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Effects of the Week of 18-24 December



We start the week with a Mercury-Jupiter triangle angle. Both planets are in Retro position and there will be a period in which we will not be able to fully feel the positive impact expected from them. During this time, it would be best to complete the unfinished work that we want to grow and develop. . Unfinished education, unfinished projects, unfinished agreements, unfinished book writing work, unfinished cases… Venus-Uranus opposition will take place on December 21st. This angle will negatively affect our private lives. There may be sudden fights over trivial issues, the end of worn-out relationships, sudden separations and divorces may come to the fore. But no matter what, let’s not forget that our will is above fate. Everything is in our hands. If we learn the negative conditions of the sky and act accordingly, we will not be easily exposed to the negative effects of the planets. One of the first things we heard when learning astrology was the term “surmounting the chart”. This is a matter of will, to rise above the map, to transcend the map. The Mercury-Saturn sextile will occur on December 21. In this respect, we are in a period where we have difficulty in focusing and will resolve the issues we have left protracted. We can call it a time to focus and complete the missing tasks. Even though Saturn has support, it is not a good time for signature work because Mercury is in retrograde. On December 22, the Sun moves to Capricorn, which owns the concepts of responsibility, power, distance, discipline, efficiency, talent and ability. Happy birthday, dear Capricorns. The Sun-Mercury conjunction will occur on December 22. Mercury will be in the heart of the Sun. So jazz? What is this jazz? The planet at 8.5 degrees from the Sun is illuminated, and the planet at 17.5 degrees is under rays. Due to their closeness to the Sun, Mercury and Venus are very exposed to the Sun’s rays, and this causes difficulties in the matters the planet represents. As for Cazimi, the planet at the heart of the Sun gains power and reputation in the matters it represents. Being only 17 minutes away from the sun is a charm. The Sun-Saturn sextile will take place on December 24th. There will be support from older people such as bosses, fathers and superiors. (Receive effects in +/- 5 days)

Let’s come to the general reflections of our rising signs;

ARIES: You may have difficulty getting the results you expect this week. You may experience delays, especially in matters related to your career and related financial gains. These events may cause some disruptions in your private life and relationships. Remember, it is up to you not to tighten the ropes. It is possible that you will receive support from someone older than you whom you keep in the background. With the support of this person, you can finish your unfinished projects and work. With the Sun entering Capricorn, you will be in a process where you will give all your attention and all your strength to your career life.

TAURUS: This week will be a good period, especially to complete the work you left unfinished. You have a process ahead of you in which you can take care of your education life, organizational affairs, passport, visa procedures, legal issues and tasks that are important to you but that you have not had time to complete. Also pay attention to your diet and stay away from junk food. There will be situations where the ties between you and your spouse or business partner will be broken. During this period, it will be beneficial for you to ignore some things. Of course, every relationship that needs to end and does not add anything to us will definitely end one day. Just don’t act impulsively, go with the flow. You can get support from someone older than you in your social environment.

GEMINI: It will be good for you to restart your career that you left behind. If you have a secret relationship that has been going on for a long time, you may have problems if it comes to light. You may learn that some things are going on behind your back in your career life, especially regarding finances. As a result, you may come to the point of breaking some relationships. However, if you manage to remain calm during this process, you will not become wrong when you are right and the injustice of the other party will be seen by those around you. You have a process ahead of you where you can complete your travels to places that you have postponed in your business life or thought you could not go there.

CANCER: This week, it is possible that you will discuss the unfinished business with your partners and make decisions about what to do. Focusing on old work and not rushing new work will bring you positive returns during this period. Act carefully to prevent problems between you and your spouse regarding a relationship from the past. Pay special attention to the words that come out of your mouth. Pregnant Cancerians should be very careful during this period. Single Cancer zodiac signs have come to the end of the turbulent period in their love lives. They are in a period where they say either okay or continue.

LEO: The positive developments you expect in your career life may be delayed or not in the direction you expected. It will be beneficial for you not to act impulsively in the face of sudden situations that may arise in your home, family and career life, and to remain calm and let this process flow. The Venus-Uranus opposition is preparing to hit you in these areas. You are in a period when you need to stop consuming beyond your financial needs and take a break. It is also possible that some problems may arise regarding your dental health. You can streamline your daily routine and, as a result, focus more on your business life.

VIRGO: You may have spent a lot of time on your home and career this week. You may also constantly change your mind on these issues. You are going through a process that will take you forward in order to complete your unfinished or ongoing education, your plans abroad, foreign languages, and legal cases. Be aware that the Venus-Uranus opposition is getting ready to hit you in these areas. Do not take steps that will break the ropes on these issues. Do not make impulsive movements. Getting support from someone older than you will make you feel more comfortable to see the future.

LIBRA: You can resolve some unfinished issues regarding your home this week. You will have to deal with the repair of broken, spilled or damaged things. Of course, these repairs will tire you financially. Old debts or debts you have forgotten may knock on your door, you are in the process where you need to be prepared for this situation. The Venus-Uranus opposition is getting ready to hit you in your house of money and expenses. Unexpected expenses may arise. Therefore, it would be beneficial for you to stay away from unnecessary expenses. Pay attention to your ankles, there are situations such as sprains.

SCORPIO: It will be beneficial for you to take care of the work you have, instead of taking new initiatives regarding commercial activities and joint ventures. There may be a difficult process regarding the payments for previously completed work. There may be situations such as breaking ties with your spouse or business partner. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to stay as calm as possible and not act impulsively. Of course, there will be people who need to leave your life, but this process should not happen due to your efforts. Go with the flow and stay calm. Single Scorpios can meet someone through family members. This person will more likely be of mixed origin.

SAGITTARIUS: You should handle your daily routine tasks on time and not leave them until tomorrow. Failure to realize or delay expectations in business and financial matters may cause you to become stressed. You are going through a period in your business life where you should not strain the ropes. There may be some tension with your colleagues. If you get through this period without giving anyone a deficit, you will be the one who benefits. Pay close attention to the people around you; it is possible that you will come face to face with someone who is digging your well and have a showdown. It is possible that you will receive support from someone older than you in a position of authority. This person will most likely be from the family.

CAPRICORN: Happy birthday dear Capricorns. Lack of or delay in the developments you expect in areas related to your love life, children, artistic activities and workplace may cause tension in you. It seems likely that there will be sudden breaks in your love life. You are in a period when you need to pay closer attention to your children and give them more attention. This period, you will open the door to new areas by focusing on whatever you have left unfinished in your business life. Pregnant Capricorns need to be a little more careful during this period.

AQUARIUS: You may be nervous if your expectations about your home and family are not met. Repetitions regarding buying and selling a house may come to the fore. There may be situations where your partner is cheating or doing something behind your back. You may have some debts that you have hidden from your family, and if they come to light, you may receive support from someone older than you. There may be ruptures in your relationships at home and in your career. During this process, it will be very important for you to remain calm without acting impulsively.

PISCES: Situations such as disruptions in your commercial affairs and communication, repetition of past issues with siblings and close circle will stress you more than necessary. There will be feedback from friends you haven’t met, but then the tape will rewind again. You will be able to see the future with the support you will receive from your superiors, your boss, your father or someone older than you. The Venus-Uranus opposition is getting ready to hit you on the 3-9 line. In other words, you may come to the point of cutting ties with whatever you are doing in matters such as commercial activities, academic education, communication, siblings, close circle, cousins, advertising organization. It will be to your benefit to act calmly during this period.

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