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So Proud So Fragile



Think of a woman!

She has one of the greatest voices in the world! She is accepted for what she does! Successful. Beautiful. Rich. She has millions of fans but falls into a love that will take her to a completely different point.


In this article, I am here with a book recommendation because, in addition to my travel notes, I must also mention the beautiful books and movies that accompany my life, they are the milestones of my perspective on life.

We can all be if you ask who is too proud or fragile. But the book talks about diva Maria Callas.

“I am very sensitive, very proud, but very fragile,” says Maria Callas in an unpublished letter she wrote on Onassis’s famous yacht Christina on June 12, 1963. Maria Callas, born in New York as the daughter of a low-income Greek family, immigrated to Greece when she was thirteen and made her debut at fifteen. She was the number one opera singer of the 20th century and her era. Very Proud, Very Fragile, called La Divina (The Divine), is the story of Callas’ life full of great successes, ups and downs, jealousies and scandals, and the forbidden and stormy love she had with the famous Greek shipowner Aristotelis Onassis. Maria Callas, who did not hesitate for a moment to leave her wealthy Italian husband, who held her by the hand and helped her achieve fame when she was a young girl, was unfortunately betrayed unexpectedly by Onassis, who was seeking power and power. The short but sparkling life of this great artist, who passed away due to a heart attack at the age of 53, was immortalized by the pen of Italian writer Alfonso Signorini.

Very proud, very fragile… Maria Callas probably embodies these qualities for most people. However, as you read the book, you will see that this iron-hard character, who has achieved worldwide success, is the hero of a very difficult and challenging life. In the book, we see the struggle of La Divina to create herself, who left the life she started with humiliation and disregard, having won the admiration of the masses. We read about how she ignored herself for the turbulent love she had with Aristotelis Onassis, the only and greatest love of her life, and the suffering she endured for the baby she could not hold in her arms. While reading about the battle between Maria and Callas, you will see that being La Divina is not as easy as you think; you will once again question what concepts such as success, happiness, and sacrifice can mean…

One of the things that impressed me a lot in the book is; a Hollywood beauty secret! Many celebrities used this method in the 1950s and 60s. Maria Callas, who was an overweight woman when she first became known, found a solution for this. He had tapeworms implanted into his stomach through an operation. He lost weight with those wolves. But as a result, the diaphragm became smaller and he was in danger of losing his voice. In addition, the great love she had for Onasis and the fact that he left her for another well-known iconic woman caused a great shock for Maria Callas.

“So Proud, So Fragile” is a story from life, a must-read!

Until the next article, stay with love…

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So fierce, so fragile

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