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Writing Is Healing



I begin to my article by telling you that I am in such a place… I hope you will see it someday.


I write to our newspaper from Bodrum, Turkey. This is the capital of colors, one of those inspiring places. It’s a peninsula, thus you can reach the blue waters, whether you go right or left. There is healing on its shores, you can inhale the iodine and its smell in every breath you take. Greens overflowing from the hills drop a curtsy to the sea, the places where the shade falls on the sea are green. The alleys seethe with bougainvillea at every corner. I am in such a place, which is inspiring, exhilarated and exhilarating.

I am reunited with you under the inspiration of the extraordinary beauty of the geography I live in and the love of writing. That’s exactly what I want to talk about, I want to tell you the miracle of writing.

All the physical reality we see around us is different vibrational fields. The whole of these areas constitute life. Our mind is constantly interacting with this energy field. It surrounds and embraces us like a mother’s womb. This vibration field also lives off us, as we live off it. Our thoughts, feelings, all the emotions we experience with a great intensity come back to us in vibrations. In short, the more positive we think, the more we turn our field into positive one, and the more negative we think, the more our life is affected from it. Because our mind structure turns our thoughts into reality like a giant magnet, thus, we have to program our vibration field according to the experiences we want to experience. Therefore, it is very important to think positively.

But how will we manage to keep our moods happy all the time when our minds are filled with
negative, traumatic memories of the past in our subconscious? First of all, we need a healthy
discharge to fill it with positive thoughts. In order to put new flowers in a pot, we have to
throw out the old ones. At this point, I suggest you write regularly every day. People, who write about their emotional experiences and traumas, feel happier and less anxious after a while. When you experience this, you will see that you are experiencing miracles. Keep a notebook for all your ‘distant past and recent negative memories’. Keep a notebook “from me to myself” and be honest with yourself. Without judging yourself, just write, write your feelings down. Don’t focus on the spelling rules or what to write, relax your fingers and
wrists. Just write down with all your heart. As each of your negative memories is written, you will be relieved and unburdened your heart. It is not about what are you going to do with those you were written, it is about the opportunity to take a look at your inner world and feelings, as if you are a bystander.

Write down your expectations from life in the same notebook. For example,
I choose a peaceful love, I love, and I am loved…
I deserve someone who will come into my life and make me feel what it means to be truly loved…
I am healthy, competent, precious…
I make money easily, I’m where I want to live…
I am under protection, I am safe… etc.

The bond between the universe and the person returns to the person with the flow of energy. It’s called the law of attraction. Imagine in your mind the most beautiful things that you think about yourself about how and where you want to live. The universe will do its duty. The happy vibrations you emit will embrace the frequency that surrounds you and come back to you.

Writing is healing, it’s a kind of magic. It’s a nice way to try out for your little, big dreams. Let each sentence be the wind you take behind you, let the lines go with full sail… Discover yourself on your journeys and wake up to the awareness of your passions and travel freely in the oceans.

Sociologist/Life Coach
Training and Student coach/ NLP Specialist

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