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Mythological Gods and a Seaman:
Captain Havana



Hello everybody,


In a new year that we embrace with great hopes, I wish everyone a joyful day full of happiness, adventure, and discovery. In this article, I would like to write about the sea gods in Greek Mythology who came to the aid of sailors. From Poseidon to the wise Nereus, these gods are known for their strength, wisdom, and courage, and are often called upon to help or protect those who face the dangers of the sea. Poseidon’s son, Triton, had the ability to control waves and sea creatures, calming the storms and protecting sailors from danger while navigating.


Glaucus was also Poseidon’s son and would rescue fishermen and divers in times of danger. Oceanus was the father of the sea gods and river nymphs and was tasked with protecting all sailors. The sea gods in Greek mythology were powerful and mysterious figures associated with the power and danger of the ocean. Who knows, maybe after reading this article, the next time you take a walk by the sea, enjoy the waves or cruise, you will take a moment to remember the benevolent sea gods in Greek mythology. In continuation of my article, I would like to share with you the story of the mysterious “Captain Havana”, a professional sailor who does his job for all travel and sea lovers, and also the tour guide on extraordinary routes.


While inviting all sea lovers to deep blue cruises with sails that he opens up to freedom and his endless energy on his boat named “Havana”. He also enthusiastically blends his experiences with the colorful, lively, and exotic
countries he visits, each with a different culture, and presents it to all travel enthusiasts. He takes them on a fairy-tale journey by presenting them sincerely. There is almost no route in the world that he has not traveled. He is quite well known in Cuba and they love him very much.

They greet him by saying “Captain Havana has arrived.” It is the result of his profession, which he successfully reflects his knowledge and experience in a way that everyone will envy, and his sailing training, which he has done by giving both as a hobby and a professional way, is the result of his well- equipped cv. After
reading his story, I am sure that you’d like to meet him and follow him with pleasure. Let me tell you the short story of Captain Havana. The mysterious Captain, who was born in Istanbul, graduated from Galatasaray High School, a highly respected school, and received Cultural Heritage training at Istanbul University during the pandemic process. Being a professional tour guide, which started as a hobby during university, has made him “Captain Havana” today. His impressive character, his passion for his job and his native speaking of French,
English and Spanish made him adapt to every culture he was concerned about. When you see Captain Havana, you feel like you are in the middle of a movie set… Oh, Captain! the song comes to your mind all of a sudden 🙂

My first encounter with the sea was at Kucukyalı beach in Istanbul. My grandfather lived on his boat in Fenerbahçe and did not have a home. I am trying to follow in his footsteps. This September, I crossed the Mediterranean for the third time in my own little sailboat. I have been on boats and visited the most interesting geographies of the world; The Panama Canal, the Strait of Magellan, the Suez Canal, the Corinth Canal, the Strait of Malaka, the Strait of Messina, Hawaii… I have chartered sailboats in the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

I have been on catamarans many times in Cuba and Zanzi Bar. I am a licensed athlete from the sailing federation and also have a professional ship captain’s license. I cruise on the Greek islands for 3 months in summer on my own boat. I travelled to 65 countries with my groups. The number of days I spend on my own boat exceeds the number of days and nights I spent at home. I live in my grandfather’s way in blue passion.” says Captain Havana and he continues:

Being a professional sailor; It starts with people who love nature by respecting it, you try to learn everything with the respect you have for it, and you are constantly trying to progress as a career.”  When we asked about the difficulties he experienced while sailing; “The most challenging situation; “When the sailing team or friends next to you start to get negative in bad weather conditions and start to demoralize, this situation can lead people to make wrong decisions.” When he says it, the movie “In the Heart of the Sea” comes to mind all of a sudden. The men were thrown into the sea and the struggle…. And when I asked, he jokingly said:

“I didn’t think about it,” he says with a wink. Of course, we laugh…:)  When I ask him if he has a dream of living on a boat in the future, let’s listen to his own comment: “I am making preparations to live permanently on my boat that I brought myself from the Spanish and French border in August. I will be able to do it very soon. “The number of overnight I stay on the boat is higher than the number of overnight I stay at home,” he says. Our questions continue:

“How much space can you give to sailing in your life in your busy work schedule? “Sailing is a passion, a love… Because of this love that is not worth money, I haven’t accepted a job in the summer months for 12 years, and I dedicate myself only to my lover.” Hmmm… he has a girlfriend; we understand that at the end of
the interview 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading the story of Captain Havana.

In my next article, I will share with you the peaceful and colorful world of the Aegean Sea, a magnificent blue cruise route, and the hidden paradise of Greece, Symi.

Here’s my poem;

How can he trust the tricky sea
Reminding him of those who
Betrayed him in the very distant past?
Sailing towards his inner soul
Without navigation
Following his own senses,
Remembering the vision of that woman dancing over his mind
Not very sure if to see her again or not,
In the middle of the brume looking for a sign,
Gazing at the Erne flying over the mast,
Meeting zephyr, 
He hugs the answer, perchance.
May the sunshine not be missing from your heart,

Hope to see you in the blue,

Banu Demir

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