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General Effects For The Week of 30 October – 5 November



The Venus-Uranus triangle will occur on October 31. In this respect, there may be sudden and unexpected positive developments in our lives. It is possible that we will encounter surprising developments both financially and in our private lives. It is also possible that the muses will surround us in terms of creativity. The Sun-Jupiter opposition will occur on November 2. This angle pattern can cause extremes in our lives. We should be careful in financial matters and should not make investments that we do not know or are not sure about. It is useful to be careful not to lose control over expenses. Problems in the fields of laws and law may come to the fore. Disagreements regarding religious beliefs are likely. Mercury-Uranus opposition will occur on November 4. At this angle, we are likely to experience mental tension, stress, concentration of thoughts, sudden problems in communication and communication, arrogant behavior, and suddenly noticing things that are not there.

Let’s talk about its general effects on our rising signs.

ARIES: There will be sudden unexpected gains, developments and surprise events in your business life. You may also encounter surprising and unexpected situations in your private life. Since you will receive the Sun-Jupiter opposition from the 2-8 money axis, it will be beneficial for you to stay away from extremes in financial matters. Do not take risks in finance and dive into unfamiliar waters. You are in a period when you need to be careful about communication. It will be beneficial for you to be cautious and chary during this period, especially if you use systems such as internet banking.

TAURUS: There may be surprising and unexpected developments in your life, especially regarding love.  Unexpected pregnancies may occur during this period. It is also possible that there will be good developments in your business life. Married Taurus people may experience financial problems with their spouses during this period. Taurus people who are interested in art will be very active in creative ideas this period. There will also be unexpected expenses and unforeseen situations. If you act calmly and without getting angry, it will be inevitable for you to eliminate the events.

GEMINI: An unexpected member may join your family. This could also be an unexpected baby or a guest. You may encounter some situations that concern your family and are in the past. It will be beneficial for you to take care of your health during this period. There may be situations such as confrontation with your boss or spouse. Things that you have been keeping secret about your work may be revealed. There are sudden unexpected situations in matters that concern you and your family. It is possible that you will face your secret enemy at work. This is the period when you need to be careful about communication crises in your workplace.

CANCER: There may be unexpected surprises in matters such as your family, siblings, cousins, close relatives, neighbors. Again, it is possible that there will be unexpected but happy developments in areas such as communication, organization, internet and commercial issues. It will be beneficial for you to stay away from things like luck, games of chance and gambling during this period. The Sun-Jupiter opposition may cause you to lose control in these matters. Situations such as taking artistic initiatives are possible. You may be mentally tired, but you can also develop interesting ideas.

LEO: There are unexpected surprises in your career field. There are possible changes that will affect your financial situation, such as promotions and raises. While you are in a period in your business life where you can produce interesting ideas, you are also likely to experience conflicts of ideas with the people around you. It will be beneficial for you to stay away from extravagant expenses on matters that concern your home and family. You are in a period when you need to calm down the situation by acting calmly in the face of possible arguments within the family.

VIRGO: Your agenda will be issues such as yourself, your money, foreign affairs, academic education, and commercial affairs in this period. You can earn money from unexpected places. You may encounter surprises regarding money. It is useful to pay attention to your communication language as there will be mental fatigue. Don’t say whatever comes to your mind, you are in a period where you are open to misunderstandings. It is possible that you will have a tense week due to differences of opinion with those around you.

LIBRA: It is possible to restructure issues such as taxes, insurance, your spouse’s earnings, receivables, retirement, banking and loans in this period. Do not compete or contradict people around you on matters you do not know about in the field of finance. You may develop interesting ideas about investment areas, but be sure to leave everything to the experts. Additionally, you may experience financial losses due to the sharpness of your communication language. You may experience a spiritual change.

SCORPIO: You are likely to be quite combative and enterprising during this period. It will be beneficial for you to show courage and stay away from risky activities. Staying away from impulsive behavior will take you one step forward. Single Scorpios may decide to marry. Issues such as bilateral relations, collaborations and partnerships will become clear in line with your plans. You are in the period when you will see the results of the steps you have taken to expand your financial field.

SAGITTARIUS: Your daily routine, business life, and working conditions will be on your agenda. Sagittarians who are dissatisfied with their jobs can change jobs and apply for jobs. You can make plans to start a business and take on responsibilities. You are also in a period when you need to pay attention to your health. If you have pets, they also have health problems. You may also feel under pressure mentally. Do not worry yourself and worry unnecessarily.

CAPRICORN: You are in a period when your creativity will increase. Be prepared for surprises, life may surprise you from places you never expected. There are some developments regarding your children. Capricorns who are not in a relationship can start a new relationship. Some Capricorns may decide to have children during this period. It will be beneficial for you to be careful not to display aggressive attitudes in your social environment. Your communication language may be a bit harsh during this period.

AQUARIUS: Your home, family, career and private life will be on the agenda this week. You can move, buy a house, sell your house or even decide to get married. Some Capricorns may decide to leave their spouses during this period. Do not forget that you are in a period when you need to follow a balance policy against all kinds of problems and issues that may arise within the family. In order to avoid problems regarding your career, you should focus all your attention on your work and work hard. During this period in your business life, it will be beneficial for you to be careful about your communication language, not to blurt out everything that comes to your mind, and to adopt a calmer attitude.

PISCES: You are in a period when the communication problems between you and your spouse are resolved. You are also in a period where your luck in partnerships and legal matters will increase. You can buy, sell or exchange your car. It is possible to experience developments in your foreign-related businesses or commercial ventures. Whether these developments are positive or negative will depend on how you manage the process. Pay particular attention to your communication language and perception. You can attend short trainings and complete the trainings you left unfinished. You can go on short trips.

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