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17-23 July Week And The New Moon In Cancer



We start the week with the sign change of the Lunar Nodes, which takes place every 1.5 years and has fateful effects. The Scorpio-Taurus axis, which is related to the economy, leaves its place to the Libra-Aries axis, which is related to relationships. A new 1.5-year period begins, are we ready? Are we ready to learn the balance of giving and giving in love and relationships? Love requires effort… It is time to say goodbye to everything in our lives that we have compromised, taken but not given, given but not received… This process will teach us to love, it will teach us that love is labor. In short, it will teach us to be us, not me. While the North Node will be in Aries and individuality will come to the fore, the South Node will be in Libra, and those who say yes to everything and say no problem and shut up, will experience harsh and challenging experiences and learn to be an individual, to make decisions on their own, and to say that I am in life.

This semester will teach, educate and teach us about relationships, which are the backbone of life. Globally, military mobility increases. Rather than imposition, the dominance of individuals comes to the fore. On July 17, 2023, a new moon will occur on the fixed star Procyon at 24 degrees Cancer. Procyon is a very important fixed star. In ancient knowledge, it is said that the first Sun of the universe was Procyon. Gives the ability to think quickly, act quickly and make quick decisions. It is effective in the fields of communication, commerce and technology. If you are honest, fair, take care of your rights, Procyon will not put you in trouble in this life. You will always have support. Cancer tells us concepts such as home, family, home, ancestors.

We can say that it is a period when we will be more intertwined with our family and the resentments and resentments will end. In addition, on July 17 there will be Mercury-Jupiter square, July 20 Sun-Neptune triangle and Mars Saturn opposition, July 22 Sun Pluto opposition and Mercury-Chiron triangle. July 23 Moon Nodes-Pluto square has compelling effects, we can think of it as cleaning in every area. Let’s pay attention especially to the times when Mars-Saturn opposition and Sun-Pluto opposition. (-/+ 5 days effective).

Let’s interpret how our rising signs will be affected by these changes in the sky.

Aries: You are in a period when you have to leave behind your unnecessary ambitions and focus on your family and private life. You are in the time period when you need to start a family and take responsibility and show your family that you are on their side in every way. The emotional process you are going through can cause confusion. This may negatively affect your business and academic education. Take care of your health.

Taurus: The new moon in your third house will support you in realizing your initiatives, ideas, plans and projects in matters such as advertising, media, communication and trade. You will take steps to take new trainings or give training. It is possible that your ties with your siblings and close circle will be strengthened. You may not get the financial support you expect from your family. You are in a period when your responsibilities for your children will increase.

Gemini: You have a period of financial relief ahead of you. You can get a job, start a business, get a raise, expand your customer portfolio and earn a significant financial return. Gemini, who has uncertainties in the field of work and career, is in a period when they will see their way and get support in this regard. You can invest in real estate. It is useful to pay attention to the agreements you will make and the people you communicate with during the time period (-/+ 5 days) when the Mercury-Jupiter square is effective.

Cancer: The new moon in your sign will support you in making changes in your appearance and taking care of your health. By empathizing, you can go to fix your broken relationships. You are in the period when you will receive financial and moral support. Pay attention to the problems that may come from your circle of friends in matters related to your job. In this period, it would be in your best interest to act without trusting anyone in matters such as signature and agreement.

Leo : You are in the period when you will get away from your environment, your family, in short, everyone and concentrate on yourself and your research. You will be spiritually renewed and repair your inner wounds. Take care of your health. Health problems related to teeth, bones and skin may cause additional costs. Your family will be very supportive during this period. The competition in your business life will become more evident with this new moon.

Virgo: You are in the period when your luck will open and your wishes will come true. Whether it is your business, career life or academic education life, your environment will change completely. You will meet people who will lift you up and you will be among them. With Mars entering your sign, you have a very busy period ahead of you mentally and physically. In your bilateral relations and partnerships, an uncertain issue that remains on hold will be resolved.

Libra: The exit you will make in your career will make you very happy. The developments you have been waiting for for a long time may come true. You can get support from your bosses. Make sure your work stays at work and your home stays at home. Don’t be stuck between work and family. Possible situations such as moving, marriage, etc. If you have a chronic illness, you can attack during this period, pay attention to your health.

Scorpio: I can hear you sighing with the displacement of the moon’s nodes J The new moon that will take place in your ninth house will bring you innovations in commercial affairs, media, media and education. If you have lawsuits in the legal field, it will be positive. Or the lawsuits you will initiate in the legal field will positively affect your future. Do not allow tension between you and your family regarding your friends and work. Jobless Scorpio can find a job or start a family business.

Sagittarius: While this new moon brings you financial gains, it can also cause you to go beyond the limit in your spending, be careful. You can deal with inheritance, alimony, bank, receivables and make new investments. You can sell real estate and enter more profitable businesses. It may be a surprise for the baby. Good things are possible for your children. In your business life, closets may appear behind you and it is possible to turn in your favor.

Capricorn: The new moon in your 7th house will marry single Capricorns J You are in a period when you will have good developments in your bilateral relations and establish joint ventures. You will complete all your unfinished and unfinished business. You can go on long trips and make the business connections you want. There may be minor problems between you and your family. You can solve the problem by talking without magnifying it and prevent a possible crisis.

Aquarius: It is possible that you will encounter new opportunities and new beginnings in your business life. Aquarius sign people who don’t have a job will go to work. Aquarius who want to start a business will start a business. It is possible that the money you forgot and thought you could not get will come. Take your guard to avoid financial damage from siblings, relatives and close circles.

Pisces: Your love life will be very colorful. Get ready for a new love at your door J You will take time for yourself this period. When you say sports, hobbies, entertainment life, it will be in your best interest not to overdo it. It is possible to be the winner in games of chance without losing control. Pisces who want to have a baby can get positive results. It is possible that you will have difficulties in relationships during the period of Mars-Saturn opposition. In this period, it will be beneficial for you to act without stretching the ropes and without hardening your communication language.

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