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French Riviera; Saint-Tropez



This time I am writing to you from the heart of the Cote d’Azur, the enchanting Saint Tropez, and its beaches… Because I’m there now ? Located in Southern France, Saint Tropez is a city in Nice. The symbol of love and romance, the scene of many passionate loves, Saint Tropez is one of my favorite and inspirational places. Every time I go, I am refreshed.

It is extraordinarily stylish with its wonderful marina, colorful houses, elegant cafes, and boutiques. This elegance is blended with a strange naturalness.

It is a favorite of people from many parts of Europe and the world. It is a combination of orange, yellow, green, and ultramarine blue.

It got its real fame from Brigitte Bardo in the 1960s. Many of Bardo’s films were shot here and the virginity of this place; When she liked it so much, she settled in Saint Tropez. You can see the historical change in the town from the photos of Alain Delon and many handsome actors. It is also the protagonist of a love dialogue that impressed me a lot:

I opened my phone, which was ringing in the middle of the night, in a sleepy and slightly angry voice. All of a sudden, my whole body was awakened by the hoarse, murmuring, and desire-filled voice. That was the vote!

“I miss you; I want you by my side,” he said.

We haven’t spoken since he left me 2 months ago. In addition to being angry with him, my whole body ached, and my anger began to be replaced by desire. No woman could be like her! Can’t kiss like her! She couldn’t get a man to play with her like that!

“I miss you, come with me!” Who could resist this incredible female who hung up after saying that? While the whole world desires it!

When I got up and said a cigarette or two, I finished the pack and struggled with myself. While driving at full speed to Southern France at six in the morning; While lovingly accepting speed limits between Italy and France, I was thinking of nothing but holding him in my arms. No matter how long it took. I just needed it right now!

Ever since I read these lines from the memoirs of a celebrity, I added love and passion to the description of this charming town. The roads are quite bumpy; The number of times it has been trodden on with love and passion is certainly a very tempting topic to think about! I guess I’m a bit of a love woman and thoughts are always a bit limitless on me ?

I suggest you listen to Linda de Souza’s song ‘Face a Face’ right here. It goes very well on these roads.

I would also like to mention the art galleries and freelance painters in this wonderful resort town. Bel-Air Art Gallery may be the choice of those who follow contemporary art and artists, I recommend it.

Also, the local painters you can see in the marina are not underestimated. Although the painters they influenced are generally Cezanne, Matisse, and Picasso; Saint Tropez-themed pictures will give your environment a permanent holiday ambiance.

It will be the answer to all kinds of searches in boutiques and luxury brands. Navy blue and white are the symbols of this town. You can adapt these colors according to your taste. Now, the question is which airport should be used for Saint Tropez? I recommend Nice Airport for Cote d’Azur. But if you say you must see Provence; starting from Nice, you can choose one of Marseille’s airports for departure. Thus, you can make your holiday in two parts. In another article; I should tell another part of the holiday in the south of France, because each part contains different characters and styles … The subject of love and passion gave priority to Saint Tropez for me. ?

Ilber Ortayli’s book “How to Live a Good Life” was not lost on my hands during the holiday, so I recommend it. “Life and Life are two different concepts. One is the time given to you; the other is how you use it and your choices,” says Ortayli!

No matter what you experience, no matter what processes you go through, if you want to go through an ambiance blended with passion; Why not Saint Tropez your next vacation mode? Once you see, that passion has infected you too! Pourquoi-pas! Everything is energy! And energy is conductive! Kind of like Wi-Fi ?

But do not forget to go! You are the protagonist of your life! And life is dancing gracefully on slippery ground. Let the radiance and happiness descend into your cells among the stylish and wonderful people of Saint Tropez and the Cote d’Azur style! That’s what inspiration is.

Goodbye for now, see you at the next destination …



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