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General Effects 2-8 Week of October



This week, there is a 150 degree angle feast in the sky. The quincunx angle pattern describes unexpected and sudden events. These events usually create a shocking effect. We must be careful in all matters, avoid provocations and act instinctively. It is beneficial to always keep the mind active. On October 3, the Venus-Kad and Mercury-Pluto triangle will occur. We will not have difficulty finding our way around the themes of love and money. We will be more comfortable expressing ourselves. We will be in a period where we restructure our way of communication and receive positive feedback from this structuring. With the Mars-Gad conjunction on October 5, there is a possibility of experiencing karmic fateful losses. The October 7 Mars-Pluto square angle is one of the most important angles that will challenge us. This angle represents situations such as accidents, fights, fires and explosions. In addition, with its angle of 150 degrees all week long, this situation will put a lot of pressure on us. It will be to our benefit to stay calm and act common sense in all matters, whether in traffic, in our daily relationships, in the family, or in our business relationships. On October 5, Mercury will move into Libra and we will act politically regarding relationships.

Let’s talk about our rising signs…

ARIES: As of this week, we are entering the period of eclipses and the Solar Eclipse on October 14 will be in Libra, your opposite sign. The Aries-Libra axis will be heavily affected. This week is not particularly suitable for signing, agreements or contracts. Neptune’s influence will prevent you from seeing the future. It will be beneficial for you to postpone in order to avoid making the wrong decision. The warmth of a new love may touch your life. This relationship may become serious in the future. Aries who have problems in their marriage may decide to separate and end their business partnerships this period. There are sudden unexpected financial expenses and sudden explosions in relationships.

TAURUS: You should pay attention to health this week. You may have a chronic illness that you don’t know about. Remember that you are under the protection of a secret hand within the family. This hand will support you financially. Taurus people who are in managerial status may get a promotion this period, but you will have to deal with all the drudgery that falls on you for that promotion. A new business agreement will be waiting for Taurus signs who deal with organization affairs. You are in a period when you need to carefully examine the terms of this agreement and not sign anything that will put you in trouble in order to avoid financial loss. You may encounter unexpected situations and attitudes in your friends and social circle.

GEMINI: It is a lucky period for Geminis who deal with commercial affairs and communication. You can also engage in commercial ventures. It is possible to benefit from your social circle for this type of work. It is possible that economic problems related to yourself and your family will be solved. You can pay off your debts and benefit from situations such as alimony and inheritance. The sharpness in your communication language will soften during this period. . If you are at the head of your business, if you are in a managerial or managerial position, it will be beneficial for you to do every job you do and every step you take on October 4-5-6 very carefully, carefully and meticulously. Do not go overboard with your child-related expenses or financial initiatives. It is possible that you may encounter a sudden, unexpected situation that is beyond your control.

CANCER: There may be a development in your favor regarding an issue that upsets and hurts you in your career life. It is possible that you will be financially comfortable and achieve something you have dreamed of. It is possible that you will receive positive feedback and progress from your initiatives in your joint ventures. Cancer zodiac sign people who do family business should take every step carefully to avoid job loss this period. They should take care to finish their work on time. Cancers who have problems with their spouse’s family may face the same problems again this period. It would be to your advantage to ignore some things in these matters. Some problems related to your children may bother you, and your children’s business life and commercial ventures may bring some losses.

LEO: It is possible to solve the problems you experience regarding academic education, foreign affairs, visa and passport issues. You are in a period where you will see the positive reflections of the steps you take to make progress in your career. There is karmic support from the past. It will be in your best interest to be cautious and calm against the tension that may arise between you and your siblings, cousins, relatives and neighbors. You are not in the right period for commercial ventures. If you have bank, loan, check or promissory notes transactions, act very carefully. Neptune’s influence may cause you financial loss. It is possible that you will receive money from an unexpected job. After October 5, there will be an improvement in your relationships.

VIRGO: This week, do not take any initiative in any matter that concerns yourself and your career. The Neptune effect will prevent you from seeing some things. There may be developments that will make you happy regarding your affairs that are beyond your control and that you cannot intervene in. There will be positive developments in academic education, foreign languages, and foreign-related jobs. You may receive a job offer in managerial status on a subject that concerns you and your career. There are positive developments regarding your children. You are in a period when you need to take precautions against financial losses. Be careful about every word that comes out of your mouth in your bilateral relations. You are in a period open to misunderstandings and misunderstandings.

LIBRA: You are in a trouble-free period regarding your social circle, spouse, partnerships and friends. You will see the support of your social circle. You are in a period where you can complete the missing things that you cannot see regarding academic education and abroad. Between 4-10 October, take precautions against possible accidents and fights, and act calmly. Be the one to calm the atmosphere against any tension that may occur within the family. The same risks apply in your business life. It is possible that there may be things you overlook regarding your work. Be careful about such situations and do not approve anything without reviewing it several times. Otherwise, you may experience material and moral losses due to Neptune’s influence.

SCORPIO: There are positive developments in matters concerning your career and business. Scorpios who have a job may receive a promotion or raise. A new job and a new love awaits unemployed Scorpios. It is possible that they will start a relationship with someone they will meet at work. Their social environments will change and they will enter different environments. . It seems possible that they will surpass themselves on some issues. They will encounter environments and people that will soften their conservative sides. Between October 4th and 10th, there will be tension between you and someone who digs into your well and does things behind your back. Be careful between these dates. It is also useful to be careful about traffic accidents and home accidents. Some secret organizations and groups may interest you, but be careful and stay away.

SAGITTARIUS: There are positive developments regarding your child. Your child may have educational opportunities abroad. It is possible for you to go abroad for a job that you see as a hobby and that entertains you. It is possible that there will be positive financial developments in matters concerning your career, bilateral partnerships and your spouse. You may suffer financial harm from your social circle and friends. Do not be a guarantor for anyone, do not get into debt for anyone. Some situations that you overlooked regarding your career and relationships may put you in trouble. You need to balance your relationship with money. Otherwise, it will be inevitable for you to suffer financial losses. If an incident that was hidden from you in the family comes to light, it will cause tension.

CAPRICORN: This week, issues such as buying a house, starting a business, and investing for your children will be on your agenda. There are positive developments regarding foreigners. Situations such as foreign partners and expansion abroad seem possible. Between October 5th and 10th, I recommend that you take precautions against situations such as tension, fights, and work accidents regarding matters concerning your career. . Since this is a period when you may experience work tension, be careful to stay as calm as possible. This tension can also affect your health. Control your nerves. Capricorns who deal with commercial affairs should avoid signing agreements this week, if possible. Neptune effect is active, it may prevent you from seeing some things

AQUARIUS: You are in a period when the problems with your siblings will be solved. Aquarius people who do business in partnership may make new ventures or take on new partners to provide them with financial support. Aquarius people who have issues such as banking, loans, alimony, inheritance, checks and promissory notes will experience positive developments regarding these issues. It’s a good time for Aquarius people who are considering publishing a book. They are in a period where they can get the support of their spouses. Aquarius people who do business related to abroad should be very careful during this period, they may get harmed in whatever business they do. Features Between October 5th and 10th, situations such as work accidents, attacks, and fights are possible. Again, sudden unexpected events may occur in this regard.

PISCES: You are likely to experience positive developments regarding work and money this week. There are very positive developments this week for Pisces who have problems in their bilateral relations. This is not a suitable period for transactions such as banking, credit card or loan. If possible, do not attempt to apply for bank jobs etc. between 5-10 October. . Don’t go overboard with your spending. As your friends and social circle change, you may enter different circles. Pisces who have romantic relationships at work may have problems seeing the truth this period. Try not to make any decisions regarding this issue between October 3-4-5.

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