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Melda Sherman asked, ‘Mayor of America’ Nurhayat Kınay answered : Life and Immigration in America



Hi guys, I’m Melda Sherman. I am writing from Boston.
On the 4th of my “People of Another World” series; Again, I have a very valuable guest. This time we’re going to New Jersey. We are with the “Muhtar of America”, an immigration consultant. It is very exciting for me because we came together, the author of the book Migratory Birds’ and an immigration consultant. I asked many questions to our guest, who is the founder of American Radio too… If you have any questions about American immigration, write in the comments. Let’s continue with dear Nurhayat Kinay:

Melda Sherman: Hello, welcome Muhtar of America, dear Ms. Nurhayat, can we get to know you?

Nurhayat Kinay: Hello, nice to see you. I am Nurhayat Kinay. I came to America years ago. I worked as a lawyer in Turkey. I am the founder of American Radio and advise on living and immigration in the United States and wherever in the world.

Melda Sherman: All right, how many years have you been in America?

Nurhayat Kinay: I have been living in America for 26 years.

Melda Sherman: Wow! A quarter of a century has passed! Why did you move to America?

Nurhayat Kinay: Yes, exactly! In the year I moved, my daughter was preparing for the Anatolian High School exams in Istanbul. I got a green card by accident. My participation in the Green Card lottery is also an important event. I hadn’t even heard the name before. When I came to the office one day, I saw that everyone was filling out a form for the Green Card lottery. I also told my friends who work in the office to fill it out for me. And at that moment, I realized that it would come to me and not to any of them. I felt it very strongly. Very interesting! It didn’t happen to anyone we recorded that day: it has happened to me. Oddly enough, I had neither the interest nor the knowledge until that day. What is a Green Card? I asked. They said that it is a residence, work, and life card. It is given to 5,000 people a year. They filled out the form for me too. At that moment, an inner voice told me, as if I knew I would win. When I was 18, I had a dream. I dreamed I was 45-50 years old and living in America. In conclusion, my dream has come true.

By the way, my daughter could not win Anatolian High School that year. Those years; were difficult years as a lawyer in Turkey. The mafias were doing the job of lawyers. I was indecisive, and having my daughter study in America made more sense. Those were my reasons, and I think I’ve made the best life decision.

Melda Sherman: Really, very interesting! All right, have you always lived in New York?

Nurhayat Kinay: No, I’ve always lived in New Jersey.

Melda Sherman: I am curious, what was your occupation in Turkey? What are you doing here?

Nurhayat Kinay: My profession in Turkey was as a lawyer, but I thought I couldn’t do it anymore in America. Because I would have to go to Law School again. I did another job. Do I regret it? Yes! I regret it from time to time because if I had gone, I would have been a lawyer for 20 years today. I am now an immigration consultant with my experience.

Melda Sherman: I see… When you look back; what are the turning points in your life?

Nurhayat Kinay: That’s a very good question… Looking back, I’d say the first was to get into law school, and the second was to move to America.

Melda Sherman: I wonder, do you have any previous experience living abroad?

Nurhayat Kinay: No. I’ve been abroad a lot. I came to America for the first time to live.

Melda Sherman: So, how did you adapt?

Nurhayat Kinay: I adapted very quickly. Let me give an example; I went for a walk the day after I first arrived. I saw a black man lying on the ground in a convenience store, fainting. They just emptied the market. And believe it! Within 5 minutes, the police, ambulance, and fire brigade arrived. I was shocked. The speed of the country impressed me a lot. This service elsewhere, the rapid arrival of the ambulance, was something I had never seen before. At that moment, I thought; What gets in the way of destiny is to take precautions. Secondly, when I went for a walk in the morning, everyone said “Good morning” to each other, and I was very impressed. It gave me motivation. “Yes!” I said, “I’m in the right place.”

Melda Sherman: You are absolutely right! We all wonder, how was ‘the Muhtar of America’ born?

Nurhayat Kinay: This is a very interesting and funny story. I have a researcher and a fast learner nature. That’s why everyone, even my friends who settled in America before me, asks me about everything. One day a friend of mine said to me, Nurhayat! I declare you the Muhtar of New Jersey. I laughed and I said: “I’m not just the Muhtar of New Jersey, but the Muhtar of America,” I said. Then I loved this joke. So much so that a website was created as My Friend, the Muhtar of America, who nicknamed me the Mayor of New Jersey. An internet newspaper called The Headman of America was published for a while. Later, we opened the “Muhtar of America” ​​page on YouTube. In addition, as America Radio, we broadcast as internet radio.

Melda Sherman: Hahaha! It’s super… What did you do as the Mayor of America and in America?

Nurhayat Kinay: I provide counseling and help those in need become “American Citizens” voluntarily.

Melda Sherman: You have seen and heard many interesting stories. Do you have a small example you want to tell?

Nurhayat Kinay: Certainly! Let me share one with you… One day, a young woman who wanted to buy a one-way ticket came to the agency. I convinced her to think a little more. That young lady got a very good job that week. She got married in a short time. She got a Green Card. She later became an American Citizen. And years later she found me and thanked me. “Think for another week!” If I hadn’t, none of this would have happened. I always think: “America is God’s gift to people.”

Melda Sherman: Great perspective! There are many people who want to settle in America, what would you recommend to them?

Nurhayat Kinay: You are absolutely right… First of all, they have to be positive. Many people want to settle in America. As my consulting firm, I’ve been offering the following options for years:

Getting the sponsorship of a company

To study here, a student visa

Obtaining an investor visa.

In conclusion, whoever wishes does one of these and stays here.

Melda Sherman: It was very explanatory and helpful, thank you. Well, can you tell us about the pros and cons of changing your life?

Nurhayat Kinay: Sure! I’ve always seen the pluses, never encountered the minuses. Of course, the structure of the human is important in this is my creation! I always see the pluses.

Melda Sherman: How nice! As the Muhtar of America, is there anything you want to tell us?

Nurhayat Kinay: Yes, as the Muhtar of America, I am very happy to help people. I love getting people’s prayers. I help them become citizens. I help them no matter what state they’re in. For example, if they don’t know English, we study English for an 8-month period. And they go ready for the citizenship interview.

Melda Sherman: There is a question I always ask our esteemed guests: What did Nurhayat Kinay learn about life?

Nurhayat Kinay: One sentence: Happiness is adapting to the environment.

Melda Sherman: Thus, you have shared with us the meaning of happiness in you. Finally, what is your future goal?

Nurhayat Kinay: In the future, I want to establish a Turkish Television in America.

Melda Sherman: An amazing target! I wish you success in advance, good luck on your way. Thank you for this nice interview.

Nurhayat Kinay: It was very enjoyable… Thank you very much too.

Melda Sherman
Author of Migratory Birds
Instagram: melssherman
facebook: Melda Sherman

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