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Breast Reduction Surgery



Who are the candidates for breast reduction surgery?

Anyone who complains about the heaviness and sagginess of her breasts can undergo breast reduction surgery. The common signs of big breasts are neck and back pain, grooves on shoulders caused by bra straps, redness and itching under the breasts, and discomfort during physical activity.

What is the ideal age for breast reduction surgery?

Once the breast development is complete (usually after the age of 18), the procedure can be performed.

What do the scars look like after surgery?

The most common pattern is the inverted T scar which begins as a circle around the areola, goes downwards as a vertical line and finally extends along the breast fold. Smoking is a major risk factor for bad scarring. Healing problems, local infections, and genetic factors might also affect the quality of the scar tissue.

Can I breastfeed after breast reduction surgery?
Many patients are still able to breastfeed after this procedure. However, one should know there is a slight risk of being unable to breastfeed following breast reduction.

What are the risks?

The most common complications are minor wound detachments and bad scarring. These can be managed easily with conservative treatments. More serious complications include loss of sensation in the nipples and the total loss of the nipple-areola complex. The latter is usually a concern for heavy smokers or for those who have very large ptotic breasts.

Is the procedure painful? What about the recovery period?

Breast reduction and lift surgeries are relatively painless. The patients can go back immediately to their daily lives. They only should avoid lifting and pushing heavy objects for 6 weeks for better wound healing. A sports bra is worn after the surgery for the following 4-6 weeks.

Do the breasts grow bigger after the surgery?

Pregnancies and significant weight gain may cause the breasts to enlarge and lose shape over time. Even if this is not the case, gravity, and aging will affect the breast shape eventually.

Do I need breast screening before the surgery?

Definitely! All women should have their breast screenings get done annually. Before any breast procedure, a mammogram or a breast ultrasound depending on the patient’s age is obtained to rule out any suspicious lesion.

Dr. Isil Akgun Demir
instagram: dr.isilakgundemir

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