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July 24-30 Week And Venus Retro



We start the week with Venus retrograde. From July 24 to September 03, Venus will retrograde in Leo. A period when we will witness the return of ex-lovers from the most ostentatious to the most flamboyant J We may hear news of sudden marriage or sudden separation in ongoing relationships. When Venus retrograde ends, we will witness these flashy turns deflate like a balloon. It is useful to wait until Venus retrograde ends before making important decisions. Venus is related to issues such as relationship, love, style, fashion, beauty, dating. In this period, we do not recommend situations such as promise, engagement and marriage. Again in this period, we do not recommend activities such as plastic surgery, image change, hair color change, botox. It is beneficial to stay away from any kind of change.

Let’s look at the effects we received this week according to our rising signs,

Aries: Old loves will knock on your door, be ready J But you can start a relationship with a different person who is not your style. The protracted issues regarding your children will be resolved. Aries signs who want children will achieve the result they want. In your business life, the support of Jupiter will be behind you and you will perform well above your potential in business-related matters. This will give you blessings in the future. With Mercury entering Virgo, communication traffic will increase in your business life.

Taurus: Family and home issues will be on your agenda. Your property, unsold property, car, land, whatever you tried to sell and could not sell, may be sold. Stay away from luxury in every item you buy and every shopping you make. You will take new steps in maintaining the balance between your spouse and your children. Issues that you will get the support of your children will come up. If you have hobbies, you can earn money from them. You can get an offer again from the job you left. You can make new decisions about yourself, but these decisions can be put on hold after Retro.

Gemini: During a period when you will experience spiritual tides, you will want to make changes in your plans during Venus retrograde. But after Retro, you will see that this is not suitable at all and you will return to old plans. Your conditions may be changing at the moment, it would be best to keep up with them before taking a step and wait for the retro to end. Avoid making hasty decisions about your children. With divine help behind you, some unexpected events will come your way.

Cancer: It is possible to make peace with friends, family friends or relatives with whom you are open. It is a period when you should pay attention to communication problems related to your career. If you have a troubled relationship, it is likely to end. You can start flirting with someone at work. You are in a period where you have to intervene and solve the events before the tensions in the family grow. It will fall to you to make sacrifices. Watch your spending, don’t buy everything you want. Do not allow your rootstock to be abused.

Leo: Pay attention to communication problems in your business life. With Venus retrograde, the attention will be on you. You will be under the eyes of people both in your private life and in your business life. Problematic situations between you and your siblings, cousins, relatives, neighbors will be resolved. You may receive money towards the end of the month. It’s possible that your old date is coming back. Married Leo signs will end the conflict with their spouses as of the beginning of the month.

Virgo: Your love life, your children, or your problems with having children will come to an end as of the beginning of the month. Spiritually, you may feel stuck and overwhelmed. As of the end of the month, this situation will change and make you stronger. You can learn the tricks going on behind your back, or you can be drawn into secret relationships. You are in a period of financial gain. It is possible that you will make progress in financial matters that you have been waiting for, delayed or have experienced setbacks.

Libra: You will be in a period where you shine in your love life and friendships. You can meet up with old friends and reminisce about the past. It would be better for those who are in a relationship to stay away from sudden decisions and make decisions after Venus retrograde ends. Putting your business in order will increase your income financially.

Scorpio: You are in the period when you will shine in the career field. Unemployed Scorpio signs can receive offers from old workplaces, and you can enter a fast period with the repetition of old business deals. Your circle of friends will expand and this will benefit you in every way. It is possible for you to move or relocate. Avoid making decisions about your marriage during this period. Do not make sudden decisions for situations such as engagement, promise, marriage. You are in a period when you will have plenty of money in financial terms.

Sagittarius: There is mobility in your career and business life. Your love life will be very colorful. Old loves, new loves are at your door J it is possible for Sagittarius zodiac signs, who think about children, to achieve results. You can do business with your spouse. It is in question that your problems related to abroad, academic education, passport, visa, association affairs, elections and NGOs will be resolved. It is possible that you will encounter the repetition of financial assistance to your family. They are asking for financial support from you.

Capricorn: It’s possible that your exes will make a comeback. You may have to wait a while for the steps you will take regarding your career life. You are in a period where you will deal with bank, check, promissory notes, receivables, pay, inheritance, alimony. There may be additional costs related to your family and children. At the end of the month, there may be situations such as foreign-related jobs and partnerships with foreigners. Or Capricorns who have completed their academic education can start a job in a foreign-owned company.

Aquarius: You are in a period where you will make an effort to make financial gains. Problems between your family and your spouse may come up again. You may have to make sacrifices to maintain the balance in between. Additional expenses and expenses related to your children will be on your agenda. You can start a new hobby. This hobby can provide you financial gain in the future. Communication may begin between you and your ex.

Pisces: You are in a period when your business life will be active. It could be a comeback from your old workplace. If you have a chronic illness, it is possible to have an attack during this period. You are in the period when you need to review your daily routine works. It is possible to give financial support to your spouse, and you may spend financially for your bilateral agreements and contracts. You can stay between your partner and your friends. Being with your spouse during this period is important for your relationship.

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