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Annual Astrology Comments With Astrologer Aras Sen; Pisces




Mercury Retrograde is taking place in your 2nd House. Mercury, which will start retrograde on April 2, 2024, will travel in Aries and then move into Pisces on April 14, 2024, and continue to affect you in your 1st House.

Mercury retrograde in 2nd House Aries will affect your possessions, material resources, self-worth, and talents and there may be delays and some setbacks regarding these issues. Mercury in your 1st House, your rising sign, will continue its retrograde movement here and may lead you to question your inner peace and think about your relationship, but it will be in your best interest to stop and think without taking any action during this period. Some health-related issues may be on your agenda, but it will be in your best interest to be attentive to issues related to breathing such as hands, arms, and lungs.

The 2nd Mercury retrograde of the year will take place in Leo between August 5 and August 29. Mercury retrograde in your 6th House may give you agendas related to your pets. Problems from the past may arise regarding your work environment and colleagues. Your daily routines may be disrupted, you may tend to indulge in laziness and indulgence due to overthinking. Be careful about back and heart pains and have your routine checkups.

The 3rd Mercury retreat of the year will occur between Sagittarius and Scorpio between November 26 and December 15. 10th and 9th House issues will be affected by this retrograde movement. Mercury Retro in 10th House Sagittarius can test you in terms of your career and your relationship with your employers, there may be problems in communication, and you may not be able to perform as expected at work.  Mercury in 9th House Scorpio will continue its retrograde in Scorpio and may cause disruptions in matters such as abroad and air travel. Foreigners, projects in the fields of higher education, your education life may be interrupted. Pay attention to the tension, breakdowns in communication, and misunderstandings in matters related to your father during this period.

Mars retreat of 2024 will take place in Cancer between December 7, 2024, and February 24, 2025, according to Sidereal Zodiac values, rising Pisces, this Retrograde will take place in your 5th House. Mars retrograde that will affect your 5th House may create agendas related to your children. During this period, instead of focusing too much on your children and spending all your energy on them, spend time on your hobbies. This period is not suitable for making risky investments, unexpected losses may come instead of unexpected gains because you may make your moves by investing in the wrong places. In dating and love relationships, you may be subjected to a lot of manipulation during this period, you may find yourself in a relationship dominated by passive-aggressive attitudes, but you will be able to understand whether the person in your life is the right person for you from an objective point of view after the Mars retrograde ends.

Jupiter Transit:

 Jupiter, the planet of luck, opportunity, and abundance, moves into your 3rd House as of April 15, bringing you positive influences related to communication, learning, travel, and short trips until the end of the year. The 3rd house is connected with thoughts, communication skills, short travels, basic education, and a close environment. This period can emphasize gaining knowledge and growing your potential through communication. With Jupiter’s influence, we may experience development and improvement in our communication skills. There may be an increase in your ability to express more effectively and communicate clearly and concisely. During this period, your desire to learn may increase and your desire to explore new subjects may strengthen. Innovative thinking and adopting an open-minded approach can trigger a process of mental expansion in general. With Jupiter’s influence, your potential to encounter travel opportunities and cultural experiences may increase. Traveling to different places, meeting new people, and exploring different cultures may be among the highlights of this period. Relationships with siblings, cousins, and close relatives may become tighter with increased harmony and support. Also, if you are interested in subjects such as writing and drawing, it can give you success in these matters. Your desire to express your ideas in writing, to find publishing opportunities, or to start writing projects on new subjects can be strengthened.

Saturn Transit:

Saturn, the lord of karma, the planet of discipline, responsibility, and maturity, continues its transit in your 12th House throughout the year, offering important lessons in the background of your life and your subconscious. The 12th house is often linked to the subconscious, dreams, hidden elements in your inner world, and spiritual exploration. Saturn’s disciplined and responsible energy guides you to a more mature understanding of the experiences in this house and contributes to your inner growth. Saturn’s influence in the 12th house is a call for spiritual exploration and spiritual growth. During this period, you may want to devote more time to meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices and seek inner peace. The 12th house represents the subconscious mind. Under the influence of Saturn, it may be important to make an effort to examine the hidden worlds of the subconscious and to understand your dreams. It is possible to adopt a more conscious attitude to discover the richness of your inner world. The 12th house is also associated with hidden enemies. During this period, you have the potential to face the fears in your inner world and develop a stronger inner stance against possible difficulties. The process of forgiveness can be important for inner peace and freedom. With Saturn’s influence, you may feel the need to isolate from time to time during this period. You may want to retreat to deepen into your inner world, find peace, and listen to your inner guidance. The 12th house is also associated with creativity and art. During this period, you may want to explore and express your inner expression through artistic creativity. Art forms such as painting, music, or writing can provide you with an inner release during this period.

North Node Transit:

The North Node will be in your 1st House throughout the year and eclipses will occur in this house. While the North Node represents areas that are open to future development, the 1st house is associated with your identity, appearance, and self-expression. During this transition, you may find the opportunity for personal empowerment, increased self-confidence, and a better understanding of yourself. The emphasis of the North Node is on you focusing more on yourself, understanding your desires, and moving towards realizing your potential. This 1st house transit can also support you to participate more actively in the outside world, develop your leadership skills, and find the courage to make new beginnings. The transit of the North Node in the 1st house is an important turning point in your personal development. During this period, you can take important steps towards self-discovery and an effective presence in the outside world.

South Node Transit:

The South Node will be in your 7th House throughout the year and eclipses will occur in this house. While the South Node signifies a point where experiences and learning from past lives accumulate, the 7th house is associated with relationships, partnerships, and collaborations. During this transition, you may experience a profound inner transformation in relationship dynamics, partnership issues, and the way you cooperate with other people. The emphasis of the South Node is on learning from past relationships, finding balance, and interacting with others more healthily. This transit in the 7th house can also impact your romantic relationships, marriage, or business partnerships. During this period, you may have the chance to understand your connections with other people more deeply and develop more balanced, healthy relationships. The transit of the South Node in the 7th house represents your maturation process in social interactions and close relationships, which can offer the opportunity to make stronger connections and understand relationship dynamics.

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