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General Effects For The Week of 6-12 November



We will start this week with the Venus-Pluto and Mercury-Neptune triangle (Positive angle). There will be situations where passion will come into play in relationships, but also include manipulative effects. It will be a week where we can have our wishes and desires without much effort. Of course, let’s not forget that our self-belief and sense of confidence are very important. With the Mercury-Neptune triangle, there will be effects where our intuitive perception will be strengthened and issues such as inspiration will come into play. The Mercury-Pluto sextile will occur on November 8. It is possible that intelligence will sharpen, plans beyond the obvious will come into play and positive returns will be obtained from the steps taken. The Venus-Saturn quincunx will take place on November 8, also called the non-conjunct angle pattern, and it has a Uranian effect. We may have difficulty establishing relationships and feel worthless. Again, on November 8, Venus moves into Libra, which it rules. Venus in Libra is the best time to end the problems in relationships. On November 10, the Mercury-Saturn square will occur. This angle will challenge us quite a bit. There will be a period of time when we will have difficulty perceiving and comprehending events. On November 12, Mars-Uranus opposition will occur, and this aspect has very difficult effects. Issues such as outbursts of anger, terrorism, the effects of war, and earthquakes may come to the fore. (Effects are +/- 5 days)

Let’s come to the reflections of our rising signs,

ARIES: There will be positive developments in your business and career life. You are in a period where your money income will increase and you can progress more easily in your relationships and partnerships. You can organize your daily routine. Regarding your health, you are in the process where you need to take care of your intestines and kidneys. Be careful what you eat and drink. You are in a period where you can trust your inner voice and see the future easily in matters such as payments, taxes, checks and promissory notes. You may notice that your intelligence works unusually in evaluating financial opportunities in your career and business life. While all these good developments are happening, the Venus-Saturn quincunx angle may cause you to feel a little depressed.

TAURUS: You are in a passion-filled period in your love life. Married Taurus people can solve their problems with their spouses and turn a new page, appear in social environments, and participate in various activities with groups. You can establish partnerships with foreigners, and you can make progress in your business abroad thanks to your effective communication. Taurus people who are dissatisfied with their jobs may leave their jobs with a sudden decision. But don’t worry, you may find yourself getting a new job soon as Venus moves into Libra. You can make your environment aesthetically beautiful in your daily work. It will be a very inspiring period for those who work in the name of art. Pay attention to November 12, you are likely to be very angry during this period. Don’t hurt or upset the people around you.

GEMINI: You can take initiatives to beautify your home. Such as decoration, changing furniture… Also, Gemini zodiac signs who are thinking of buying a house or moving their house have very good effects on these issues during this period. Thanks to the initiatives you will take in artistic activities that concern your business career, you will attract positive developments into your life, both materially and spiritually. Regarding your health, it would be beneficial for you to have your reproductive organs checked. Reflecting possible problems in your private life into your work may cause headaches. One small detail that comes out of your mouth can ruin a sack of figs. You should be especially careful on November 12, not say everything that comes to your mind and stay away from possible arguments.

CANCER: Cancers who are at odds with their siblings are under good influences that will mend their relations this period. Cancer zodiac signs who are considering getting into business can establish bilateral partnerships. In addition, getting support from consultancy companies in every job they do and every step they take will guide them in seeing the future. Additionally, the activity in your love life will open your eyes to some issues. Some unexpected problems with your home seem likely. If you act smartly, you can narrowly escape possible harm. It will be beneficial for you to be cautious against any problems that may arise in your business life, daily routine and health issues. Staying away from risky businesses on November 12 and the following days will prevent you from incurring losses

LEO: Developments in your business and career will cause your financial income to increase. There will be good developments in matters concerning your home and family. You are especially in a suitable period for house changes, buying a house, in short, for realizing the projects you have in mind regarding the house. This effect will also have a positive impact on your business life. A deficit in your business life may cause you to suffer financial loss. Therefore, it will be to your advantage to be cautious during this period. You should stay away from risky investments and be careful about matters concerning your home and business life on November 12 and the following days

VIRGO: You are in a period where there are positive developments regarding your love life and children. There is a beautiful process in which you will shine like a star in front of the stage. Of course, I am talking about a period when you will make your name and yourself talked about in the work you do and in the environment you are in, rather than the field of art. No matter what you do, it will shine in your hands, and it will make you shine, too. There will be positive developments for those who have problems with issues such as driving license and traffic. Virgos who have made an agreement on a bilateral partnership may part ways with their partners suddenly and unexpectedly. In addition, there are problematic situations regarding trade, communication, the internet, abroad and foreigners, academic education and religious beliefs. It will be beneficial for you to be cautious about these issues for November 12 and beyond.

LIBRA: Your dreams about your home may come true. Or you may get support from someone you didn’t expect to buy a house. There are also situations where you have a say in the family. You are in a very active period where you can come up with good ideas to increase your earnings. You may encounter unexpected situations in your work environment. For example, you may find out that a friend of yours is doing something behind your back. Again, it is possible that you may have a money-related problem in your work environment. You are in a period where you need to be very, very careful about everything you do and every step you take regarding money. There may be changes in plans regarding your work, and there may be delays and disruptions in the projects you have been waiting for.

SCORPIO: You are in the process where you will be very active in your social environment. It is possible for you to make progress in your work with the support of your social circle. With the impressive development of your imagination, you will be able to put the plans and projects in your mind into action and shine on the stage. Both financial and communication problems between you and your siblings, cousins and close circle will disappear. You should stay away from any risky business and keep your distance from games of chance will protect you from possible big losses. There may be communication problems between you and your children. Do not get into fights or arguments with people around you on November 12 and the following days and never fight with your spouse or partner. Try to stay calm during this period.

SAGITTARIUS: There are good developments regarding your career. Events that remain in the background regarding your home will come to light and be resolved. You may learn about some situations about your family from your social circle that you did not know about. It is possible that you will find out that one of your family members is doing something behind your back. You are in a period when you need to take care of your health. You are not in the appropriate time period for non-urgent surgery or procedures. It would be beneficial for you to stay away from these issues as much as possible, especially between 9-15 November, unless it is an emergency. A busy period will be waiting for you in your daily routine. You should stay calm and not see everything in case of possible fights in your workplace.

CAPRICORN: With Venus moving into Libra, you are likely to experience changes, interesting events and coincidences in your career life. There will be situations such as commercial initiatives, press issues, and book projects. Capricorns, whose oratory skills are strengthened, can show themselves in social environments and gain appreciation. It will be to your benefit to be careful in traffic and have your vehicle checked. On and after November 10, it is possible that your communication language will narrow down and what you say will not be understood. You should be careful in your love life and friendships and not make sudden moves. It will be beneficial for you to be careful about the words that come out of your mouth to avoid tensions that may arise between you and your children.

AQUARIUS: Positive developments in your financial field will help you pay off your debts. It is possible that you will also benefit from your spouse’s income. There may be situations such as promotion in your career field, or you may suddenly find yourself planning to start a business. You can take initiatives regarding a job or project that you started and left unfinished before. In the meantime, be very careful about the words that come out of your mouth on and after November 10. It will be up to you to be prepared for the tensions that may arise within the family and to manage the family members by calming the situation.

PISCES: Your bilateral relations and social environments will change radically. Even though this change may shake you a little at first, you will have a period in which you will be glad to see what it will add to your life. Pisces, whose future plans include going abroad, should make good use of the opportunities that will come their way. Suddenly coming across a debt that you have forgotten or that is in the past will put you in a very difficult situation. There are some problems related to you on November 10 and after. Pay close attention to your communication language and actions. Don’t blurt out everything that comes to your mind to the other person. You should be very careful, especially in traffic. You are vulnerable to an accident.

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