia, the “Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander” people, have been hosting these lands for 50000 years. According to the latest census, 47% of Australia, with a population of more than 25 million, either came to the country as immigrants from abroad or were born to a mother or father outside of Australia. It is known that 260 different languages ​​are spoken. The state supports this multiculturalism.

Melda Sherman: Wow! Very interesting! Are there different customs? What do the differences feel like?

Buket Behçet Balaban: In the country where people of so many different origins live, very different customs are seen. It’s fun too.

Melda Sherman: So, how did you adapt? Australia is on the other side of the world, aren’t you scared?

Buket Behçet Balaban: For me, the most important element of adapting to a country is to learn the language of that country. The more you know the language, the easier it is to adapt. I am a person who adapts quickly in terms of structure. Of course, although it was a bit difficult in the beginning, I adapted in a short time.

Melda Sherman: All right… Many people in many parts of the world want to change their lives. She even wants to settle in other countries. What would you like to say to them?

Buket Behçet Balaban: First of all, I recommend they learn the language of the country they are going to in the best way possible. The rest is already done.

Melda Sherman: I wonder… Do you go to Turkey often? How many hours is the journey?

Buket Behçet Başaban: I try to go every two years. I couldn’t go last year only because of COVID. The only negative aspect of this place for me is its distance from Turkey. It is a 20-25-hour journey. As the age progresses, the journey becomes more difficult.

Melda Sherman: I see… What are the preferred professions in Sydney?

Buket Behçet Balaban: As far as I know, IT, nursing, accounting, and electrical.

 Melda Sherman: I have a question I always ask our esteemed guests; How would you summarize your life philosophy?

Buket Behçet Balaban: My husband describes me as an animal-friendly person who sees the glass half full, has a positive outlook on life, loves people regardless of religion, race, or personal preferences, and is open to different cultures.

Melda Sherman: Finally, imagine sending a message to the universe. What would you like to say?

Buket Behçet Başaban: We should live by thinking about future generations. My son wrote years ago in a homework assignment that this world is not a legacy left to us, but a trust. I agree with this. I think that if we live by supporting each other, helping each other, and protecting animals and the environment, this world will become a much better place to live. Of course, the most important of all is health.

Melda Sherman: Thank you Mrs Buket Balaban for this great interview.

Buket Behçet Başaban: I thank you very much, too. Love from ‘Down Under’.

Life is like running a marathon.

You always have company on this marathon.

Sometimes you fall behind,

Sometimes you get ahead, and

Those who are with your change.

When this happens, stay calm,

Say goodbye to those who leave, and welcome those who come.

This is the secret to a happy and peaceful life!

Accept it!

Melda Sherman/ Migratory Birds

instagram: melssherman

Facebook: meldasherman

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