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Contemporary Architecture with Simin, VIII



Hello everyone,

I would like to talk about the developments and future effects of artificial intelligence in the field of architecture, which has attracted everyone’s attention from different points lately.

While creating an architectural project, the designer goes through certain stages. In this process; After going through the pre-design, schematic design phase, design development, collecting construction documents, construction permit, proposal preparation, and submission phase, the construction of the resulting design begins. Can artificial intelligence be as effective as a human at these stages? Can artificial intelligence come up with a new design like an architect? I’m sure that these questions have been on the minds of all my colleagues lately.

Programs that we frequently hear about, such as DALL E-2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion, can create effective visuals in a short time in line with the data we give them. These programs, which help designers to produce the expected result based on existing data, cannot design and produce a new project from scratch without the input of designers. However, in the next stages of development, these programs have the possibility of dominating the design field as well.

Based on the information given to artificial intelligence, it produces more than one possibility as a result. Architectural firms that develop and work on artificial intelligence technology in the field of architecture are increasing today. These programs produce space layout drawings with different options, based on the customer’s wants. As architects, we emphasize our style in the product by adding a piece of ourselves while revealing these possibilities. But do these programs produce the possibilities they create by imagining and empathizing with the life that will be lived here?

In the early days, the first stage of transferring an architect’s dream into reality was accomplished with a pen, but over time, digital equipment began to take its place. Nowadays, we are faced with a reality that reads our minds. At the next stage, the possibility that another intelligence is dreaming instead of us scares me. What will remain of us if our dreams, which form a bridge between our subconscious and our feelings and make us human, are no longer ours?

See you in my next article,

Simin Pakakar
Co-founder of Kanopi Architecture
Istanbul, Türkiye
Instagram: @kanopimimarlik


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