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General Effects of the Week of December 4-10



We will start the week with Venus changing signs. Venus begins its journey from Libra, which it rules, to Scorpio, where it is in detriment. Venus in Scorpio cannot express herself easily and as a result she manipulates the other person. It experiences every emotion and feeling deeply, passionately and to the core. Imagine Scorpio’s suspicious, passionate, jealous and possessive desire coming together with love-crazed Venus’s desire for peace and harmony! In a word, there will be complete chaos. Let’s be careful not to make manipulative moves in relationships this week. Venus-Saturn conjunction will occur on December 5th. (positive angle) With the winking of the heavy brother Saturn and the goddess of Love Venus, there will be fluidity in all kinds of relationships. We have a suitable period ahead of us, especially for making future plans in bilateral relations, taking responsibility, making promises and engagements. It is also possible to be attracted to someone older than ourselves. Situations such as reconciling disagreements and receiving support from authority figures will be possible. There is a Mars-Antares conjunction on December 7th. Antares is one of the 4 great royal stars known as the archangel Azrael, the watcher of the west and the heart of Scorpio. In conjunction with Mars, it may bring dangers such as war and accidents. The Sun-Chiron 120th will occur on December 7th (positive angle). We are in a period where we will encounter luck and opportunities coming from karma. We may encounter opportunities for the solution and cure of whatever wound we have about ourselves or that has become scabbed over. Mercury-Jupiter conjunction will also occur on December 7th. We will be in a period where our minds work very actively. It will be a week where we will benefit financially and morally in education, travel, communication organization and commercial activities. Venus-Jupiter’s 180 angle will occur on December 9th. (negative) A 180 angle is negative, but how negative can it be when two good people come face to face? Let’s stay away from arrogant and exaggerated approaches and pay attention to our appetite. (Effects -/+5 days)

Let’s talk about its general effects on our rising signs.

ARIES: You have a month ahead of you in which you will implement strict policies in financial matters. You may be skeptical and prejudiced about the financial support requested from you, and you may even manipulate the other person in this regard. You can get the support you expect from someone older than you. Those who plan to travel abroad are likely to encounter some disruptions. They are in a period when they need to be careful with those who do business related to abroad. There may be situations such as getting stuck at customs or air-sea accidents. It is possible that you will be presented with opportunities regarding academic education, abroad and foreign-related jobs, whatever you have wanted for a long time but have not been able to do. The results of every step you take regarding your career will be positive.

TAURUS: When Venus moves into Scorpio, your bilateral relations will be affected. This month, tell people openly how you feel. Don’t keep it inside and burst out suddenly. Do not be suspicious or jealous towards your spouse. Single Tauruses can start a relationship with someone from their social circle, or they can crown their existing relationship with a promise or engagement. It is also possible that you are attracted to people older than you. You should be careful in financial matters and not spend excessively. It is possible that the receivable you crossed out from the past will come. You are in the process where you can get positive returns from every step you take regarding your finances. You are at a time when your mind is actively working on financial implications. It will be beneficial for those doing joint business to act without getting caught up in minor disagreements between them.

GEMINI: In your business life, you have to go deep into everything and scrutinize things. Approaching every event with suspicion and scrutinizing it carefully will bring you success, but it will tire you out. The next month will pass like this. Pay attention to your urinary tract, bladder, uterus and kidneys. Those who have had problems with these issues before are likely to experience them again. The support of authority figures will be behind you and you can take serious steps towards what you want to do in your business life. There will be important steps in the career field. It is also possible that you are attracted to someone older than you. On December 7, there will be a Mars-Antares conjunction in your house of bilateral relations. Be careful with your spouse and your bilateral partnerships. Be careful not to exaggerate the events and keep in mind that you may have the ability to wage war on the people around you without realizing it.

CANCER: An active month awaits you in your love life, but do not be suspicious of the other person in your relationship. Never be in constant pursuit mode. Do not fall into jealousy crises. There is a month ahead of you where you may have the potential to destroy a relationship that is going well, so please be very careful. You may receive material and moral support from authority figures on issues such as academic education and abroad. This one-month period is very suitable for Cancer zodiac signs who want to have children. Around December 7, it will be beneficial for you to act without exceeding your limits towards the people around you in your business life. It is possible that you will experience something you deserve regarding your career, that is, a development that will make you happy in a karmic sense. Cancers who plan to start a business can agree on a new partnership.

LEO: There will be changes regarding your family and career. You can turn your home into a home office. Or you may decide to follow your work from home. In this way, you will be able to spend more time for yourself and your private life. The financial support you will receive from an authority figure for the changes you will make will make you very comfortable. Around December 7, you should be careful about every word you say about your love life. If you have risky situations such as games of chance or the stock market, it would be beneficial for you to be cautious against incurring losses. In order to increase your earnings, it is possible for you to enter different areas in the business-career field thanks to your mind working more actively.

VIRGO: Venus’ journey in Scorpio will cause you to think about commercial matters. In addition, entering different fields outside of your current job and working on advertising, organization and communication will help you increase your earnings. You are in a period where you will examine and think deeply about the relationships between you and your siblings and cousins. You are in the process of receiving support from your spouse, partners and authority figures on these issues. Virgos who receive academic education will have a good period in which they will be able to organize the subjects they are having difficulty with, and those who study language will improve their language skills. Since these issues will positively affect their careers, they are in a period where they have difficulties but make serious breakthroughs and progress.

LIBRA: This month, your entire focus will be on finances. So to speak, you will sleep with money and wake up with money. Financial issues will remain on your agenda. You will earn but you will spend. Watch your appetite. You are in a process where you will receive support from people who are authority figures in your business life. I can say that your ambition to make money is effective in this. It will be beneficial for you not to fight with your siblings, cousins and people around you. You should also be very careful in traffic and keep your eyes open for possible accidents. You should not act carelessly. You can go on short trips and even meet someone who will have a place in your life during these trips. Remember that you are in a lucky period in bilateral partnerships.

SCORPIO: Venus will travel in your sign for a month. You may be drawn into secret relationships. For those who are married, it will be beneficial for you to complete this month without bullying your spouse, tiring her out, or getting unnecessary jealousy. Single Scorpios may be attracted to someone older than themselves. This interest may turn into love over time, or even marriage. Avoid excessive spending this period. You can support your siblings in financial matters or receive financial support. You are in the right period for commercial affairs and bilateral partnerships, make good use of it. You will get what you deserve in business and money matters. In other words, you will experience developments that will make you happy in a karmic sense.

SAGITTARIUS: You are in a period where you will retreat into your inner world, question yourself, and even be in a self-destructive mood on some issues. You are in the process where you need to pay attention to your health. It will be beneficial for you to strengthen your immunity. It is possible that you will receive support from a person who is an authority figure on a subject that remains in the background and that you do not rely on much. This issue is more of a situation that will support your business life or financial gain. Around December 7, do not argue with anyone as much as possible, be careful of possible accidents. Sagittarians who have problems having children are in the process of receiving their karmic dues and experiencing unexpected surprises. Additionally, there will be positive developments regarding your career during this period. For those who are considering starting a business, the period after January 2024 will be more suitable

CAPRICORN: You may be reacted to in your social environment and circle of friends because you have a suspicious attitude towards the people around you and approach every event with skeptical actions. It is possible that you will receive support from your elders, whom you see as authority figures such as older brothers and sisters. Issues such as buying and selling a vehicle may appear on your agenda unexpectedly. You are in a period where you will be active in your commercial affairs, such as buying and selling. You can get support from your close circle regarding these issues. Some events going on behind your back may happen to you by chance. It is possible that you will encounter opportunities related to an event that remains inside you regarding matters related to your family and home. It is also possible that there will be a good development regarding your business life. There may be a management offer from a place other than your current work environment.

AQUARIUS: Venus, which has started its journey in your career house, is likely to cause you to experience positive developments as well as negative aspects. If you take advantage of the positive aspects, that’s fine, but if you use the negative aspects, you will be likely to see more harm than good. Do not succumb to your emotions in business life. Stay away from ambition and arrogance. It is possible that you will receive financial support from an authority figure, both from your environment and your relatives. This could be your boss, or a relative you see as a big brother or sister. Around December 7, do not argue with anyone in your social circle or in traffic, and be careful about traffic accidents.

PISCES: Your desire to deepen in academic education may increase. You can switch to a deeper, more active thought system regarding foreign-related commercial affairs. The projects and plans you produce on these issues will have a very high potential to bring you success. Thanks to your self-confidence and belief, you will be able to accomplish good things without any support. The only handicap may be that you act too dreamily. If you make sound decisions on this issue, you can get through this period profitably without any problems. Do not go to war with anyone in your career field around December 7, stay away from arguments. You are in the process of receiving your karmic  allowance in financial terms.

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