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“Inspiring People” Mr. Ozcan Efe, Magical Fingers



ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: Could you tell us a little about yourself? Who is Ozcan Efe?

OZCAN EFE: Hello, I am Ozcan Efe, I love my job, my life, and people. My first goal is to support people’s purposes of existence.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: Where are you from? What is your job?

OZCAN EFE: I am from Bursa. I was born in 1961, as the son of a winemaker family. I was introduced to the kitchen at the age of 9 at my family’s tavern, where they sold their wines.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: Could you tell us about your work in the kitchen and restaurant industry? How did you start?

OZCAN EFE: In the kitchen industry; I started working with Emrullah Ketenci, one of the founders of Bursaspor, Metin Oktay team (nicknamed Krom), who was a master at my father’s tavern. He is my master; I remember him with mercy. As a result of his illness; I took over the work and thus my culinary adventure began. In the following years; I served in the restaurant I opened in New York. In my country, I am the owner and chef of a restaurant called Gourme in Pescado (Pescado Gurme).

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: What advice would you give to people who want to open a restaurant or become a chef?

OZCAN EFE: Loving, and enjoying life is equivalent to eating, in my opinion, loving your job starts with loving life, this is an adventure, let them embrace their adventures and dreams.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: Do you have any special works?

OZCAN EFE: Of course, there is. My patented products include Lakerda, Sea Bass Marinade, Fish with Pastrami, Fish soup, and Fish milk.


OZCAN EFE: I live in Florida and Turkey.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: Do you travel a lot? Where do you feel most comfortable?

OZCAN EFE: I travel a lot, the place where I feel best is my kitchen.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: What is the secret of your success?

OZCAN EFE: The secret of my success; Being hardworking means loving life and yourself.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: Could you please suggest a 5-piece seafood menu right now? Which fish? What goes with it? Raki? Wine?

OZCAN EFE: Roasted Fish, Paella, Shrimp Sizzling, Sea Bass Marinade, Swordfish Steak. For me; Fish goes well with raki and Paella goes well with wine. It may also vary depending on preference.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: Can we have a favorite recipe of yours?


Sea Bass Marine (Ingredients for 4 people)

• 2 Pounds of sea bass

• Lemon juice

• Salt

• Vinegar

• Olive Oil

We cut the sea bass thinly. We add lemon juice, salt, and vinegar to each layer. We let it sit overnight, drizzle some olive oil, and serve.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: Can you tell us about your dreams and goals? Are they close to each other?

OZCAN EFE: I see myself as having achieved my dreams and goals. Having patented products and customer satisfaction is the main goal and dream of every business owner. The next is the wish to reach larger audiences.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: Do you have a funny or interesting memory you can tell us about?

OZCAN EFE: At a time, when my restaurant in New York was crowded and there was a queue at the door, an Italian customer said, “Do you know why this crowd is here? The New York Times talks about you as magic fingers.” It is a nice memory for me.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: Each of us has learned some of the secrets of life. What have you learned about life?

OZCAN EFE: I learned that loving life and work, loving people, and being cheerful are the most important parts of this life.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: Let’s say the whole world will hear you! What would you like to say? Do you have a message?

OZCAN EFE: Love yourself. Having mastered this subject will enable you to love the world.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: Thank you for this nice interview.

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