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General Effects of the Gemini Full Moon and the Week of 27 November – 3 December



A full moon will occur on November 27, 2023, at 4 degrees Gemini. This full moon will be a very difficult full moon due to the negative effects of both Mars and Saturn. Fights, arguments, arguments, shouts of abandonment, etc. a very challenging period awaits us in communication and trade. There will be situations such as restriction of commercial agreements, internet disruptions, fake news and fraud. A Mercury-Neptune square (challenging) will occur on November 27. It is possible for us to experience events such as being deceived, defrauded, deceiving ourselves, and refusing to see the truth in order to ease our conscience. Let’s not forget that fateful effects will be at play. Whatever injustice we have done to anyone, this is the time to confront those events. Watch out for November 29th. Venus-Gad conjunction will occur on November 29. This conjunction will also be quincunxing Neptune. It can be a destined lover or spouse. At the same time, it can also bring losses. Unexpected financial losses may come from unexpected people. Financial markets can be quite active. The Sun-Jupiter one hundred and fifty will also occur on November 29. Dealing with the events you encounter by remaining calm without getting angry will help you act solution-oriented. On December 1, Mercury moves into Capricorn. Mercury in Capricorn is a time when people are more serious, look at things from a more concrete perspective, learn quickly, and mental activity is at its peak. The Mercury-Saturn sextile angle occurs on December 2. We can talk about a period when our behavior was measured and we acted within reason.

Let’s talk about its general effects on our rising signs.

ARIES: The full moon will affect your 3-9 axis. You are in a period where you will have difficulties in communication, commercial matters and your education life. You should pay particular attention to your communication language and listen to what comes out of your mouth. Otherwise, you may cause things that are difficult to repair. You must discipline your ego and do not talk too much and stand out on matters you know or do not know. There is likely to be tension between you and your siblings, cousins, close relatives and neighbors. Be careful of possible deceptions and deceptions in your education and business life. There will be a Venus-Gad conjunction in your house of bilateral relations. We can call this angle a tense period for those who are married, and fateful encounters or fateful marriage for those who are single. It would not be appropriate for those who have partnerships to undertake new projects or business ventures.

TAURUS: The full moon will affect your 2-8 axis. So your agenda will be money. You should be careful with your expenses and not get into heavy debts. Do not take full responsibility on your own, especially in financial matters that concern your family, spouse and partners. Be careful not to be deceived in financial matters in your social environment or circle of friends. Be careful about possible problems in your business life. You should also take care of your health and not overdo it with food. You should regulate the way you eat. Those who have kidney and urinary tract problems need to be more careful during this period. There may be disruptions in your daily routine, it will be beneficial for you to organize your plans according to possible disruptions.

GEMINI: The full moon will affect your 1-7 axis. So your agenda will be entirely your own. You may find yourself in a period where you question more than once such as your relationship with yourself, your relationships with people, the injustices you do to yourself or the injustices you do to the people around you. Also, your expired relationships may end during this period. You can also change your appearance. With your ruler Mercury moving into Capricorn, you can make future plans on financial matters and make more logical decisions. Be careful about being deceived or deceived in your bilateral relations and career life. You may have some difficulties in your business life. Single Geminis may start a relationship with someone they encounter unexpectedly during this period, and the possibility of this relationship being karmically linked will be quite high.

CANCER: The full moon will occur in your 6-12 axis. You are in a period where you will retreat into your inner world. This withdrawal will be more like questioning yourself. It is possible for you to make decisions to take steps to change yourself by taking into account the mistakes you have made, your old relationships, whatever you have expressed yourself incorrectly or failed to express yourself in, in matters that are within your control. You will also have to confront your secret enemies. You can also learn about the events going on behind your back. You are in a period where you are vulnerable to deception in your business, education and bilateral relations. You may suffer losses in home and family matters. Married Cancerians may have a falling out with their spouses due to financial issues. Be careful not to overdo it when spending.

LEO: The full moon will occur in your 5-11 axis. Friends, groups, associations, your love life, your children and the issues you are in the spotlight and on stage will form your agenda. You may experience conflicts of opinion with the people around you. Those who leave your life during this period will be people whose service to mutual development and teaching on the path of evolution has ended. You are in a period where you are open to being deceived in your private life. Unexpected financial expenses related to your children are possible. Leos who are thinking of starting a business or going into business will benefit from suspending these issues during this period. You may incur unexpected financial losses from your close circle, such as your sibling, cousin, or neighbor. It will be to your advantage to be cautious in these matters.

VIRGO: The full moon will occur in your 4-10 axis. So, your career and family will form your agenda. You are at a time when you need to take more responsibility in your career life. Maybe you missed your job and you may experience tension with your superiors because of this. It is also possible to start your own business, but the Venus-Gad conjunction in your money house may cause you to lose money, so it would be beneficial for you to put this issue on hold for a short time. Single Virgos may get married during this period, or they may start to look favorably on marriage. The negative aspect of your ruler Mercury with Neptune indicates a period open to deception in your home, family and career life. It will be beneficial for you to be very careful when buying a house, selling a house or having your home decorated. Once your ruler Mercury moves into Capricorn, you will be able to make more logical decisions.

LIBRA: The full moon will occur in your 3-9th axis. In other words, abroad, foreign related affairs, foreigners, academic education, religious issues, legal issues and commercial affairs will constitute your agenda. Those who have business abroad or plan to go abroad may encounter minor setbacks this period. You may not get the results you expect in legal matters. You may not get what you deserve. Remember that you are in a process where you need to put more effort into academic education. The opportunities you encounter may not arise again, so it will be to your advantage to act calmly, be smart and make logical decisions. You are in the period when you need to adjust the benefit-harm balance well. The Venus-Gad conjunction in your sign may cause you losses in all material and spiritual matters.

SCORPIO: The full moon will occur in your 2-8 axis. Your agenda will be money and your expenses. You are in a period when you need to balance your income and expenses in matters such as checks, bills, debts, loans, taxes, insurance, premiums, etc. Many events you are experiencing now are karmically related, and you will be able to understand from your situation in the future whether you have learned the lessons you need to learn or not. You may encounter situations such as being deceived and defrauded, let alone receiving the value you give to your friends. It is possible that you will experience problems because of the injustice you have committed against your siblings. If you put pressure on the other party in your love life, the tense ropes may break. You cannot solve the problems between you and your children by putting pressure on them. You must be very calm and evaluate the events with empathy. Let’s remember the proverb: Put the  packing needle in yourself, put the small neddle in someone else.

SAGITTARIUS: The full moon will occur in your 1-7 axis. Your agenda will be yourself and mostly your bilateral relations. Everything your spouse or partner does may catch your eye. Sagittarians who have tense relations with their spouses should be careful this period. If you tighten the ropes any further, it may cause events that will be to your detriment. Steps you take in good faith regarding matters concerning your home and children may cause you problems. It is possible that you will be harmed by a circle of friends or someone you know, and this event is karmically related and will make you very uneasy. It will be beneficial for you to take careful steps against fraud in situations that concern your home, family and career life.

CAPRICORN: The full moon will occur in your 6-12 axis. Your agenda will be your work, your health, and your daily routine. It is possible that there will be changes in your working life. You can quit your job or start a better job. You are in a period where you need to pay close attention to your health. You may need to have your tests done and if you have habits such as smoking, you may need to quit. You should also pay attention to your nutrition. Your daily routine may become harder and harder for you. By taking on all responsibilities in every aspect of your life alone, you make the people around you complacent and cause them to put more pressure on you. You can learn about the events that your siblings and cousins are hiding from you.

AQUARIUS: The full moon will occur in your 5-11 axis. Your agenda will be your love life, your children, your situations in front of the stage, and your circle of friends. You may not be able to enjoy the things you enjoy as much as you used to. It will be especially beneficial for you to stay away from games of chance during this period. Maybe your gambling habit will end with this full moon. You can turn your personal hobby, which you started as a hobby or just for fun, into a business and earn money. You should take care of your children, especially Aquarius people who have teenage children should be more careful. It will be a period of intense aggression in your love life. There will be minor disruptions and delays in your work in front of the stage, art, cinema, theater, etc. It would be beneficial for you to take precautions.

PISCES: The full moon will occur in your 4-10 axis. Your agenda will be your home, family and career. You may feel under pressure within the family. There may be tension between you and your family. These tensions may not end unless you fulfill your responsibilities. Your overconfidence can put you in a difficult situation. Especially in your career life, trusting those around you too much may cause you to be deceived. In this case, it can seriously negatively affect your career life. Pisces, whose inheritance issues are on their agenda, may not be able to achieve the results they expect this period; there may be delays and obstacles. You may have financial difficulties in paying your debts.

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