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People of Another World



Hi guys,
I’m Melda Sherman.  I’m a writer.
Let me start by saying that explaining yourself and being understood correctly in this world is the hardest part of the job. I am an adventurer. I live in Boston and now I’m starting to write for ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS. My first novel, Migratory Birds, was published in America and showed good success. It met with the readers from many countries around the world through and Barnes & Noble sales points.  It’s on its way to becoming a Hollywood production now, and it was scripted for it.  I have a story book titled “Everything Will Be Beautiful”, which was previously published in Turkey, and poems published in America. I have been working on immigration for years. My column is called “People of Another World”; I will be here with interviews and migration stories. Every person is a world and a rich imagination, and we are all connected by a thread. Having strong ties is knowing the culture of the other person and being able to empathize with their feelings. My Migratory Birds book was written in 4.5 years, and I went through a long research process. Dozens of interviews and historical studies, the point I have reached in each of them is this: Although people’s appearances, times and cultures are different, their feelings are common.
I would like to thank ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS for giving me the opportunity to express myself. 
In my next article, I will be here with a wonderful guest from a very different country and culture. A little
chapter from my book, goodbye.
“Life is like running a marathon.
 You always have company on this marathon.
 Sometimes you fall behind,
 Sometimes you get ahead, and
 Those who are with you change.
 When this happens, stay calm,
 Say goodbye to those who leave, and welcome those who come.
 This is the secret of a happy and peaceful life!
 Accept it!”  

  ——Migratory Birds

   Melda Sherman
   Instagram: messerman
   Facebook: Melda Sherman

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