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15-22 April Week Horoscopes



We start the week with the Moon in Cancer. It may be a week where our emotions will be at the forefront and we will focus on family and spirituality. We can catch good luck and opportunities on April 18-22, when the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. At the same time, there will be a conjunction of KAD and Venus in Aries, which indicates the good opportunities offered to us. If you consider the good offers that may come this week, we can get good results. Now let’s come to the comments specific to the zodiac signs.

Aries and Rising Aries 

You start the week with the Venus KAD conjunction in your sign. You are in a lucky week when it comes to relationships, it is possible to meet someone new. While you focus on family and home issues this week, you will also want to enjoy life and spend time with children. Your daily routine will keep you busy on the weekend.

Taurus and Rising Taurus

You start the week by bringing clarity to the issues that concern you. Your emotional communication with your close circle and some issues related to your family will be on the agenda. At the same time, the weekend is the ideal time to enjoy life and have fun.

Gemini and Rising Gemini

You are having a lucky start to the week with your circle of friends and your dreams. While you focus on financial matters in the middle of the week, you can also communicate with your close circle and make short travel plans. You will want to spend time with your family on the weekend.

Cancer and Rising Cancer

At the beginning of the week, you may find good opportunities in your business and career life. Rate this. You may want to do something related to yourself and settle financial matters. You may also want to take a short trip towards the weekend and stay in touch with your close circle.

Leo and Rising Leos

You may find good opportunities related to foreign matters next week. However, you may want to turn inward and think a little. At the same time, by mid-week, you may want to determine your goals and discipline financial matters, income, and expenses.

Virgo and Rising Virgo

Good opportunities regarding joint income await you at the beginning of the week. While your career and business life are on your agenda, you may want to meet with close friends and have a good time. You may want to spend some time alone at the weekend, think and decide.

Libra and Rising Libra

You have the opportunity to catch good opportunities in the field of marriage and relationships next week. Issues related to foreign affairs, education, and publishing may be on the agenda, and although some issues in the field of business and career may keep you busy, you have the opportunity to have a good time with your friends towards the weekend.

Scorpio and Rising Scorpio

You say hello to a week in which you will find good opportunities in the business and working environment. First of all, issues related to joint income will be your attention. Although your foreign affairs, travel, and education plans are on your agenda in the middle of the week, you can focus on business-related issues towards the end of the week.

Sagittarius and Rising Sagittarius

You have a week ahead of you where you will find good opportunities in relationships and love. Even though you focus on matters related to marriage and partnership, your payments and bank credit affairs will be at your attention in the middle of the week. At the same time, issues such as foreign affairs, education, and publishing are on your agenda this week.

Capricorn and Rising Capricorn

There are good opportunities in home and family matters this week. You can start the week with daily routine tasks and health-related issues. You can have a more beautiful and emotional week in marriage and bilateral relations. At the same time, you can focus on issues related to joint income.

Aquarius and Rising Aquarius

You may take short trips this week and receive good news from your close circle. After a few days when you want to focus on your love life and enjoy life, you can focus on work and daily routines. At the end of the week, you can make some decisions regarding bilateral relations and joint ventures.

Pisces and Rising Pisces

You may find good opportunities in financial matters this week. A week where you will have a good time with your family is waiting for you. At the same time, you may want to enjoy life and focus on your hobbies. You may want to put your daily routine in order on the weekend.

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