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The Effects Of The New Moon Of Pisces



On February 20, 2023, there will be a New Moon at 1 degree Pisces. In the moment chart prepared according to the capital Washington DC, the optimistic, tolerant Sagittarius sign is rising. Even if it is out of the sign, the influence of Saturn to the New Moon will cause deficiencies in our lives to catch our eye. There is an intense Pisces accent in the sky. Feelings of love and compassion will be intense, but feelings such as feeling like a victim, playing the victim role, fatalism, connecting everything to God or waiting from God are very intense. It is a time when we are very open to abuse and being abused. ‘In the esoteric sense, 1 degree Pisces; Generous, compassionate, self-sacrificing, sharing thoughts, feelings, desires, property, and material possessions with others, easily deceived, seduced, manipulated, taken with reason and set out with that mind, experiencing frustration at the end of the day. I discussed the effects of the new moon on our rising signs. But these effects are general effects, the main thing is the natal map of the moment of birth.

ARİES: The events behind you, behind the scenes, may be things that are hidden from you. During this period, you may want to retreat and return to yourself. Spiritually, you may feel pressured, bored, trapped. These are very normal. Try to be as extroverted or read a book as possible. Or you can relieve the distress in your soul by meditating.

TAURUS: It is a time when you will be very social. It is a period when you will be in friends, groups, meetings, and you will find support and longing with your friends. You can meet people with whom you are offended or whom you have not met. Adjust the dose of intimacy. It’s good not to be too intimate.

GEMİNİ: Your career and work-related issues will be on your agenda. You can make new beginnings in these matters. Your expectations will be high, but if you act more realistically and in a planned manner, a period awaits you where you will receive support.

CANCER: New beginnings will be on your agenda in subjects such as international travels, foreign-related jobs, foreigners, publishing, higher education. Without straying from the truth, every step you take with your feet firmly on the ground will come back to you in return.

LION: It is a period when you will make new beginnings in matters such as loans, debts, receivables, insurance, spouse’s income. However, pay attention to misunderstandings and misconceptions in material events such as checks, promissory notes, and credits you will sign. If possible, do not lend during this period.

VIRGO: While the new moon in your relationship house brings new beginnings to those who are not in a relationship, it may be possible for those who are in a relationship to take their relationship to the next level. Those who are married will be in a period when they understand the value of each other.

LİBRA: There will be new beginnings about your business life. You can witness new developments about your work life, colleagues, daily work and health. You should change your diet and switch to a healthier diet.

SCORPİO: There are new beginnings in matters such as love, dating, children, art. If we are a Scorpio with an empty heart, love can knock on our door. Beware of cheating and being deceived in love! If we are married, our children or pregnancy may be on our agenda. It is a time when we can spare time for our hobbies or find new hobbies for ourselves.

SAGİTTARİUS: It is a period in which we will make new beginnings in matters such as home, family, home, real estate. Suitable for those who want to buy a house, but beware of being deceived! It is a good period when the hurt in the family can be repaired.

CAPRİCORN: Your agenda will be about education, siblings, relatives. You can start a new training, or you can enroll in a course that you have wanted to study for a long time. Just in time  If you are interested in writing or if you have written articles etc., it is a suitable period to evaluate and make applications related to it.

AQUARİUS: Your agenda will be money. You are in a lucky period in terms of new earning doors. You can take new steps in making money. Beware of cheating and being deceived.

PİSCES: An important new moon awaits you Pisces ascendant. The changes you will make in yourself mentally and physically will have positive results. It’s a good time to start whatever you want to do about yourself.
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