Monday, July 15, 2024

The Lonely Woman



The lonely woman

Is a happy woman!

She’s a hopeful woman,

Either she’s searching for herself,

Or she has found herself!

If there’s a fire within her, she rushes to extinguish it with water,

If she’s drowning, she swims to the shore…

The lonely woman has no fear,

It’s you who should be afraid of her,

Once courageous,

She’s audacious,

She has nothing to lose,

What she lost; she will surely find again!

The lonely woman writes,

She remembers what she holds in her mind,

She creates games,

She’s constantly productive,

She’s a bit narcissistic,

Otherwise, she wouldn’t survive!

While everyone pities her,

She’s happy!

For her, it’s not about how she appears from the outside,

But how she looks from the inside out,

She’s true to herself!

The lonely woman, in the end, is prepared

To go alone as she came,

She has reached the power of solitude,

She has faced her fears before dying,

She knows she’s one step ahead of everyone else

And she walks confidently!

She meets with whom she desires, and erases what she doesn’t!

If life is a choice,

All her votes are independent,

She is the candidate,

She doesn’t live in anyone’s shadow!


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