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Everything About Art with Mete VII



Hello dear friends,

I didn’t understand how quickly I came to my 7th post. The comments from you also make me happy, let me tell you that. In this post, I make a difference. I would like to tell you about my student and colleague Elif Kus, who follows my articles. She told me that she wanted to write her thoughts about my paintings, and I accepted. I am publishing her feelings and thoughts to you as they are.

‘A journey with rectangles suspended in space’ Your journey, which you usually start on a blue square, may suddenly end with the darkness in the depths of the picture while continuing on a neon line. The artist Murat Mete Agyar, who controls our eyes and perception just like the surface of the painting, invites us on a journey in his world. The artist, who carries the traditions, rituals, and habits that have continued with human beings to the present day and my eye with different compositions, enables us to establish a bond between us and the past.

The artist Agyar’s understanding of people through art creates a thought-provoking, questioning, healing, and transformative power for the audience. By bringing different spaces together and making reference to new spaces, the artist takes the audience on a different journey with the space we are in at that moment. The painter, who uses the communication of abstract shapes with each other, sometimes in search of tension and sometimes in search of harmony, reflects the emotions and situations of life to us through his paintings. It is seen that the artist, who conveys the emotions, realities of life, violence, and calmness, which sometimes leave traces in our lives and sometimes come and go, with different compositions, also carries traces of Anatolian civilizations, Byzantine, Roman, Seljuk and Ottoman architecture, which are also his cultural heritage. Architectural structures that have hosted many situations and emotions for centuries have always positively contributed to human beings in terms of psychological, sociological, aesthetic, and artistic aspects. One of the most important factors we are exposed to in our daily lives that affect us is the architectural elements in our environment. Abstract forms created by the artist, squares, rectangles, and their variations, as well as different shapes and tones, present our various spaces and also tell the events.

The artist, who also deals with the emptiness of the spaces, creates new dynamics in the forms he uses and offers us space-within-space alternatives. At the same time, he sometimes takes us on a tour to the Hagia Sophia museum, sometimes to the Kilic Ali Pasha mosque, and sometimes to a point of Anatolian Seljuk architecture. The artist, who is in the process of transforming architectural elements into units, argues that the state of decline is an adequate means of expression.

Murat Mete Agyar – Space Reflections, 2021, Acrylic on canvas, 160x140cm

As we can call the artist’s compositions the collision of verticals and horizontals, it also applies to the method of making sense of the universe, the world, and the interior of our home. In the artist’s work titled “Space Reflections”, we see that the dimensions of the quadrilaterals are close to each other. Reducing the form to one, the artist, with this visual attitude, reduced the quadrilaterals to a human or an object and created his compositions. While the rectangles, which refer to colors such as cobalt blue and turquoise, which are the most basic formation of Turkish tiles, create diagonal movements and add dynamism to the composition with mid-tone grays, the eggplant purple rectangle descending from the upper left corner to the right gives the painting a clear and sharp line. Assuming that one of the cornerstones of the art of painting is horizontal and vertical lines, it describes the effects of these overlapping forms on the chaos of human life and human beings within the framework of developing events. It summarizes the transience, existence, the state of being in the picture and leaving the picture from a different point, the traces left by people entering and leaving our lives in our time frame, their sudden abandonment, long-term relationships, and their human condition. The attitude that carries the unit to the surface creates the space with the collision and meeting of the surfaces. The artist, who identifies
the concept of infinity with the color blue, presents us with its geometric forms, the ups, and downs, wandering in space without gravity, disappearing, and various variations of existence. The artist, who broke away from his figurative works after the 1990s, entered a kind of disintegration and re-creation process in this journey. The painter, who carries philosophical and visual traces of movements such as Cubism, Constructivism, Suprematism, and Minimalism in his works, conveys his own culture, experiences, and perspective on world art history through his paintings.

The artist, who sometimes leaves the frames spontaneously during the painting process; brings integrity to his understanding of art with his knowledge and intuition. To talk about the abstract and abstraction-like attitudes of artists in a healthy way, we also need to know how consciously technical information such as pattern, form, form, and the color is used by the artist so that we can see the originality of Murat Mete Agyar here. The permanence and originality of the works in the historical process come from the artist’s knowledge and experiences; This is why it is possible to see the traces of their own lives in the works of the artists on this path they set out. As the painter stated in his view of life, it is the situation in which the right and wrong of the individual are in balance. Comparing this situation with negative and positive areas in the painting, the artist reveals the interaction between life and art. Aiming to refer to endless possibilities with pure form, the artist also asks the question of how the relationship between space and matter should be.

“Elif Kus April 2023”
I would like to thank my dear colleague and student Elif Kus for this analysis. I am happy to see that Elif has written very serious things about my understanding of art and my paintings, and I leave the interpretation of this to you. This article ends here. We analyzed and interpreted ‘Everything about Art with Mete’ in this article. See you in the next article…

Best regards,
Murat Mete Agyar

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