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The most beautiful island your eyes have ever seen, The Land of Wood and Water, Jamaica

{:en} When I traveled to Jamaica, I thought about how much forest and water there is on this island. Xaymaca, the first name given here by the Arawaks, the island's natives, means "land of trees and water". Over time, it...

**Seagulls in Miami**

{:en} Seagulls, lovers of the sea, Burning with passion, The sky of Miami... At sunset, it turns into a blazing inferno, This city as furious as arena bulls, The deep wound of my heart, blood red... As for me, I'm inside my shadow, In the candlelight, I've...

A pleasant life journey…

{:en} According to the valuable philosopher Stefana D'Anna, the first condition for a pleasant life journey is light... I always use art to lighten up and shake off the world's dust. He is like my best friend, in every field of...

Sleep Better With Yoga

{:en} Like everyone else, I have sleep disorders from time to time. It is easy to attribute this to a spiritual mechanism; feel like you are stressed, you are sad, you are busy with work, and you seem to be...

Food Intolerance and Elimination Diet

{:en} When evaluating nutritional status, it should be taken into consideration that each individual's metabolism is different and that their body may react differently to different foods. Genetic, environmental, socio-economic conditions, intestinal barrier integrity, presence of dysbiosis, exercise, hormone levels,...

6th July New Moon in Gemini and 1-15th July General Effects

{:en} Hello everyone! On July 6, 2024, there will be a New Moon at 23 degrees Gemini according to the Sidereal Zodiac Hipparcos Ayanamsa. Those with planets at 22-23 and 24 degrees according to the Sidereal Zodiac Hipparcos Ayanamsa in their...

My soul missed you darling

{:en} For days with no end; Hungry and thirsty, I was without poetry and you... My heart imagining; The memory of your hands, Touching me with love, Shaky and slowly caressing my tanned skin... Your blue eyes looking tenderly, begging for mercy, And surrounding us is a thousand...

People of Another World IX by Melda Sherman

{:en} Melda Sherman / ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS  Melda Sherman: Hello, can you tell us a little about yourself? What is your name? Marcela Hampel: My name is Marcela Hampel and I am an immigrant in the USA. Currently, a citizen of this great...

Capricorn Full Moon Week

{:en} A full moon occurred in Capricorn on June 22, at 04:08, and the effects of this full moon will last for 2 weeks. The full moon is in the Earth element sign and can bring issues such as government,...

A Collection Story: So Fifi!

{:en} Hello Arttmodernmiami readers! In this article, I will tell you about a collection story and the inspirations that created it. Everything comes from life. In this article, I will give you a collection story and my inspiration: I have learned many...

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