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Desolated Men and Women Who Love Desolated



I think we all agree that we should avoid all of the desolate men kind. If we do not run away, we may find ourselves in the most beautiful moment of the relationship thinking why everything is upside down. I want to start writing to the desolated men as we are all familiar with them, but still, let me give a small briefing to the lucky few who do not know who the desolated men are so that we can be sure that we are all at the same page in the rest of my article.

Desolate men are attractive individuals who avoid commitment, only care about their feelings in relationships, and get lost when they see the possibility of something going severe. The factors that make these “desolated people” are Generally avoidant behavior patterns that result from their childhood family relationships. Situations such as negligence from parents, and fear of losing as a result of the loss of parents are effective in the existence of desolated men today. As these individuals are used to taking care of themselves, they react with suspicion and generally fear the idea of anyone entering their lives to support and care for them. The fear of losing plays a significant role in this fear. They want to push you away from yourself and get back into your comfort zone. Not being able to see that makes that person anxious because, in his safe environment, he has no one to lose, which is way easier to live for him. They start to see you as a potential danger. The worst thing is in all these situations, these reactions are all from the subconscious. In other words, talking to him and solving this might be your sweet little dream. That deserted man you want to support, at the end of the day as if you were a guest in your life has already left the environment and has done it so quickly that maybe you lost your speed.

They owe this reputation to this alignment. In such cases, I can only recommend one Advil and a nice box of ice cream, but I don’t know what good it will do for your lost enthusiasm.

The question of what I did wrong may be floating around in your mind: Did I not provide enough support, did I not express my feelings correctly, or did I express my feelings too much? First of all, I want you to know that if you had done everything right, the deserted men would have been directly disturbed and anxious. So, I suggest you not to blame yourself. This crisis they are going through is all about them and the fact that you already love them is the main factor of their stress.

“So, can I never have a relationship with an unemployed man?”

Nothing is impossible, but I would like to ask this; Are you sure?

Do you think the other person will be worth this effort? Have you considered the factors that pushed you to have a relationship with him? Because yours may also be the signals of another trauma. Have you eliminated the possibility that you are obsessed with him? Are we sure that the obsession with the deserted man, the result of problematic family relationships, has nothing to do with your childhood? Maybe neglectful behavior seems familiar to you from your childhood, and what you’re drawn to is the feeling of familiarity. Okay, you are right, I questioned you a lot, you may just want your unemployed man. After all, we can’t deny how attractive they are.

Take care of yourself with love, see you in my next article…

Modern Witch

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