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Davy Jones’ Ship



Hello everyone, dear arttmodernmiami newspaper readers,

Today I will tell you about a legendary movie and its philosophy.

I think you must have watched Pirates of the Caribbean, the movie where Johnny Depp is the legendary Pirate Jack Sparrow! It is a great series, if you have not watched it, be sure to watch it! The subject of this article is; in the second part of the movie, there will be Davy Jones’ ship and his philosophy that I inferred. For those who have not watched it, let me briefly talk about the subject of the movie and its aftermath and the character of Davy Jones:

Pirates of the Caribbean is an adventure film series produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by Gore Verbinski, and written by Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio. Walt Disney’s Pirate Park is based on these films. The first film of the trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, started to be shown in theaters on July 9, 2003. After the unexpected success of this film at the box office, Walt Disney decided to turn the film into a trilogy. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest was released on July 7, 2006, three years after the first film. The sequel broke many box office records on its opening day, proving that the first film’s success was no coincidence. The film earned $1,066,179,725 in box office revenue when released from theaters. The last film of the trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, was released worldwide on May 24, 2007. Ultimately, the trilogy earned approximately $2.79 billion worldwide. (Wikipedia)

Davy Jones, who appears in the second part of the movie, is the captain of the ship called the Flying Dutchman. Their beards are made of tentacles. Inspired by the Davy Jones character in pirate mythology. There are draconian rules on the ship. He recruited his friend Will Turner into his crew because Jack Sparrow (the pirate) owed him money. He ripped out his heart from a woman’s face and locked it in a chest. (Oh, poor man!) He hides the key to the chest under his beard. The only way to kill Davy Jones is to stab his heart. Jones also controls the mythological giant octopus called “Kraken” that lives in the open seas.

Here is the legend of Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman:

According to legend, the ship is a Dutch ship exploiting the riches of the East. Davy Jones, the captain of the ship sailing from Amsterdam to the East Indies, turns the ship towards the Cape of Good Hope for a break on the way back to the Netherlands. In the meantime, they do not notice the storm clouds following them and continue to move forward. When they reach an area surrounded by rocks, a storm hits and the ship hits the rocks and capsizes. Captain Davy Jones “I will pass to the Cape of Good Hope at any cost.” says. However, the ship sinks with its crew and captain and this promise cannot be fulfilled. Thus, the sea that pirates fell in love with becomes a grave for those pirates. “There is no death for sailors on land,” they say. What about at sea?

However, after some time passed, people living in the region said that they saw this ship during some storms. Rumors spread quickly and people began to believe these rumors. Thus, the Davy Jones Legend takes its place in history. After this incident, Davy Jones represents the spirit of the sea. For example, sailors use the expression “going to Davy Jones” instead of “going to the bottom of the sea.” This place at the bottom of the sea reserved for sailors is called “Davy Jones’ Locker”. Thus, Davy Jones and the Legend of the Flying Dutchman became famous among sailors, and this legend was referenced in most maritime stories and movies. Each production portrays Davy Jones in different ways and reflects him in different ways. (What’s on campus?)

Another narrative for the story of the Flying Dutchman says the story dates back to the mid-17th century. Dutch captain Van Der Decken, aka Davy Jones, leaves the port and embarks on a stormy sea voyage. However, he is cursed for defying the gods and sailing on Sunday. Storms and bad weather conditions are constant. While rounding the Cape of Good Hope, the captain and his crew cannot control their ship. Although Davy Jones said, “I will pass the Cape of Good Hope at any cost,” their ship eventually crashed into the rocks and sank. However, this is the beginning of the story. The captain’s soul is condemned to immortality and endless journeys across the seas. The ship appears like a ghost at night, floating over the water as if flying. The appearance of the Flying Dutchman indicates impending disaster and bad weather conditions.

According to legend, the curse of the Flying Dutchman will only end when a woman loves him with true love and proves her eternal loyalty. The legend has inspired many cultures and works of art over time and captured the imagination of sailors.

What I have explained so far is the title and subject of the film, but my impressions are as follows:

The crew that sank with Davy Jones transforms at the bottom of the sea over the years. They have animal-like appearances that are human-like but also non-human. Some have gills; some have a nose like a seahorse. The most interesting thing is that the crew is clinging to the ship at some point. They only become known and land once a year and they can live like humans. I liken this situation very much to people going through traumatic transformations. I think life is an illusion and there is no such thing as “reality”! There are only what our senses perceive depending on the situation and the stances taken because of these perceptions. Feelings can sometimes be protective, but sometimes they can be misleading and have consequences that affect the whole life. Wrong decisions, wrong life choices, fraudulent choices, and even worse… Since the bad example is explained in the movie, I proceed from it and because of these wrong choices, you can be tied to the ship at the bottom of that ground with rings from your ears, nose, and feet, just like the crew on Davy Jones’ ship. As you try to escape, you cease to be you and turn into an unidentified object. Choices are so important!

While the crew examples I have encountered in my life parade before my eyes, I say that five people around you are very important in order not to go to Davy Jones’s Ship:

“A person is the average of the 5 people he spends the most time with.”

To make the right decisions;

We must surround ourselves with influential people,

We must read influential writers,

We should read many books and watch movies.

We must learn about the lives of the people we take as examples,

We must identify and move away from people who bring us down,

We must get rid of habits that cause us to waste our time.

As I conclude my article, what does the non-working compass of the crazy pirate Jack Sparrow indicate in the movie? If you wonder, Jack has an extraordinary compass. This compass does not show north, but what the person holding it wants most. That is why it is thought to be defective by people who do not know its properties. Jack Sparrow has always survived difficult situations because he knows what others want most 😊

This is what philosophy is like! To interpret it correctly, I suggest you watch and interpret it with different eyes from now on.

Let us stay with love and art…


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