Triple Evil Eye Bead

ARTIST: Naile Bozkurt
WORK SIZE: 35 X 70 cm
PRICE: $800

The evil eye is the evil energy emitted by the eye.
The Eye of Horus, the god of the sky in ancient Egypt, symbolizes a power that sees and protects everything. It is known that eye-shaped evil eye bead has been found in excavates since the 1300s BC.

The evil eye bead, which is thought to get its blue color from the sky god, is one of the most important symbols of Turkish culture. Although it is a superstitious belief from the period of shamanism, it has been widely used and loved by the Turkish society until today. It is believed that the blue colored bead protects the living and nonliving things that people have from the evil eye (bad energies coming from the evil gaze.) It is believed that the evil eye, which is thought to arise from feelings of jealousy and envy, as well as excessive love, comes out of the eyes and reaches a person, animal or object. The only way to protect yourself from this negative power is to keep the blue bead in your body or at home. In other words, it is believed that it is to oppose the eye with the eye.

DYE USED: Lahore indigo blue. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea. It signifies trust, loyalty, wisdom, self-confidence, reason, faith, truth, and heaven.

MATERIAL: Handmade raw paper

WORK TECHNIQUE: The art of marbling is the traditional art of the Turks, which has been made since the 9th century. In 2014, UNESCO accepted the art of marbling as the intangible cultural heritage of the Turks. This work is made with the sandy marbling technique of the classical marbling art (marbling Turkish paper).

The artist was born in 1960, has two children and is retired. The artist, who has been making marbling art since 1998, is the owner of Kapadokya Naile Art Gallery. She opened 53 domestic and international exhibitions. She is an intangible cultural heritage carrier registered in the inventory of the Turkish Ministry of Culture. She renews the patterns of this traditional art in a contemporary and modern style and applies them to different materials. So, her arts appeal to people who have a different flavor of pleasure. While the art of marbling used to be a paper art used in book binding, the artist has now carried the art to other dimensions by applying it to
many materials such as ceramics, silk, leather, glass, and wood. She paints up to 2 meters in size with the marbling technique.


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