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We want to know people who benefit the whole (world). People all over the world need inspiration, science, goodness and reminders that beauty can be. ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS started its interviews with Turkish people who are proud and inspiring. Because we want to know and introduce people who will inspire us with their success and courage.

Our first interview was with Professor Dr. Mehmet Kocak from Chicago Rush University, the vice president of Research in the Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Department. He is a Neuroradiology Specialist and a very valuable doctor who has received an award in his field. He took his precious time and answered our questions. As ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER, we thank you

—ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: Mr. Mehmet, you work in the field of “Neuroradiology” at Chicago Rush University. What is “Neuroradiology”?

—PROF. DR. MEHMET KOCAK: It is a branch of science related to the imaging of the central nervous system, also called advanced imaging. We also apply biopsy and pain treatments under imaging as interventional radiology.

—ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: What is your field in “Neuroradiology”?

—PROF. DR. MEHMET KOCAK: My specialty is brain tumors and functional imaging. Performing pain treatments under imaging and performing a biopsy are also within my scope.

—ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: Where did you work before Rush University and what year did you come to America? What was the reason behind you making this decision? (Like school or invitation.)

—PROF. DR. MEHMET KOCAK: After graduating from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, I started my specialization training in the Nuclear Medicine Department of the same faculty. After completing my specialization here, I started working in the USA in 1995 by passing the necessary exams for doctors to work.

—ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: We heard that you have received an award in your field. Can you tell us a little about it? Does the Turkish Ministry of Health know the award you received?

—PROF. DR. MEHMET KOCAK: It was an award related to functional MRI in imaging of the motor cortex. It is an award given to young scientists by the American Society of Neuroradiology.

—ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: You studied medicine at Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine. Do you know of any other doctors from Capa’s school working in your field? If not; Are you being the first as a Turkish doctor?

—PROF. DR. MEHMET KOCAK: Many doctors from the Capa’s school work very successfully in different states of America.

—ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWSPAPER: I am sure you have made many sacrifices to reach the point you have come to. Can you give a couple of examples of these?

—PROF. DR. MEHMET KOCAK: Being a doctor in a foreign country requires constant and disciplined work.

—ARTTMODERNMIAMI GAZETE: Last question 🙂 How does Dr. Mehmet Kocak spend 24 hours?

—PROF. DR. MEHMET KOCAK: I get up at 5 am every morning, it takes me half an hour to reach the hospital. CT and MRIs taken need to be read and evaluated in a timely manner. On some days, we exchange consultations and academic information with fellow doctors from other branches at academic meetings. Even if the evening shift ends at 17.00, it may be necessary to interpret the images of important cases that can be taken until 10 pm.

—ARTTMODERNMIAMI GAZETE: We thank Dr. Mehmet Kocak very much and wish him continued success.

He graduated from Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine. Currently he is Professor of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Vice President of Research, Director of the Neuroradiology Fellowship Program and Advanced Imaging Fellowship Program at Chicago Rush University Medical Center.

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