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Catching Hope



I woke up to the light today. Around me, there are gardens with all shades of purple, blue, yellow, and green. There are hundreds of birds chirping in the branches of the magnificent trees, the sound is like a piece of a nature documentary. A dog plays hide-and-seek with a city worker cleaning the port, having such fun it makes me smile. I am writing this article from Bodrum Bitez Mansion. There are hundreds of sailboats side by side in the harbor. A white cat is jumping from that boat to this boat. He is fed up with fish, he is looking for a game, as if
he is laughing. Nature as always; is renewed every day. While watching the colorful flowers, gardens, trees, and animals, great hope arises in me…

Nature knows its job, every part of it is renewed, it is a whole in itself and is enlightened again every day. We should also follow nature. Every new day we open our eyes means new hopes. It means we are alive … Hope is hidden in every new day that arises, in our step, in our perspective, in moving forward, in smiling again, hidden in colors, in a cat’s smile, in our every breath, somewhere inside us… It’s a game, it’s like hide and seek; He wants us to bravely come out of our hiding place, to run and catch him, to be awake at every moment, to
embrace the light.

Yes, we all want it in our lives. Where does it work in our lives, how can we find it, and where is this hope hidden? Let’s talk a little. Hope or being motivated by hope is one of the most important steps and tools of positive psychology. Individuals are not only for the present but for the future. They should feed positive thoughts for every positive and negative moment. Because positive thoughts create positive emotions, increase well-being, and help us reach our higher selves. Difficulties in one’s life; violence, bullying, separation, mobbing, etc. It allows us to cope with many bad situations. It activates the individual. It gives you the courage to take a step to reach the lion that lies in your heart. Living with hope brings us to the higher self, the higher self. It allows us to find our goal, plan for it, take steps, and take action. Saying “I want” alone won’t do any good… you have to find your dreams and strive for them. Remember, destiny loves effort. Do not remain stagnant and go on a journey in pursuit of your goals with hope. A person needs to have goals and objectives. It causes them to fall into bad feelings, such as seeing life as meaningless. And for these goals and purposes, as I have mentioned in every article of mine, personal development, and awareness are tremendously important. It will help the individual to know himself, find his strengths, to map his path. When we set our goals, some difficulties in life can keep us away. An inner voice emerges in waves; you won’t be able to, you won’t be able to, never mind, give up, etc. like it can throw you back a lot of fathoms. At this stage, ‘hope’ fixes our psychology to the positive like a
patch and allows us to focus again. Because it will push you to find many different ways to reach your goal, not just one. One of the tools that activate positive emotions in individuals is socialization. The individual has to stay away from social environments. It puts you in a bad mood with low energy such as loneliness, powerlessness, and worthlessness. Social groups, friendships, helping groups, business meetings, etc. Collective conversations activate one’s positive emotions. It increases the sense of belonging and gives energy.

In research, age, gender, race, employment, marital status, health problems, low income, busy work life, etc., states affect the high amount or consistency of life with psychological well- being, positive thinking, and hope. There are many variables in our lives, and they are diversifying. Regardless, it should not be forgotten that It is the architect of many wonderful feelings, such as hope and psychological well-being, holding on to life, happiness, being peaceful, feeling valuable, achieving, progressing, loving, and being loved. It is the key to
development in an individual’s life, family, and society. As a result, considering its great impact on our lives, it is in our best interest to develop a sense of hope and to have it actively in our lives.

Our awareness of this issue should increase. Social seminars, resources on this subject, Tedx Talks, and promising stories can be followed. Let’s take inspiration from nature. Let’s not forget that every fresh breath we take is a miracle itself. Not if we close ourselves. Let’s embrace it so that we can find hope from its hiding place and embrace it… In our world, even if it’s cloudy; cloud and hope are brothers, hope is the child inside us. Find and embrace it!
Stay with the energy of nature, love, and hope…


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