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Pluto’s Aquarius Journey



Before explaining the effects of Pluto, let’s get to know who is this Pluto? Why? What does it do? Pluto completes one revolution in the zodiac in approximately 250 years. is the upper octave of Mars. It is the planet of obsession, destruction, transformation, power and death. It is related to issues such as illness, secret enemy, black magic, mafia, underground riches. In the Chaldean system, it is included in the group we call trans-Saturn planets. Modern Astrology also rules Scorpio. It is one of the three planets that we call the generation, or collective
planets. Uranus-Neptune-Pluto. These planets form our environmental conditions. They define the society we live in. What environment do we live in? What are the effects we get from this environment? Whether our living
conditions are positive or negative depends on the aspects of the collective planets. It is the heaviest moving planet in the system. It acts very slowly, so its effects are long lasting. We know a little about Pluto. If you ask what will be the effect of Aquarius; Aquarius`; rebellious, never backing down, libertarian, humanist. Aquarius is there to break the rules. Science, technology, astronomy, the internet and the future. Aquarius serves the collective. What do you think will happen to us when Pluto enters Aquarius? It will enter Aquarius on March 23, 2023, go retrograde on May 1, 2023 and return to Capricorn on June 11, 2023. Everything we will experience in this process will be the trailer of the Aquarius Pluto course. Pay attention to what you experience, what changes occur in your life during the three-month Aquarius-Pluto course. Because it is the preliminary rehearsal of the next 20-year process. Pluto will enter Aquarius permanently on January 20, 2024. We have a 20-year cycle ahead of us in which we will experience great technological advances. Pluto-Aquarius; riots, regime changes, depreciation of religious systems. In particular, we will experience a period when those who turn religion into commerce will no longer be in our lives, advanced technologies will be used in war systems, our thinking system
will change and transform, and old systems will be completely destroyed. It will actually eliminate rotten useless systems. Boundaries can be lifted. Because Aquarius is an air sign, there is a possibility of excessive air pollution. However, petroleum-derived fuels may be replaced by technologies that work with electricity and water. Economic reforms, changes in currencies, reform of banking systems. Get ready, nothing will ever be the same. It will easily survive the process that keeps up with the transformation. Pluto will pass over those who oppose the transformation. We should make our self-criticisms, be objective, and keep up with development and change in unity without creating new mixes. As the world evolves into a new system, we must move forward together. We can only get through this painful period in unity, togetherness and support each other.

The year 2023 seems to be quite long.
Saturn will move into Pisces
-Pluto will enter Aquarius

Jupiter will enter Taurus
Lunar nodes will change signs.

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