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Virgo Full Moon



On March 7, 2023, around 07:40 am, a full moon occurs at 16 degrees Virgo. Aries is rising in the map drawn according to the capital Washington DC. We are in a process where we make hasty decisions and hang on to fine details. The dominance of ego and arrogance seems to force us in our social life. 1 hour after the full moon, Saturn moves into Pisces and thus begins the 2.5-year Saturn Pisces course. On March 23, Pluto will enter Aquarius. March will be a slightly different month.

Two big planets changing signs in the same month means sowing the seeds of events that we thought would not happen in our lives. Many fixed stars will be active this full moon. This full moon, which is on the 6-12 axis of the USA map, will bring to light the hidden events, the health system and its employees, business and service issues, and the events related to the worker sector will be on the agenda. Natural events such as waters coming to the fore, excessive precipitation, storms, snow, volcanic eruptions are in question. This Full Moon will be on the 4-10 axis of Turkey and it seems possible that there will be stellium (planetary aggregation) in the 2-8 line and situations such as a crisis in our income and resources, and some problems especially concerning the banks
will come to light.

Resignations on the part of the government (I do not think that it will happen because it is an unprecedented situation in the last 22 years in our country. There will be bankruptcies (which is a situation that should happen under normal conditions), a change in order, the government’s increasing pressure and the increasing reaction of the people will be on the agenda. It is better to be more careful around 6-7-8 March. The expectation of the general reflections on the horoscope;

Aries: Situations related to your business life will be on the agenda. You will be going through a period where you need to take care of your health. Watch your weight, stay away from carbohydrates. If you have a pet, be careful with it.

Taurus: Your private life will be on your agenda. You may have to take care of your children more closely. You will be in a period when you are more active in your social life.

Gemini: Your home and career life will be on your agenda. With Saturn entering your career house, you may experience some problems. There are a number of situations related to your home and family, such as moving, home renovation.

Cancer: Topics such as education, travel, abroad, communication will be on your agenda. You may experience some disagreements about your cousin, sibling, relative, neighbor, close circle. It is useful to pay attention to your communication language because you are in a period open to misunderstandings.

Lion: There will be a period when you will have financial difficulties. But if you have some receivables that you expect, some developments are possible about them. You can change job and head towards a new line of business.

Virgo : You will experience a process of completion on issues related to yourself, issues that directly concern you. At the same time, Saturn also changes signs, which means the closure of a 2.5-year cycle. The closing of this cycle in your sign winks at you that you will get the reward of your efforts. LIbra Behind the scenes events, closets behind you, secret enemies, hospitals, government offices, etc. will form your agenda. Pay particular attention to your coworkers. Try to keep yourself balanced in spiritual matters. Don’t get upset about everything and wear yourself out. Either you will work hard or you will be complacent, be careful to be in balance in this regard.

SCORPIO: You will experience a completion of your plans and projects. There may be things you don’t like in your social circle, in your friend groups. Some old friendships may end. Some surprises are about to knock on your door.

Sagittarius : There is an end to your work life or resignation from your current job. It is possible that you will then set up your own business or take steps to establish it.

Capricorn: You may have to deal with minor problems in foreign, foreign- related jobs, higher education. These roughnesses can make you even more ambitious and move forward. If you have a problem with your siblings, it’s a time to talk and settle it.

Aquarius: The main theme of this full moon will be money for you. It is a period when incomes from family, spouse and partners increase, new job and income doors are opened and you will achieve financial prosperity.

Pisces : You and your bilateral relations will be your main agenda in this full moon. You may want to make a hasty decision and formalize your current relationship, but it may not be a very appropriate decision. You have to think carefully and act accordingly. You can come face to face with your open enemies.

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