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General Effects For The Week of 20-26 November



We start the week with the Sun-Pluto sextile (positive). There will be situations such as receiving support from authority figures, advancing in the career field, and increasing self-confidence. Mars-Pluto sextile angle will occur on November 22. In this respect, we may feel powerful, but if we use this power negatively, it will be inevitable for us to be defeated. On November 22, the Sun moves into Sagittarius. Happy birthday, dear Sagittarius. The periods when the Sun moves into Sagittarius are generally suitable times to receive education, specialize in a subject, learn a foreign language and go on travels. Venus-Chiron opposition will occur on November 22. There are situations such as love pain, heartbreaks, having high emotional expectations from the other person, and making wrong decisions by emotionally criticizing the other person too much. Sun-Saturn square on November 23 (negative) It will be possible to encounter situations such as authority figures, being in conflict with older people such as bosses, fathers, and older brothers, and not being able to get along with them. Mars moves into Sagittarius on November 24. Mars in Sagittarius is fanatical and operates in what we call a defiant mode. The difficult angles that Mars will make with Uranus and Saturn may cause war-mongering that will resonate around the world. Mars-Saturn square will occur on November 25th. We will be in a period where we will have difficulty taking steps, making decisions, and taking action, and feel restricted. Additionally, there may be terrorist incidents, military initiatives, embargoes and some sanctions. (Effects -/+7 days)

Let’s talk about its effects on our rising signs:

ARIES: There are positive effects that will affect your money and career field. It is possible to reach an agreement with authority figures on financial matters. There are positive developments for Aries who have expectations regarding inheritance issues. You may want to go on long trips and take steps for academic education. This is the period when Aries people who have legal cases or will attempt to file a lawsuit can get positive results. Do not act impulsively against problems that may arise between you and your spouse. It will be beneficial for you to be prepared and take precautions against disagreements that may arise in your bilateral relations and partnerships. With your ruler Mars moving to Sagittarius, your desire to travel may increase and the desire to settle abroad may arise, but it will be beneficial for you to stay away from fanaticism, especially on religious issues.

TAURUS: You are in the period when you will reach an agreement with your spouse regarding the issues you are having problems with. It will be beneficial for you to think carefully about the steps you will take regarding the problems you have or will experience in your business life and act without rushing. It is likely that there will be some resentment between you and your colleagues. Taurus people who have problems with money may experience tension with authority figures this period. Pay attention to your communication with older people such as your boss and father. Being generous with your expenses may get you into trouble this period. Extend your feet according to your comforter. Don’t forget that you are in the process where you need to have your kidneys checked regarding your health.

GEMINI: You are in a period where you will overcome the problems or obstacles you experience in the steps you take in matters such as organization, press, and art. An issue that you thought was impossible to solve may suddenly be resolved; be ready for small surprises. You may want to act more freely in order to feel free with your spouse or in your long-term relationship. You should explain this situation to the other person in an appropriate language, otherwise you may cause misunderstandings. The same applies to your business life, you may not want to go to work in the morning, you may not want to do your work. You are in the process where you need to take the necessary precautions against the possibility of problems with authority figures between your spouse, your bilateral partnerships and your career.

CANCER: Cancers, who are stuck between their spouses and children, will solve these problems this period and sigh with relief. It is also possible for the spouse’s financial income to increase. You can feel free about your business and go to training related to the business you will establish. You are in a period when you need to take precautions against possible work-related arguments and tensions within the family and act without breaking hearts. You should be careful about possible communication crises in your business life and not disrupt your daily work. It will be beneficial for you to close your ears to the gossip you hear from your surroundings or social environment. Especially do not pay attention to statements about your children.

LEO: Since you are in a period where you fulfill your responsibilities towards your family, it will also be a period when domestic problems are resolved. There is a period ahead of you when your relationships with your family members improve and your relationships get better. You are in the process where activity begins in your private life and your self-confidence will reach its peak. Leos who are in a relationship are likely to experience financial problems. There are crises of expectations that have occurred or may occur between you and your close circle, relatives such as siblings, cousins. It is likely that disappointment will occur because your or their expectations and wishes will not be met.  

VIRGO: You are in the period when the foundations of your future business venture decisions will be laid. The support you receive from authority figures will also lead to positive developments in terms of increasing your self-confidence. You are in the process where your belief in yourself increases. If you evaluate this process well, you will inevitably get positive results. Some projects that are pending, such as buying a house or selling a house, will become clear in your mind. If the money you expect does not arrive during this period may cause your trouble, it may cause you to be disappointed. It will be beneficial for you to be prepared and take precautions against tensions that may arise between you and your spouse or bilateral partners.

LIBRA: You are in the period when you will receive money from your family or give financial support to your family. You are in the process of receiving material and moral support from your family and boss regarding the work you will do. You are also in a suitable period for short trips and short trainings. It is possible that you will be disappointed in your bilateral relations, and you may be upset if you have expectations from the people you meet and they are not met. You should be careful about the steps you take regarding your business life, and you should not make decisions that you are not sure about. Since you will be in a period where you will be very confident and act aggressively, especially in commercial matters, it will be in your best interest to stand back and look ahead in order to avoid making hasty decisions and incurring losses in these matters.

SCORPIO: The ice between you and the person-persons you see as your elder brother or elder brother will melt. You may be asked by your elder family members to help your siblings, cousins, close circle or close relatives. Remember that you are in a period where you need to act carefully in financial matters. You should be careful about the possibility of overspending due to your money’s worth. Be careful about possible misunderstandings on matters concerning your business or in your workplace. There are unexpected expenses related to your children. It will be beneficial for you to take any tensions that may arise between you and your date under control and close the issue before it escalates.

SAGITTARIUS: There may be a development regarding an issue that you dreamed of but never thought possible. It is possible that you may hear things that will make you nervous about issues that concern your children. With Mars moving into Sagittarius, it is possible that your self-confidence will increase and you will feel invincible and powerful. It is also possible for you to be in the “I know everything, I can do it all” mode. It is possible that you will learn things about your dating that will disappoint you, or you may be disappointed by the events that took place between you. It is possible that you may be pressured or feel under pressure by your family or spouse about what you want to do. There may be expenses that will cause you financial difficulties.

CAPRICORN: There will be some developments in your social environment and between you and your friends, including financial matters. Since these developments will also concern your family members, it would be beneficial for you to consider them carefully and act accordingly. Also, do not act in the “I do everything” mode in the family. There will be unexpected expenses, forgotten debts or receivables that you lent but forgot about. Don’t be offended by everything in your family and career life, especially during this period, and don’t have too much expectations. It seems likely that you will be disappointed if you have expectations and they are not met. So don’t criticize too much, just go with the flow. It will be in your best interest to say that whatever happens, and continue on your way. Additionally, during this period, some memories and events related to the past may come to your mind and make you uneasy.

AQUARIUS: You will encounter an unexpected development in your career life. Having good relations with authority figures will also contribute to this development. The trip you are planning to take may be canceled, but if it is, do not be disappointed by saying there is something good in this. Don’t forget that the effects of last week’s new moon continue. It is possible to experience crisis situations that concern your social environments, bilateral relations and your immediate circle. In order not to be caught in the middle of this crisis, it will be in your best interest to act calmly and leave the environment. Although I would say that it would be best to reduce your social activities this period, your desire to act more actively and aggressively will be quite high during this period, as Mars enters your 11th house.

PISCES: Positive developments in your workplace will reflect on you. Thanks to these positive developments, your determination to work will increase, and being very active and enterprising will lead you to be noticed. It will be to your advantage to act without being too open about financial matters. Expected funds may not arrive or may be delayed. Towards the end of the month, take precautions against the tension that may arise between you and your colleagues and do not talk about anyone. Events can get out of your control and go to different dimensions. You may have difficulty taking steps regarding matters such as finances, study abroad, academic education, and foreign language. Don’t be afraid and retreat, remember that everything starts with taking a step.

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