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Week of September 4-10 and Jupiter Retro



We will be welcoming the first week of September with Jupiter retrograde. On September 6, 2023, we will end the year with the retrograde movement of Jupiter, which will begin its retrograde movement at 15 degrees Taurus, and continue until December 30. Jupiter goes retrograde for about 4 months every year to raise awareness for us. We may want to reflect on the changes and developments in our lives since May 17, 2023, get rid of the excesses and complete the deficiencies. Jupiter, who is the benefactor of the system, protects us, brings abundance, fertility and luck, is also the gateway from karma. Retro positions also contain karmic issues within themselves. And yet, karmic merits and karmic losses are possible. Although Jupiter is benevolent, its negative use can be seen in situations such as exaggeration, tactlessness, selfishness, immorality and arrogance. Every planet has its positive and negative sides, what matters is how we use it. Do we use the good side or the bad side? We have the answer J On September 8, a trine will occur between the Sun and Jupiter (rx). From this point of view, there are opportunities to come from authority figures and developments that will allow some dreams to come true in financial terms. As of September 5, our eyes are bright Venus retrograde ends. We welcome relationships, aesthetics, and small-scale money flows. On August 30, Uranus also returns to Retrograde. We’re under a pretty retro sky. Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are in Retrograde. This sky is not suitable for some maps, but it is a sky for some maps. A sky that is not suitable for the natal charts we call regular, but is useful for the natal charts we call irregular.

Let’s come to the reflections of our rising signs,

Aries: How well do I use my financial resources? It’s time to ask your question. It’s a time to curb yourself over spending and learn to deal with what’s going on. It’s time to reflect on this issue and improve your earnings. Maybe it will force you a little to discover your unknown talents. You can get money from unexpected places. You can complete your unfinished business, projects and get a raise. You can also carry out the communication between you and your spouse without turning it into a competition and without allowing unnecessary conflicts. Remember he is your partner, not your enemy.

Taurus: How do I look from the outside? It’s time to ask yourself the question. In this regard, you have to review yourself, your actions, your attitudes. Those who have weight problems can take a step towards healthy eating. You can use different ways to evaluate the opportunities that come your way. You are in a period in your business life where you need to make an effort. Try to keep good relations with your colleagues during this period. Taurus signs with kidney problems should pay more attention to their health. You may feel reluctant and tired while doing your daily chores. You can start new trainings, you can turn to more than one training at the same time in order to improve yourself. Avoid being overly controlling in the family.

Gemini: Who am I? What am I doing? What is soul? You are in the period when you will ask yourself such questions. You can withdraw into your inner world and question yourself about developing spiritually. It is possible that you will have a peak in your inner world this period. You can observe that you have learned to look at things from a different perspective. You may realize that you have come out of your old mood, you have started to look at things more spiritually, and your awareness has increased. Your intuition is very strong during this period, listen to what you feel and your inner voice. It is possible that you will receive feedback on past or incomplete, unfinished works that concern your business life. You may feel alone in the family. You may want to remove people from your life who do not value you and make you feel incomplete.

Cancer: You are in the period when you question your social circle, your friends, the people you do business with. You can meet your old friends. You are at a time in your business life where you will be noticed, new talents are discovered, and you can get a promotion or a raise. Self-employed people can start working from home Office. It will be in your best interest to stay away from unnecessary arguments in the family. Try to get along with family members as much as possible during this period. Do not get on your nerves about your children. Single Cancers can be drawn to relationships that their families disapprove of. There is an increase in your income from family-based financial ventures.

Leo: How can I develop my career? How can I be better? You are in the period when you will ask yourself such questions. It is possible for you to realize the features of your career that you did not realize about yourself and to discover your hidden talents. Changing your perspective and looking at things from a different perspective will increase your success. If you pay attention to your communication language, do not be irritable and be patient, there will be good changes in your career and an increase in your financial income after Jupiter advanced. It would be beneficial for you to act more rationally in commercial matters in order not to succumb to anger and to act with excessive ambition.

Virgo: You can change your mind in areas such as higher education, academic education, foreign affairs, lawsuits, religious issues, and question your work. If you have experienced a period when you wanted to take a commercial initiative and withdraw, this period is when you see the benefits of withdrawing. Unbelievable opportunities will come your way. The classic Virgo hits the target from exactly 12, thinking about it. Pay attention to your extra expenses this period, do not open up. You will achieve success by taking the steps of the progress you wanted to make in the past in your career field and returning to the forward course of Mercury.

Libra: You are in a period when you need to re-plan your income and expenses in the financial field. Reducing your spending and focusing on paying off your debts will bring you prosperity after Jupiter Retro. If you have long-standing inheritance, alimony, legal cases, it can be resolved. Your spouse needs your support this period. Do not make him feel alone in this matter and let him know that you are always there for him. In your business life, you have a destiny coming from the past. For Libra zodiac signs who want to go abroad or not, there are trips abroad this term.

Scorpio: For all your relationships; What am I doing? What am I doing to deserve this behavior? You are in the period when you will ask yourself such questions. You will review your behavior and relationships in general terms. You are in a period where you will learn to say no and that you cannot be enough for everyone. You will also learn to find the middle ground in your bilateral partnerships. It’s about learning to say I’m in and not to get in your way. You should also learn to build relationships without expectations. Your energy may be low, there may be situations where you put yourself in danger without thinking. Stay away from any risky business in this regard. Pay attention to movement and exercise.

Sagittarius : About your business life; Why am I working harder than anyone else? You are in the period when you will ask such questions to your cat. You will be going through a process where you need to balance your work life. Maybe you will change your job. But without solving this issue, your business problems will not be solved. After you achieve the balance, it is possible to experience positive resolutions in your career life. Traveling abroad with your friends will give you some ideas about business. It is possible that you will experience a widening of vision in this regard. Make sure to have your thyroid hormones tested during this period. This is the time when you need to take care of your pets. It will be in their and naturally your benefit to show your veterinarian about their vaccinations and general health.

Capricorn: Your love life, children, games of chance, lottery will be on your agenda. You are in the period when you need to review these issues retrospectively. An unfinished love story can be completed. You can make plans for the future of your children and their educational life. Especially Capricorns, who have the opportunity to go abroad, will open this issue to evaluation in this period. You can take small hobby getaways to spare time for yourself. You can take a number of initiatives on issues that affect your career life. Some Capricorns can turn their workplace into a home office.

Aquarius: Your home and family will be on your agenda. How can I beautify the environment I live in? I want a new house but how? Or how can I keep my relationships with my family more balanced? You are in the period when you will ask yourself such questions. It seems likely that you will engage in business such as buying, selling, moving, decorating a house. You are in the period where you will make an effort in cases such as passport procedures and visa procedures. You may find it difficult to go abroad, especially. You have a period of time in front of you where you have karmic merits coming from the past in a fateful sense in matters related to your career and financial situation.

Pisces: You are in the period when you need to retrospect the subjects such as commerce, communication, internet, press, advertising, social media, internet shopping. You can direct your initiatives in commercial matters to different areas and by using communication tools more actively, you can expand yourself and your income, and you can progress by appealing to different audiences. You can come to an agreement with your family on joint works and you can take initiatives for credit, debt, etc. to take a step in this regard. Instead of acting superficially, you see the benefits of going deeper.

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