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General Comments For the Week of January 1-7



We start the first day of the year with a Venus-Saturn square. We can talk about a difficult process in relationships and financial matters. We may have difficulty feeling love. We can question the love of the other person. During this period, we can get through this process without being exposed to the negative effects of the angle by fulfilling our responsibilities and, if necessary, leaving our comfort zone. On January 1, Jupiter ends its Retro motion and begins its direct motion. On January 3, Mercury ends its Retro motion and begins its direct motion. Communication will flow more easily. The Venus-Jupiter quincunx will take place on January 3. We are in a period where we should not have too much expectations in bilateral relations. On January 5, Mars will begin its journey in Capricorn. We are in the process of completing and clarifying everything that has been postponed and unfinished with this journey and coming to a conclusion. At the same time, a period full of logic awaits us… The Sun-Chiron square will take place on January 6. Scabby wounds may bleed again. We may experience spiritual difficulties.

Let’s talk about our rising signs and see what awaits us this week in general.

ARIES: The money that needs to come can be prevented from coming by some tricks behind secret doors. You’re probably guessing this more or less. Again, there may be some initiatives and approaches from your open enemies that cause you trouble. You may feel coldness between you and your partner, this is a temporary effect. You may also question his love for you. With Mars moving into Capricorn, you are in a period where you can approach things more seriously and realize that you need to hold on tightly to your responsibilities. It is possible that you will experience some emotional situations at the weekend that may affect your career life, but are entirely related to your own inner world.

TAURUS: There may be situations related to your social life and circle of friends that will cause you financial difficulties. You may receive hindrance from people from whom you expect support. You have a difficult process ahead of you regarding your taxes, banks, loans and payments, but if you manage this process wisely, you can get through it without any damage. If you have processes where you need to make decisions, it would be better to leave them to the weekend. It will be beneficial for you to leave your important decisions to the weekend, as this will be the period when you can make more logical, grounded and solid decisions for the future.

GEMINI: You are in a period where you may have difficulties regarding your bilateral relations, partnerships, spouse and career. You may question your spouse’s love for you, but remember that it is a temporary process so do not make things difficult. There may be disruptions and delays in your joint work. You may experience some difficulties in your career life. Pay close attention to your communication language. You may feel unhappy and stuck in your love life. It will be good for you to be alone for a few days as it will be a temporary situation. It is possible to confront your secret enemies.

CANCER: If you have travel plans, there may be disruptions and delays. This is a period when those who have exams etc. need to be very careful. Reflecting your home-related problems into your business life may put you in trouble. You may encounter hostile attitudes towards you from a friend you least expected. You may be in a sweet and difficult period with your bilateral relations, partnerships and spouse. Problems you previously experienced in your career life may come to the fore again.

LEO: If you are involved in situations such as stock market, games of chance, gambling, it would be beneficial for you to be careful in case you incur losses. You may encounter unexpected expenses related to your children. There are good developments in your career life. You are in a period where you will be very tired at work. Your workload may increase more than necessary. This will cause tension and stress in you. Take care of your health during this process. There may be problems with your bones and teeth. It will be beneficial for you to increase your body resistance against feverish illnesses.

VIRGO: You are likely to go through a difficult period regarding your home. There may be tension between you and your partner for a short time, but you can make this process sweet without prolonging or tense. There may be some financial problems within the family. Financial aid may come from a place you least expect. You may feel incomplete or stuck in bank, credit and tax matters. The best thing for you this period will be to start exercising. You will now be able to proceed more easily in matters related to your academic affairs.

LIBRA: You are in a period when you should not act hastily regarding commercial matters. It is possible that there will be disruptions regarding these issues. Libras, who will be going into business for the first time, will benefit from putting this issue on hold this week. There may be unexpected disruptions in your banking, credit, inheritance, tax and insurance affairs. It may be better for you to take action towards the end of the week on important issues such as buying or selling a house.

SCORPIO: We can talk about a process that will challenge you regarding financial matters and your love life. There may be unexpected expenses related to your children. You should be careful about issues such as the stock market and games of chance and not make hasty decisions. Starting from the weekend, a period in which you can act more comfortably regarding commercial ventures begins. Your spouse may even help you financially in this regard, or you can establish joint business ventures.

SAGITTARIUS: With your ruler Jupiter turning direct, a period in which you will feel more comfortable begins. Do not expect too much from the people around you in your business life. There may be situations within the family that will make you nervous regarding your elders. Issues of buying and selling a house may come to the fore. You can take some initiatives to relax in financial matters and you can make a lot of money thanks to these initiatives. This job may even become your own business over time.

CAPRICORN: You can learn the tricks going on behind your back in matters concerning your career. Very active days await you as Mars moves into your sign. Pay attention to every step you take in your business affairs. Stay away from secret affairs. A good process begins for those with managerial status. You are in a period where you can solve your problems with your siblings, cousins or people in your close circle.

AQUARIUS: There may be financial conflicts of interest between you and your friends or people in your social circle. You can solve your possible problems with the financial support you receive from your family. You will be in a period where your self-confidence will increase. During this period, you can do whatever you want to do but couldn’t do. It is possible that past communication problems with your close circle will repeat or come to the fore again.

PISCES: You may go through a difficult process regarding your responsibilities in your career life. You may have to leave your comfort zone. You may need to overcome some things by making an effort on your own. You may have a more authoritarian, more oppressive attitude in your social life. You may feel mentally distressed in financial matters, or your past financial wounds may be revived.

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