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Week of April 3-9 and Libra Full Moon



April will be a month that will be talked about a lot all over the world and we will be in a period where the foundations of the topics of the coming months and even years are laid. The
solar eclipse we will experience on April 20 will mark the next 6 months. I will also write an article about this eclipse. Mercury, which will enter Taurus on April 3, will want to establish
relationships on a more solid foundation, to provide information exchange and communication in a simpler and more concrete way. Our minds will be more focused on material shopping. We are in a more stable, stubborn period. The shadow side, on the other
hand, indicates that you will act arbitrarily and that there may be some disruptions as a result.Let’s be more meticulous and careful and act in a positive direction. On April 5, the Sun- Chiron conjunction will take place in Aries. Self-sacrifice by revealing hidden truths by being honest, sacrificing yourself for the future of others. Healing the self, distributing healing…

Let’s move on to the Libra full moon that will take place this week. In the chart relative to Washington DC, it takes place on April 6 at 00:34 at 16 degrees Libra. At the time of the full moon, Sagittarius is rising and I can say that we will be optimistic because its ruler Jupiter is also accompanying the full moon. The first full moon after the equinox is also called the pink full moon because of the revival of nature. Jupiter will accompany the full moon. Jupiter, which gives an effect that expands and enlarges the place it touches, will cause new expansions, new ideas and growth in us. The leading signs will be affected the most (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), and those with planetary placements between 13-19 degrees in the leading signs will be under intense influence. Too much aspect of Mercury will provide mobility in communication. It is a productive period before Mercury Retrograde, the last exit before the bridge, important agreement, it is useful to finish the signature works.

When we look at it from Turkey’s point of view, Taurus rises at the time of the full moon that will take place on April 6 at 07:34 at 16 degrees Libra. This means an increase in the search for stability, peace and security. It is only a matter of time before cracked voices emerge from political groups that seem to have come to an agreement. There are some situations, statements, resignations, and the emergence of some secret events related to the ministers. Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Israel, China, Russia we will talk a lot this term.

There is a situation where there will be politically troubling events for the United States, and the sudden emergence of some regulations in the public sphere regarding the military, health and workers. It can be foreseen that it will be a troublesome process in the economic sense and that there will be some regulations due to this situation.

When we look at the general reflection according to the rising signs;

Aries: You will end all relationships that force you, put you in trouble, bore you, and feel used. Legal cases and bilateral agreements will be on your agenda. You are at the time when you want to devote yourself to your family.

Taurus: You are in the period when you will experience endings and completions in matters such as routine daily work, education, business life. You will leave behind every situation that bothers you in these matters.

Gemini: You are in a period where you can solve problems without getting into ego conflicts in your bilateral relations. A new person can enter your life, you can make the relationship official. Your desire for children may come to the fore, and you may have to take care of your children, if any. Your desire to throw yourself into social areas and to be in constant communication may increase.

Cancer: Family and career related issues will be on your agenda. It is a period when you will have to work hard, run and be on the go. You are in a period when you will make a complete or continuation decision in cases related to spouse or partner businesses.

Lion: It is a period when you are open to communication, organization and foreign related works. You are in a period where you are enterprising, aggressive and withdrawn to different business areas.

Virgo: You are in a period where you are very lucky in debt payment, bank and loan transactions. There is a situation where unexpected money will come, and a job that could not be done before is on the agenda again.

Libra: You will want to make decisions about yourself. There are some developments regarding both health and relationships. It seems likely that you will have difficulties in the career field.

Scorpio: You have entered a period of time when you will see fateful developments in the spiritual and karmic sense and in this sense, you will receive fateful support. The problems you have with your business life will come to an end.

Sagittarius: You are in a period when you will be popular in social environments but at the same time you will have problems with your friends. It is a rich period financially. His wife gets a promotion, his wife’s financial situation improves.

Capricorn: Career-related issues will be on your agenda. You can change jobs and head towards different business areas. You are in a period where you will be talked about among your colleagues. There is a change of home, a change of place.

Aquarius: You can turn to foreign-related jobs, you can do online work. New job opportunities may come your way. You are in a period when you are financially supported. You can evaluate your investments, you are in a profitable period in trading.

Pisces: You are in a period when the problems you ignore are coming to the fore. It is a period of time when there are internal conflicts and confrontations and you do not feel comfortable. If you are careful about spending, you will not have much difficulty financially.
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