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‘’ Forgiveness ‘’



Things that seem like they will never end will one day come to an end.

Time that seemed long and boring to you as a child,

When you grow up, you don’t understand how it was.

The buildings you enlarge with your child’s eyes shrink,

All the streets you thought you’d get lost in will become memorized,

You want to get lost; you can’t get lost.

You want to get lost,

So many people you thought were invincible,

One day you realize that you have evolved into a world where you are defeated.

Those you see as unreachable become your companions one day.

You despair as if you will never lose those closest to you.

But once upon a time, you didn’t even have the opportunity to miss them.

You postpone time, longings, embraces…

Next thing you know,

You are alone.

Now the dream is real,

He’ll never be the same again,

And they blend together in a way that you can never separate them again.

What life will you go to bed at night and wake up to in the morning?

I don’t know who knows yet…

But what I had in mind was different when I set out on this path.

Now I walk on roads I don’t know and take detours I don’t know.

I am with an inner voice that says, “The previous ones have been tried too many times.

New experiences prepare me for other opportunities.

Preceded by countless regrets and millions of blows,

I grew up all alone.

Now I’ve designed everything for you,

And the time is coming when you will be grateful to me,

says your essence.


It’s time to go home.


Dear readers, we are all born crazy. We lose this madness with what is imposed on us and taught to us as we live. Rules, right, wrong, religion, social pressures, and many more.

Sometimes we are forced to digest what we go through. We carry the burden of forgetting the madness.

In the order in which we live, the sanctions of religion put human life in a certain order. In contrast, the violation of these sanctions causes the order that it offers for the benefit of human beings to be disrupted. In the end, people feel guilty for the sins they commit or are labeled as sinners in society. It is for this reason that man seeks to atone for his sins.

Every human being blames himself in some way unnecessarily because guilt is a feeling that belongs to our childhood and demands “atonement”. For our adult state, there is “regret”, which is a life lesson that matures us and carries us forward by making amends, if any…

In childhood, guilt is felt as an inner voice condemning, blaming, and criticizing oneself, and over time it devalues oneself and forces one to do “penance”.

Not only in religions of divine origin but even in religions without a belief in God, the need to be cleansed of sins has been felt. The equivalent of this is atonement. The meanings attached to sins differ in all of them.

When Caravaggio, an important painter who made a breakthrough with the use of light and shadow in the Baroque period, thinks about what he experienced in his paintings resembling a movie frame; the question of whether he painted justice, murder, death, death, redemption, has always been and will always be occupied.

Redemption is perceived as a new beginning after salvation, and forgiveness.

Now you may be questioning why I am talking about “Atonement”. However, when the time came, we all went through these feelings…It was time to put something out on this path I set out on as someone who struggled with them, to pour out what was inside me.

This month I am here with a different content for ArtTmodernmiami. About my designs, my products, my purpose of production, and where I evolved…

We all love handmade products produced by craftsmen who have spent years in their profession, with meticulous and meticulous craftsmanship. Because while traditional handicrafts are passed on to new generations by their masters; handmade products contribute to the preservation and survival of these cultural values.

In the production of my designs at Kamil Çakır Studio, I have preferred an interdisciplinary journey in which art and craft are involved.

It was an indescribable happiness for me to feel that each emerged product was produced individually for you and in limited numbers. For this reason, after a long process of 2 years, I feel ready only now and I am presenting you with my designs that I have made it my mission to work on one by one.

”, which can mirror my journey, the feeling I want to give; blended with production, color, technique, and process. I’d like to introduce you to “Atonement”.

This is my way of doing penance. My way of communicating with life, with people. If you ask if it worked, yes, it worked for me.

While trying to use unique and different materials and techniques, on the one hand, I drew a road map, dear readers, where I can remain more independent and handle the troubled processes reflected in the production within myself.

My focus has always been on people. I wanted to raise a voice with sustainable, non-toxic, non-continuous living space products that enthusiasts can add to their collections.

I don’t know whether it is the effect of nature or not, wood has always been my favorite material. It is like a human; it is hard, soft, lively, surprising, multi-layered, and shapeable. It is indispensable for our living spaces.

You can see all the pains, regrets, joys, sorrows, deaths, loves, and sins I have experienced in the damaging blows, gradual carvings, obvious defects, and motifs I created in disorder.

In my designs, which I call Redemption, I tried to create products with a dramatic effect that can be felt by touching, both visually and sensually.

I used iron, which is a hard and durable industrial material, in the skeleton that carries the main body of my designs, referring to the upright stance and balance against life. This was very suitable for the main idea of my designs. 

We know that fabric is very important in designs that are compatible with human life and comfort. That’s why I went to the fabric company I work for many times. Thanks to them, they hosted me very well. After sifting through the fabrics that I had set aside as possible, finally; a white fabric, a combination of 100% pure linen and cotton with an irregular, coarse but well-woven surface, blew my mind.

I thought that the feeling of white upholstery fabric would be the manifestation of a clean, pure new beginning after penance in my designs.

Accessories were a must. Like the salt and pepper of life… I chose to entertain the users with details that were not boring and a bit toy-like. All of them were put together by hand, embroidered, painted, and sewn. A 2-year process with a small group but mostly with my own hands was finally completed.

This was a process that I thought would never end, accompanied by prolonged pain, sleepless nights, and a lot of sleepless nights.

I hope you will like my sincere handmade products, which are not smooth, perfect, flawless designs, but damaged, ups and downs, far from perfect, like life itself.

With respect to art and craft.

Ha…. By the way, I almost forgot to ask:

Have you done penance? How did you understand and pay the penance?

Kamil Çakır

Instagram: kamilcakirstudio

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    Yine çok samimi, içten ayrıntılarda sadelikten uzaklaşılmamış, derinlikli ve çooook keyifli bir yazı olmuş.
    ‘Kefaret’ işlerini bir sergiyle insanlarla buluşturabilseydik keşke…


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