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The lord of karma, Saturn will enter Pisces on March 7, 2023 and will continue to travel in Pisces for about 3 years until February 14, 2026. The ruler of time, Saturn, completes one tour in the zodiac in 28-29 years. . It tells both the debts from our past lives and the debts registered in our genetics. It is also a mirror of our past lives. Whichever house and sign Saturn is placed in our natal chart, the reason for our coming back to this world is there. What do we need to learn on this journey? Why did we come to life? The answer to such questions is hidden in the placement of Saturn in our chart. The aspects taken by Saturn are; It tells us under what conditions this rebirth will take place and what we will encounter here. We experience our first Saturn cycle between the ages of 28-30. Saturn puts it seal to this period. Whatever we have done until this age, it will pay off in return. In short, we reap what we sow. Saturn says “you must be in the acceptance of everything”. How mature a soul is; It tells the placement of Saturn in the chart. If we have succeeded in taking responsibility and lovingly accepting without blaming others, we have taken the first step towards spiritual maturation.

Pisces is the 12th so last sign of the zodiac. İt is the epitome of mercy , its intuition is strong. . İt tells about topics such as beliefs, addictions, imagination and surrender. Jupiter and Neptune, which rule Pisces, are also related to beliefs. The ego starting with Aries; It disintegrates and disappears with Pisces. The shadow side of Pisces; to be in victim psychology, the bright side is universal love, compassion and purity. Depends on how the
person uses it

Let’s come to Saturn’s journey in Pisces; I call it divine justice. . I will have sad news for those who expect Saturn to soften and become like cotton in Pisces. . On the contrary, Saturn will give what deserves to those who deserve it. If Pisces mean unlimited, Saturn limits, you think about the rest.. Yes Pisces Saturn will challenge us all, some less, some more, this will of course reveal scenarios that will change depending on what we have done in the past. And these scenarios will surely teach us a lot. This is Saturn, its purpose is to teach. It forces you
until you learn, and the rewards come after you learn…

We will draw boundaries for ourselves in the house where Saturn is in our natal chart. We will suppress our dreams, our emotions, our desires. We will fall into a certain mold in those matters. . Drawing borders to the area where we don’t have borders, here is where the trouble will start. We may feel alone and powerless. Maybe we’ll fall into a feeling of guilty, we will face our fears. All of these will be the teachings necessary to complete the deficiencies of our soul, to file its excesses, that is, to move forward on the path of evolution. Let’s go back and
think about the events we lived between 1993-1996. What did we experience? What has changed in our lives? Similar events in those years will be on our agenda.

Some truths that are hidden in religious matters in the world may come to light. Sects, congregations and foundations will be on the agenda. Problems with waters and seas will arise. Saturn will have the last word for those who use religion and trade religion. Everything that starts with Saturn Pisces will end with Saturn Pisces. There may be some changes regarding the borders of the countries. In fact, we should think of it as a closure and preparation for the new. I would like to end my article with a quote by Şems that I love very much; ‘’Don’t necessarily look for heaven and hell in the future. Both are available here now. Whenever we manage to love someone without any self-interest, calculation or bargaining, we are in heaven. . Whenever we get into a fight with someone; we get involved in hatred, envy and hatred, we will fall upside down into hell” ŞEMS-I TABRIZI

Julide IYIT

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