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Eagles Fly High



Hello everyone, my beautiful readers…

I had a full month of December, so much happened! I hardly have time to breathe, that’s all, you guess the rest! Let me tell you, you decide:

I’m starting from Miami Art Week and Miami & Basel Week. I was a participant at Red Dot as an artist within the scope of Art Week this year, but I experienced extra excitement this year. We also shot a film during Miami Art Week. How? I can almost hear what you say, so let me explain:

Tugba Yazici – Nazan Aktan (Act Artistes Contemporains Turquie)

Tugba Yazici – Ibrahim Guldiken – Nazan Aktan

In the last days of April, we met with the valuable Nazan Aktan, the founder of Act Artistes Contemporains Turquie, for lunch in Orlando. It all started while we were talking about making a difference during the dinner where we had art critiques… This is what we call inspiration, and people who inspire are very valuable. I suggested that we shoot a movie. I contacted Livia Proto, a young director with 19 international film festival awards, who lives in Rome. We didn’t even think about whether it would happen or not! The rest was embroidered step by step like lace. Melda Sherman, author of the book “Migratory Birds” and Livia Proto, who lives in Boston, wrote the script of the film. The first episode of the movie, which started as an Italian and American movie, was shot in Rome in September. The main theme of the movie is to create a superhero that the world needs. (I think the world needs optimistic feelings) It was planned on a series of films that were planned to be shot in different countries. After filming in Rome in September, the second episode was shot in Miami Beach during Art Week.

There was also an exciting scene at Red Dot Miami. Act Artistes Contemporary founder Nazan Aktan received the Red Dot Miami permits. On this occasion, I would like to thank her from here as well. The name of the movie is Echo Pilot Episode and as the producer of the movie, I will write about the developments in time, because I cannot give much information right now. After all, the conditions of the festivals we plan to attend are like these… The 3rd Part was shot in St. Augustine and we sent off the team that came from Rome for the shooting to Rome… The last information I can write on this subject; The main sponsorship of the film belongs to ARTTMODERNMIAMI MEDYA and I can proudly say that we will sponsor many creative projects from now on. Discovering creative people and producing projects are among the goals of ARTTMODERNMIAMI.

Micheal Gabriel – Zeynep Hande Yazici – Marianna Bregni – Livia Proto

Tugba Yazici – Zeynep Hande Yazici – Emre Orun – Ege Karabacak – Livia Proto – Nazan Aktan – Sage Kirk – Natalia Diaz

Shooting an exhibition and a movie at the same time in Miami is quite tiring and full of adrenaline. There is only one emoji to describe this feeling: ‘sweat dripping from your forehead’

It was great to meet many artists and art lovers I met at Red Dot. To tell the truth, I love this sociality.

The Consul General of the Republic of Turkiye, Mr. Resul Sahinol – Tugba Yazici

I met the Consul General of the Republic of Turkiye, Mr. Resul Sahinol, and they honored me by visiting my stand. They also watched the set of our movie, which was shot at Red Dot at that time. They talked about the support they would give to art and artists. I also met Mr. Omer Ince, Commercial Attaché of the Turkish Consulate General in Miami, and we generated ideas on the future of our film.

Funda Karayel – The Consul General of the Republic of Türkiye, Mr. Resul Sahinol – Tugba Yazici

Afterward, I attended the New Year’s reception organized by the Turkish Consul General in Miami, Mr. Resul Sahinol. We had the opportunity to talk once again about the issues we talked about in the exhibition. The subjects I mentioned are incredibly inspiring feelings as a producing artist, believe me! Being seen, being heard, and being felt are priceless feelings for an artist and of course for me too…

I am very tired, but I am proud to have the pleasure of working with a great team.

Finally, I would like to say this: Whatever happens in life, everything happens for a reason. Everything that makes up our present, the emotions and experiences we bring from the past, and whatever we did at that time, are the building blocks that make up the building… Let the title of a movie I watched from my childhood be the motto of my day:

“Eagles Fly High”

Let’s stay with love, respect, and art…

I wish the new year to come with all its beauties.

See you next year ?

Tugba Yazici

Artist & Producer

Instagram: tugbayaziciofficial

Facebook: Tugba Yazici

Cover photo : Emre Orun- Ege Karabacak

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