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Those in the Cafe



Hello dear friends…

Murat Mete AGYAR

This month, I thought a lot about what to write and how to write. As it is known, we are going through very difficult days in my country. On the one hand, seeing thousands of people die, you are trying to hold on to life and do something. On the other hand, you are trying to continue your work on art by doing more. Believe me, being exposed to and living with these situations every day for the last 20 days has made me realize that most of the time, it is necessary to work hard
for our own psychology to work properly. My only savior here has been my artwork. I could only come to my senses by painting, reading books and concentrating on my research. So, I can write to you. I know there may be a lot more to say and tell, but I want to return to our own topics. I want to talk about the fact that art has a direct relationship with life and what we experience. I will try to write something about it.

What we live in this world is always about us, about self. We perceive what we see, hold, feel, touch, taste, smell, hear, and in short, what happens around people. We create our behavior patterns accordingly. Even a simple act of going to a cafe and having a drink is not that simple, do we realize or are we not aware of what events are going on? How sensitive are we to these situations? While there are so many beauties and there is to enjoy them, besides all of them standing there right next to us, they can be bought and used immediately; instead, trying to see nice things as if they are far away, spending a lot of money and time to get it, spending a lot of effort to be happy, I guess that’s the problem. Therefore, in order to see these simple beauties in today’s article, I thought it appropriate to write an all-encompassing title such as “Those in the Cafe”.

We go to a cafe, eat something and drink. If we have friends with us, we chat, talk and discuss. That’s the thing, and we don’t care too much about what’s going on around us. However, when you go alone, the situation is different. First, we perceive sitting. We choose the location. We try to decide for ourselves whether we should sit at one of the back tables or sit at the middle tables or in front of the window. Or should we go to the corner where we can see everyone? Why do we try to see everyone or where does this desire come from? Do we want to observe them or are we looking for something to criticize? Anyway, we look around, scrutinize the people sitting next to us. We examine them and try to evaluate them. When they look at us, our thoughts take another form. We show whether we like them or not. If we like them, our state, attitudes and actions begin to change. Our happiness hormones are activated, and a slight smile appears on our face. Your gaze changes, and we begin to take inward glances. And this situation is not always the same, of course, it always appears in a different form.

If we sit outside in the café, if there are trees, we examine their relationship with the café. The large, medium or small of the tree, the shapes of the tree leaves, also change the air in this environment. The impact of that environment affects your mood. It can put you in a sad, romantic situation or make you turn into a peaceful, calm, calm, happy mood. It can also put you into a sad, romantic mood or make you a peaceful, calm, calm, happy mood.

We pay attention to the chairs we sit in the cafe and the tables. Is it comfortable or ergonomic that these situations determine whether you will sit for a long time. The fact that the chair and table is made of wood, metal or other material is also important and its relationship with that place is important. In this case, designing correctly comes into play, which is full of space because of the effect it has on us. It becomes a place of life.

We look at the paintings hanging on the walls of the café (antique items, decorative items, etc.) and discuss whether we love it in our minds. They begin to impress us, and you try to understand what reason they are hung here. Again, as in a table and chair, you think about their relationship with cafe. These can also be seen in posters. As you question whether the posters are original pressure or normal pressure, you start to think about the cultural situation of the owner who regulates and designs them. In addition, the quality of the service provided is also important. Cup, plate, spoon, fork, coffee quality etc. When examining that a price policy is determined according to these, if you think that you drink your coffee by enjoying a place like this, all of them
will take the conclusion of whether you want to establish a bond with this café. Can you often go there, or will it be a place you can stop by? Of course, where is this in your way of life or your quality of life? You may have to think of them separately. Because every place in your life is your perspective on the world, your view is your philosophy. You exist with these views. It makes you original, seems to be as you are, without contrived, cute when you are natural, appreciated, not trying to make itself accepted, simple…

Do you know why I tried to tell you all this? What we see as human beings, what we hear, tastes, touches, what we smell… In short, if they all come together with the mind, the person we call the artist makes them this and presents us as something. Art, life and happiness are to show what we can do even from a simple place. Our environment is full of numerous things to capture happiness. This happens, whether it becomes a picture, a sculpture, performance, an action, event, and sometimes even as an idea. We also evaluate them for ourselves; Sometimes we refuse, sometimes we accept it as it is, sometimes we can find various excuses and take it in an
unquestionable attitude. We may be in a suspicion of approaching, accepting and not making any opinion between accepting and not making any opinion. We may also be in a position to approach them with suspicion and not to give any opinion.

The reason I want to try to tell you something so far is that every phenomenon in our lives has enough periods and possibilities to fill a life. These existences are the things that make us happy by pulling us out of there every gap. The reason why we are meaningful is that we know what our gaps are like.

Hope to see you again, stay happy…

Murat Mete AGYAR

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