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I am Murat Mete Agyar, writing to you from Istanbul, one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in the world.

I am a professor in the art department at Istanbul Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. By saying everything about art, I will touch on many art-related issues. I will share the place of art in our lives and how it transforms our souls. I will write my comments about seeing, feeling, and, as a result, a healthy lifestyle.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the digital newspaper ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS, which created this opportunity for me.

Now let’s come to my thoughts on art;  In my first article, I will write about art and its formation and try to explain them in straightforward language and as if they were conversational.  So, let’s start!

Humans are very powerful creatures. Since antiquity, artifacts, paintings, sculptures, and, more importantly, civilizations have come from man’s hands. They were made by humans and are referred to as art. If you ask, why is art influential, and what is it? Art is the most important witness of history, so it has extra importance. Trying to describe art is a problem in itself! Solving the problem is about self-discovery. Making a simple thing extraordinary is a short definition of art.

For example, you start painting a tree; you develop it in such a way that it eventually turns into Mondrian’s paintings, and as Mondrian, you take your place in history as an artist. Another example is you become an artist by painting only the rooms of your house, like Hammershoi, or you make small-scale portraits of the people in your house, like Vermeer. In the history of art, there are countless instances of this.

If you deal with things that are right next to you, that you know, that you always see, and that belong to you, without going far to make art, and if you support this with your perspective on life, your values, and your view of the world, your work of art has already started to take shape. However, technical knowledge is required to do this. Similar to how learning to read requires knowledge of the alphabet…Of course, receiving quality pattern training is required.

It is not enough to paint well; you also need to include your philosophy of life, that is, your point of view.  You need to add a soul. For this point of view, you need to read books, listen to music, go to the cinema and theater, visit galleries, exhibitions, and museums, and be interested in other areas. On the other hand, you need to understand the characteristics and requirements of your century. In this way, it will be made clear what technique and dimensions you will create your thoughts so that you can create your background. Of course, this process is not clear. You created your art, held exhibitions, and sold paintings, but in order to move this forward, i.e., for the growth of your art, it is vital that you keep working.

That’s the challenging part of the art! This means a lifetime. While you are doing these, art opens up such a vast world for you that it makes you more beautiful and gives you the ability to view and appreciate life in a beautiful and meaningful way, and allows you to enjoy life. This is your originality. This is the difficult part. It is difficult but enjoyable. By the way, it should not be forgotten that as you age, you change. You change every month, even every day. You will experience and comprehend the aforementioned events as you go through your transformation. Here, you’ll use your strength and energy to overcome these challenges.

Humans are very powerful creatures. Never forget this!

I’m keeping this article short for now because of my excitement. It’s easier to discuss art verbally than in writing.

Goodbye until the next post.

Murat Mete Agyar, Professor
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University,
Facebook: Murat Mete Agyar
Instagram: @muratmeteagyar

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