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Lunar Eclipse in Taurus



On October 28, 2023, a Jupiterian and Partial Lunar Eclipse will occur at 5 degrees Taurus. Since lunar eclipses are also a full moon, they indicate the periods when we get the final results of the seeds we planted and the events we initiated during the new moon. In short, we can call it harvest removal JIn other words, endings, terminations… With this Lunar Eclipse, the eclipses of 2023 are now coming to an end. The eclipse can be watched from Türkiye, Europe, Asia and Africa. During the eclipse, Jupiter receives opposition from Mars and Mercury. It seems likely that the problems and problems in finance will increase, sudden ups and downs in the stock market and finance, and speculations will occur. It is beneficial to act calmly without panicking. Situations such as increasing inflation in the world in general, problems in communication, media, art and transportation, extremism and demonstrations in matters of religion and belief, fanaticism, increase in terrorist incidents, and ground mobility will occupy our agenda. There is also an epidemic situation that can be seen in cattle. The eclipse opposite the Sun in the natal chart of the Republic of Turkey will cause economic problems to increase further, and the serious implementation of austerity policies will cause further unrest among the people. The eclipse, which is on the 5-11 axis of the US natal chart, is likely to cause problems with children, consulates and stock exchange areas. Additionally, troublesome situations in the parliament seem likely.

Let’s come to the reflections of our rising signs,

ARIES: The eclipse will take place on your 2-8th axis. In other words, it is an eclipse in your financial area that may put some financial strain on you. If you act carelessly, you may experience losses in your earnings. This period is not very suitable for business, legal and legal initiatives. If you have urgent matters regarding these issues, it will be beneficial for you to act very carefully. Avoid emotionalism, haste and acting with your instincts in financial areas. You are in a period when you should stay away from taking risks. Beware of hidden conflicts in your career life. You are in a period where you can turn the intrigues behind your back to your advantage.

TAURUS: The eclipse in your sign may tire you a lot. You are in a period when you need to use your energy correctly so that you do not feel like your strength is drained. I recommend that you stay away from anger, anger and tension. Since the eclipse will occur on the 1-7 axis, relationships will be at the forefront. You are in the process where you need to show your ability to manage your bilateral relations with the people in front of you. Of course, your relationships will also be tested during the eclipseJ. Relationships that do not benefit you will end so that new relationships that will contribute to your development on the path of evolution can begin. Be alert to the possibility that the flea between you and your partners may become a camel, and intervene before things escalate. Be careful of accidents.

GEMINI: You may not feel well mentally. It is possible and normal for you to experience inner distress, fear, and anxiety. You can overcome this depression-prone state in a short time by doing sports or long walks and travels. It is not a suitable period for new beginnings in a commercial sense. Stay away from work that puts you under financial obligation during this period. You are in a process where you will make serious efforts with important developments in the field that concerns your business life. You will struggle with communication in your business relationships. Since it is a period when distraction increases, it will be beneficial for you to be more careful against accidents.

CANCER: With this eclipse, it will be beneficial for you to be prepared and take precautions against crises that may occur in your friends and social circle. Since these crises that may occur will be mostly financial related, do not engage in money transactions with your circle of friends during this period. Be careful in speculative events such as stock markets and games of chance. Do not act in haste or panic. You can keep things under control by taking some action against any crises that may occur in your love life. This is not the right time for Cancerians who want to become parents. With this eclipse, it will be inevitable for there to be some changes in your career life. Some developments regarding your children may cause tension between you and them. Since this tension will be mostly work-related, it will be beneficial for you to stay calm and keep things under control without escalating them.

LEO: This eclipse will be more effective in your professional and career life. There may be an end to something related to your job and a new job that will develop you in different areas. You are likely to make serious expenses in your social circle, entertainment life and matters related to your home. However, if you do not pay attention to your financial expenses, it seems likely that you will experience financial difficulties in the future. Leos who have their own business may start working from a home office or may have to commute between home and work. I would like to remind you that this is not a suitable period for commercial ventures. If you have thoughts about this issue, it would be beneficial for you not to rush.

VIRGO: This eclipse will take place on the 3-9 axis and will be effective in your fields of study abroad, academic education, international travels, foreign language, legal issues, commercial affairs, organization and communication. It would be to your advantage to avoid acting impulsively on these issues. Again, having an aggressive attitude regarding these issues will cause you to be harmed in future events. Since your ruler Mercury is in Scorpio, it will cause your mental fatigue to increase even more during this period, so it will be beneficial for you to be careful to stay on the surface as much as possible without diving into deep thoughts. You will also need to be very careful in traffic and be attentive to avoid mistakes on the other side.

LIBRA: Since this eclipse will be in your 2-8 axis, your agenda will be money. Credits, debts, bank, loans, checks, promissory notes, taxes… In short, you will have all your obligations in the field of finance. You are in a period when you should avoid excessive financial expenses and not lend money to anyone. Since it is possible to experience gains and losses at the same time, you should not assume financial obligations to anyone. You should not enter into any business that you are not sure about, and you should take careful steps commercially. During this period, it will be beneficial for you to take care of your unfinished and background work. This eclipse will cause you to spend excessively, please take this into consideration and remember that you are in a period where you should not spend any unnecessary expenses.

SCORPIO: Since the eclipse will be on your 1-7 axis, your agenda will be yourself and your relationships. How is your relationship with yourself? You should control your anger and stay away from fanatic thoughts and behaviors. It will be beneficial for you to stay away from exaggerated behavior, especially in your relationships and partnerships. Otherwise, it will be inevitable for you to turn a tiny problem into a snowball that is impossible to solve. You can combine your social circle and business life and achieve good things. This will entirely depend on your belief in yourself and your ability to balance the benefits and harms in your relationships. You are in a period when you are prone to accidents, especially those who do sports need to be more careful during this period. You have the chance to change your structure, which is closed to change, with this eclipse, take advantage of it.

SAGITTARIUS: Since the eclipse will be on your 6-12 axis, you may not feel well mentally. A state of fear and anxiety may dominate you, but remember that it is short-lived. You may also feel angry and irritable. Exercising and walking a lot will be good for you to improve your energy. Or going to therapy or meditating will also be good for you. Sagittarians who are unemployed can get a job this period. Sagittarians who have problems at work may change jobs. There will be minor disruptions in your daily routine and changes in plans. Be careful of possible distractions due to the intensity in your career field. It will be to your benefit to stay away from all kinds of risks, commercially and financially.

CAPRICORN: Since the eclipse will be on your 5-11 axis, your private life will be especially affected. You should take precautions and be careful against possible crises and problems in your private life. Do not try to judge the person before you without understanding or listening to them. It is possible that you may experience problems due to jealousy. You should stay away from possible flirtatiousness and avoid misunderstandings. Remember that you are in a period when you have no luck in gambling and games of chance, stay away from all kinds of gambling and games of chance. This is not a suitable period for Capricorns who want to become parents. Capricorns who have children are in a process where they need to take care of them closely during this period.

AQUARIUS: Since the eclipse will be in your 4-10 axis, your main agenda will be your home and career. You should be prepared for possible crises in the family and take the necessary precautions. You should think carefully about every decision you make regarding your family and act accordingly. It is useful to be careful about accidents that may occur at home or at work. You are in a period where you will undergo serious tests in your workplace and on matters related to your work. You may encounter events that challenge your patience. The important thing is to remain calm in this process and not fall prey to the provocations of the other party. There are surprising developments when it comes to buying a house.

PISCES: Since the eclipse will be on your 3-9 axis, your main agenda will be your siblings, cousins, close circle, neighbors, press, marketing and trade. Remember that you are in a period where you will have difficulty focusing and concentrating. Try to keep your eyes and perception open for traffic accidents and any possible situations such as falling or clumsiness. Internet-related businesses, that is, those who sell online, should not forget that this is a period when they need to be extra careful. Again, those who are active in online banking transactions are in a process where they need to be careful while making transactions and take precautions against all kinds of fraud. You are in a period where you need to control your nerves regarding developments regarding your siblings and your close circle.

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