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From the moment we are born and throughout our lives, every individual has a common desire: to achieve happiness. The goal is apparent in all times and societies. So, what are the ways to achieve this happiness? It would be easier if happiness had a mathematical formula, like everything else, wouldn’t it? However, I can say that there are shortcuts to achieving the goal of happiness.

It is precisely our emotions that keep us from our happiness, that sometimes push us away and sometimes bring us closer to it. From the first moment of our existence, our subconscious is a system that brings everything together and records in our minds at any moment without making a positive-negative, good-evil distinction. Some of our negative memories are also coded in our subconscious as negative emotions. First and foremost, our negative emotions such as worthlessness, lovelessness, insecurity, weakness, and the like, which settle in our system over time, accompany our unhappiness. The most important of these is worthlessness because it prevents us from loving ourselves.

Such negative emotions cause us to make some mistakes in our society, our family, which is the smallest building block of society, our workplaces, and our communication with our friends. Those who carry these feelings try to gain the affection of other persons with the effort of receiving applause and approval and the hunger for appreciation. They also have a hard time saying ‘no’. If you are observing such behaviors in yourself, I strongly recommend you include some affirmations in your life, which I call ‘shortcuts to happiness’. Those who are in the advanced stage should receive professional help, of course. But most of us are capable of making our lives easier and feel better with some small effort. For example, writing some ‘life affirmations’, breathing therapies, meditation, spending time in nature, and similar positive energy search efforts will definitely work. Like a sort of communication wizard, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) is also among the resources that will help you. You can increase your energy with all these affirmation methods. You can reprogram your behaviors positively in many areas, such as education, health, family, management, business life, sales-marketing, and sports.

We all may have negative feelings. But we can change those feelings and transform them. The only thing that doesn’t change is the change itself. How do these feelings make us feel, and where do they hide in us? Let’s find them first and then accept them. Remember, those who do not accept their shadow cannot love themselves. First, let’s get them out of their hideouts one by one. We can turn every negative emotion we find and accept into a positive one over time.

The important thing is our self-esteem, increasing our awareness of loving ourselves. We don’t have to be perfect. Just don’t lose yourself to gain the affection of others. It is healing energy; take care of yourself. You can always find a light to hold on to somewhere inside you. As long as you want to look, you will see your strengths… There is no despair in life; it is in you, and you can change it and turn it into a positive feeling. Now it’s your turn to be a hero; write your own ‘TRANSFORMATION HEROISM’ story. Take care…


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