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A pleasant life journey…



According to the valuable philosopher Stefana D’Anna, the first condition for a pleasant life journey is light…

I always use art to lighten up and shake off the world’s dust. He is like my best friend, in every field of art; I try all kinds of techniques and always express all my joy, hopes, and unhappiness through art. Every field of art, and especially canvases, has embraced what I have done with all its generosity, and thanks to it, I have expressed my feelings in every way. J All my collections have their own stories and different mottos. I express myself when I create it, and those who buy it receive separate motivation. I received a lot of feedback. I was delighted with the feedback, especially from people who had important business meetings with scarves, saying that they felt motivated and powerful in some way and that it was good luck for them. That was my goal anyway; I brought the therapeutic side of art to my collections. Of course, I am not the only one who does this… Let me give a brief example from cave-period paintings in art history: Bull and human hieroglyphs are widely used in cave-period reliefs! Alternatively, look at Native American names; they are always named after nature. Sitting bull, little hawk in the sky, flying hawk, etc. By giving these names, people thought that power was transferred to them by wearing the skins of those powerful and predatory animals. What I do is based entirely on this belief. Sometimes a jacket or a t-shirt that says, “Think positive” can be impressive, make you smile, and save the whole day. One can think of this as a sign given to oneself!

I firmly believe in the importance of personal development and transformation. I think that every challenging event in life conceals significant opportunities. I avidly immerse myself in the written works of individuals who have undergone notable transformations, aspiring to emulate their experiences:

 “Can anyone dream? “A journalist asks the famous philosopher:

Stefano D’Anna: — “Yes, everyone can dream. However, most of them have nightmares, not dreams. People do not trust themselves and their intuition! A true dreamer dedicates himself to his dream because he believes it will come true before he sees it…”

Let me add something to my favorite philosopher, Stefano D’Anna, on dreams:

I say, “Dreams don’t need to be realistic, you can be ridiculous until the end” and using my right to be ridiculous, I made the following work for myself and my home and hung it at the entrance of the door, where it will be seen the most. J Why? Of course, to smile and enjoy as you look at it J

Well, as I wrote at the beginning of the article,

As a soul, I am a pleasant time traveler.

How do you define yourself? Come on; dream, for a few minutes…

I wish you pleasant days and a pleasant life.

This is a kind of sketch of my future works, the new series will be super enjoyable J and as a T-shirt collection J

Stay tuned, the real fun starts now J

Stay with love and happiness until the next article…

Tugba Yazici

Contemporary Artist


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